Thursday, 18 March 2010

Treasures of the Heart

Can you hear the voices on the wind
What kind of messages do they bring?
Have you lived to tear your life apart
Or have you grown the Treasures of the Heart?


A maid was living in a tower tall
Her heart it could hold no love at all
She was isolated and in the end
She died up in her tower with no friend


A rose grew in the garden where that tower stood
It wanted to grow as it knew it could
It climbed up high upon the tower's wall
And plain amazed the sad, lost people all


Where have you been and where are you gone
Do you heed the words written in this song?
Cultivate the treasures of the heart
With kindness and love until we part

There are treasures of the storehouse
Treasures of the body there art
But most important of all
Are the Treasures of the Heart