Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Niberu Attacks

The night sky was rent top to bottom
With a cascade of pure stars
Like a river twixt vertical banks of dull cloud
So it was I was sat up in my thin shawl
Chanting up to it all
From the slope of this hillside

There the Seven Spiralling Sisters
The Pliedes so named
Shining out their brilliance
For so much are they famed
As the star channel seemed opened up
A crystal river in my brain
Touching nodes to those stars within
Linking up for me a capability to see
Sensitive to degrees
Of perception of deceptions truly spied
To see what it is
Of Rebels and Lizards
From these far flung parts
Bringing their lifeforce
Their wars and their arts from long ago
Now remembered in form poetical
So as not to alarm too much
The delicate skin that can not abide
These things coming in

It's a mythopoetic shock that's for sure
There's not alot I can do to button it down
But I'll make it sit well
As I sit well in my gown

And round that rolling sky turned
As I sat chanting
Burning holes in the sky
As I realized
I was sat square on
To Orion's three stars
That belt that he wears
As he hunts and sees far
Sees into my eye as I see back to him
And I know that some story
Is about to begin

A smatter of rain
The scene crystal change
A portal of course
Opens up it's doors
And who's standing there
In garments so queer
Saurian Royalty
Moving in near to me
Beaming down again
Across the tracts of space

Curious now how
I do know his face
It is the Lord Enki
He of whom you may not have heard
But I have have known his golden blood
It tingles inside of me
And I recognize the astral gate
That I have related here
And his eye
Locks on mine
And I feel that dreadful surge inside
As I did when first his DNA
Docked with mine
And I am transported out of time
Jettisoned to fractilize
Witness to his Royal Line
Knowing it was our gold they mined
Flowing in such Royal veins
Did it cause them to see
So Deep into the Mystery
Space travel was easy
(as long as you had the worker bees)
But to liberate the soul?
And to give a soul free will?
It was beyond most God's minds
At that particular hour

They had made a slave trade of our ancestors
Mining gold from the solar systems pastures
We were made first from clay
These Gods witheld their DNA
In making rooms
Suitable Golems choose
We were human homonculine
Who did the work the Gods declined
Stripping the Solar System for gold
Cromagnon Man was the choice for the plan
Recieved some magic DNA from the can
From God overlords Annunaki
Prince Enlil ordained
That they could have so much not more
For the creatures would be hard to control

Anu Sun God
Issued the decree
It was not to be
All these creatures to be free

Lord Enki was not like the rest
Lord Enki acted for the best
In making with Cromagnon
He poured more DNA
Than regulation stated
And made a race to be strong and wise
To live to their best and to fractilize
To be on a level and to harmonize
Like the Gods with our gold in thier blood

The plan Enki set good was to liberate man
The spark defiant from his own hand
The gold-greedy Gods could do what they liked
He held the gift and gave it freely

A planet called Tiamat was a hell of a gas
Major strategic prospecting site
And a crazy nightlife alas
Destroyed in the fighting
These Gods were delighting
Orion and Sirius allied for the purpose
Of aquiring mineral rights
On our systems
For they needed the orme gold to fractilize blood
They couldn't do it just because they were Gods
Drones of ourselves DNA weak doing the work
Were unenlightened that all this
Need not be so

For gold we were mining for some other ones minds
Into space they would go but where's that leave us?

The Solar System got wasted
Under attack from invaders
And you bet that made us a little mad
Tiamat was smashed into
By enterprizing King Zuzu
It breaks apart forming the asteroid belt

A piece of it too formed our Earth pearly blue
Yet our meridians all got shot away
We acupunctured with stones
'Cos we were rising from drones
Our DNA responded deep in our bones
Activatin' our native kin tone
Opening up for the first times
In suitable places
Like around the Black Sea
And in the land Sumerian
From where this story came
Civilization's cradle so-called
Mesopotamia Africa
Our first step as travelling man
Heading out from our origins
When it must have been
Pretty much Pangaia Gondwana
Where the continents were all one landmass
And creatures lived that are no more

Here the Annunaki had their Making Rooms
So it is read on the Sumerian Stone
When the human began
Seeding in the land
And went about all over the globe
In the making of this human world
Propagating life seemingly all their own
And leading off through time immemorial
To the present day where sure to say
Darth Vader himself is due
In the rebuilt deathstar Niberu
Riding with the Nazgul
To clash with Unicorns
Of Universal Law
With bets on for the final draw
And Anu vengeful at fall of face
Spying on the human race
Plotting with Illuminati
To settle old scores or so they think
While most of us don't even blink
I guess it passed 'em by
Just some sunspots in the sky
Some fallen spaceships they had to hide
Just someone off their tree
Just some new anomalie
Some corn circles coded
How they're not bent they're noded
But what it means we are not sure

So Kosmik King Arthur Galactic Man
Will have to wake up now it's got that mad
As excaliber's scabbard
Waits in Cedar Row
It's just below
The ancient mile
Zodiacal Children
Uphold the grail
They are tracking the star map
That leads to the dog
That Waggies it's tail
With a wink and a nod
To Sirius's rainbow glower
With our heightened psi power
Climaxed July twenty third
Haven't you heard?
Jedi are giving lessons on
The diamond star grid
To which all zodiac co-ordinates
Are astro-lectrically linked
On a crystal lotus seat
Within a constellation brain
It's a high motivation ratio
It will change your life again
It's fitted in so neat
With delegates replete
From all continuum quarters
All their sons and daughters
Untold hordes of Gods
And all the freaks
Who work against the odds
With incarnations of avatars
Who needy for the work
Are lined up inside Avalon
With their feet upon the earth
Stamping out a rhythm
To lighten up the lines
Crumblin' up corruption
and turnin' round the times
As figures from the tarot
Vie for place with archetypes
Of comparative world view systems
Who are working through the night
As I sit watching from my hillside
With the golden blood a flow
I look out over Apple Vale
And what is it I know?
The Centaur and the Auroch
The Bear and Scorpion
Are calling to the Unicorn
To come at once it's true
To coil it's horn that heals so well
And place it in the dew
For our water has been poisoned
As do glow the fish
To transform it to medicene
Is what we all so wish

So I conferred with Neptune
Who still reigns o'er the sea
To take his chariot and trident
Up to Faslane immediately
And wave it at the nuclear subs
And neutralize their balls
I had to be brave because his tidal waves
Could take out our state city walls
I asked him too about
the state of his sleeping friends
Of Arthur and Kronos
had the Titans sleep come to an end?
He said "Great you've asked
we'll be seeing them again.
For you've told it all about the place
This story of your human race
And cos' that's done t'will come alive
All the Mythos held inside
Is crawling round the Zodiac
Expressed unseen in archetypes
That move independantly
Conforming to you're stories plan

Figures in the land appear
Linking dreamtime imagery clear
In the pool of our mind eye
In the merge of earth and sky
In this bowl of runic soup
We alphabet a cosmic loop
Played music with the group
Acted mysteries with our troupe
Lighted up the sacred grove
Touched to spark some ancient node
In the limelight of our tale
We heard the songline of the whale
The desert men all droned in too
Playing on the didgeredoo

The stage was set with sparkelling stars
The Glastonbury Grail and all zodiacs are
Abundent with cards from the major arcana
And a challenge there was to take place
For under this moon there was a tremor
When people of the Dragon Clan
Went and tuned it in
And the many jewelled Scabbard
Lit up the Cedar Mile
And the blade that runs though Boltonsborough
Switched on it was this while
It was Light Sabre Excalibar
Turned on for us to use
As lights form round Avalon
And they begin to move
The precession of the Equinox
WAs alive opon the Vale
And all creatures astrologic
Were dancing round the Grail
Acting out a sacred play
Moving in symphony
Animated imaginings
Arising from Maltwood's positioning
Aligned to her true poetic heart
Designed intrinsic divine art
Each arch archetype ranging loose
Every one a free will to choose
Finding the key to their own thing
Doin' reiki on their kin
'Specially 'im with 'is injury
The Lance that marred the horserider's back
It was loosed!
With a cry of rage and pain
Arthur had wrenched free the spear
From where it had lodged deep in his flank
And thrown it with faltering strength
At sudden incoming alien assailants
Yes what's this!
What's that!
A surprise attack
Niberu Starfighters painted black!
They swept past and all gave fire
Consequences were looking dire

So the Great Worm of Pitney
Turned and did spit he
And it splattered against
The Dark Lords planes

A small grail that worm bore
In the fashion of an Anklyosaur
The shape of which turned out quite
Useful in the impending frey

The death star was swooping low
Giving off it's dodgy glow
And it sent it's death beam down to our grail

It's chaos down it threw
But the zap was caught
And ran round the grail's bowl
This reflection and richochet
The worm skillfully trained
Straight back to Niberu
And whacked a lump of granite
Out from it's crust

Meanwhile down by Langport
The gurt dog was frantic
Exited by all this
Mad galactic antics

He was barking at the Unicorn
Who was lodged nearby
And peering through from Willow Farm
You could see clearly why
The horn of the Unicorn
It was held aloft
And all the sparkelling cosmic ray
Was moving 'bout like dust

And that hub of fatal science
Hinkley Point by name
Could be said to have an aura
of a radioactive drain
Was now involved with archetype
Of very different brain
As the Unicorn levels his head
And skuffs his hooves
For a one way jousting game

Darth Vader, Moff Tarkim
Anu and Prince Enlil
Were hulled up on Niberu
Borg star machine
What had it seen?
This collective dark mind
It sure skipped a pulse
As it saw the Unicorn
Blip up on the screen

With horn coiled and ready
The Unicorn sped she
Towards the power station
Hinkley Point
As all the while
With their Renegede Queens
Rebel Orions
Slightly off-centeredly
Appeared on the scene
And Sirius let out a terrible blast
From Sauron's second hand
Microwave masts
Enveloped the scene
In a mind jam zone
But the Unicorn stood firm
Though now on it's own
For everything else had melted away
(Though they would return again later that day)

Now down to the river Parrot it dove
It darted arrow like silver alone
Tilting at target in it homed

When down came the Nazgul
Claws rent at it's flesh
But Unicorn magic
Puts them in a mesh!

Annunaki Starfighters
Are close on her tail
Dimension sheilds stop them
And all their shots fail

Flying hooves are all a blur
Going for that cosmic door
Hinkley Point there in her sights
Last hundred feet with all her might
One last spring from Pixie's Mount
In goes the horn
The world goes round
Startled workers do not know
The nature of the sparkly snow
The reason for the spinning earth
Is magnetic poles reversed

The horn is skewered in the wall
And this strange snow it falls
But we have now turned inside out
And from that lowly Pixie Mount
Has sprung non glowing holy light

So our Unicorn
Takes out her horn
Comes to stand and look
AS a wonder takes place
And a colour returns
A world's been replaced
A fountain been born

In the turn of time's timeless clocks
Bardic Tale like a mountain rocks
To where generations flocked
Come to hear the ancestral song
Yes it's been going on quite long
Yet now a tide is turning in the grail
Because it rhymes it bodes ye well
Mark this tide it's fall and rise
Then you won't be quite so surprised
In the landscape of mindquake and wake
It is never too late to recapitulate
It has been a long wait
But the story predates
The lies of the State
Can I relate how great
Is importance of this humming heads worth
Of stories fully heard
You've taken time to assimilate
Here's the mind food on a plate
No one can control your fate

Lord Enki gave the DNA
Or did it come another way?
With Annunaki in control
Most of us seem like trolls
Sauron's Towers help enslave us
Subjects of the microwave
Mordor Mind Technology
From death game toys to chip ID
An electro-magnetic blanket
Tucked in by overlords
Numbing up our psychic life
Puts us compartmentalized
Sleeping when we are awake
Never quite to correlate
Stuck in soap serial movie scripts
Repeating like a record's glitch
Scornful slander boss and worker
Never breaking from that order
That stultifies that gift of life
That gift of choice
That glimpse with light
To see some mystery
Portentious other histories
As I am weaving for you here
That I am leaving for your ear
So it can trickle in your brain
That we might have some hope down here
That we might have some fun again
Appropriately rearranged

(Quite how achedemic this comic adaptation of ancient texts merged with characters from Star Wars the Lord of the Rings, Avalonic Zodiac Cant and the Languedoc 'Language of the Birds' is, is up for debate, but do enjoy, it if you will.)