Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bardic Measures


 The Sumerian Stone Tablets discovered in their thousands 

 Tell of the full administrative religious agricultural and Cosmological life and origins on Earth

 Listen as I speak the birth 

Of cities of people before and after the flood’s deluge

 In the fertile cresent of the Euphrates the cradle used 

 To make man

 Where was an amazing civilization 

 According to cuniform wedge shaped glyphs 

 On these tablets, unexpected gifts 

 From the past which astonishing tosay 

 Specifically and scientifically relay 

 That Annunaki came from the sky 

 And made a man the earth to ply

 For the orme gold 

This man was called Adapta or Adama 

Begat by Birth Goddesses in the Temples of Procreation 

 A hybrid made for menial tasks with genetic limitations

 Arduous on those priestesses to keep up the production

 Hybrids cannot reproduce they need this skilled induction

 It has come to be understood generally That these stone texts tell the same story That in Genesis is written down in less detail

 Yes the Old Testament portrayal

 Of Adam and Eve by God conceived

 Has its’ root in far older Sumeria please

 Understand that the Dead Sea Scrolls

 Of a far profounder knowledge told

 And that Sky Gods were what they meant.

 Anu the Sun father sired Enlil and Enki 

 His sons by different mothers 

 Sibling rivalry was with these half brothers

 Enki felt the ruling line Came always through the Mothers side

 Enlil was made general Lord of the Earth

 Enki of the Sea was made an engineer, of quite some worth 

This was ordained from space by these Annunaki 

Who sound to me just like the Illuminati 

 At Nippur Enlil’s temple stood long 

 The male side of the family was coming on strong

 Dominance of nature was going on 

 Though not all sources agree 

 It seems to have been much the degree

 Enki designed a mortal to work very hard 

Not too bright a bit of a retard 

With his sister Ninki fashioned from clays

 Homonculi inspiring it life with her ways

 So keen for gold these Annunaki were 

That soon Enki thought the treatment not fair 

Of his creation he had made

 Cursed to mine for all his days 

 Perhaps his little golem child blew his mind

 He saw its’ potential thought his overlords unkind

 Enlil made Edin as Lord of All Earth 

 This is as Genesis chapter the first 

Exepting that God just isn’t around 

It does correspond the scholarship’s sound 

Enki gets to be the snake 

 Tries to get Adam and Eve to wake 

 By munching opon the knowledge tree

 That was good for your spirituality

 Yet Enlil it was who kicked them out for it

 And Enki who fitted them out with new kit 

 Sourced his golems some prime

 DNA Saying you don’t have to be this way

 You shall be able to be who you are 

Know of yourself and of the stars

 To have children so you’re not dependent on us 

 You bet his actions caused lots of fuss

 With bright mind awareness these people came 

 Perhaps were Cro-Magnons to give them a name

 Suddenly civilized with knowledge of stars 

From where had they come to fly so far? 

When it came to the flood, that was Enlil’s doing 

This was a party he was poo-pooing

 Yet Enki the Engineer gave the measure

 Of a stout vessel that could weather Angry Enlil’s dire deluge 

 And when the storm at last was through Enki, Noah and All started again 

From that anchient mountain range 

 I hear of them set up in Egypt

 Developing a magic that eclypsed Enlil’s lot who were mining again

 He was not keen on them using brains

 The Tower of Babel was Enlil’s instigation 

 Scrambling up all human communication 

 Trying to thwart the divine spark

 That Enki had felt to impart

 Seeding thinking everywhere 

This was getting Enlil scared 

 Tensions built up looks to blow a fuse 

 With a whole diplomatic subterfuge

 The Royal Gods at loggerheads 

 Then it came that thing we dread

 A nuclear war sparred by Enlil’s two sons 

Blew Sodom and Gemorrah to kingdom come

 The fall out blew over the Euphrates 

Killed all of Sumer and some of the deities

 It is said that Enlil hated their wisdom and learning 

 So finally conspired to set it all burning

 He had to temper it after that collaterol 

And Enlil played it less uni-lateral 

 Retired a bit as the ages rolled 

 The little man was out of control 

 And forming a world from his own native ken

 Away from the fall out and explosions 

 Where there would be floods and there would be fire

 But some they were living who were inspired 

 To ride out misfortune and live to the max 

This story on stone tablets was written as facts

True Kings

When true Kings drank the moon blood of their Queens
In the old days there once had been
A time said of where governance fair and fine
Was maintained of a faerie line
Chose by that vessel of the Grail
Whom with Regal name all did hail
Hers was the task to pick the man
Who could so rule over the land
Fed with her magic potent menses
Her King possessed fully woken senses
And so could no tyrant become
With him Grail enriched her work was done
And with measured rod and a rune writ ring
Only through her could he hold office of a King
And he had warriors yes who warred for his realm
But scientists and mathematicians numbered there as well
They could reckon the vast tracts of space
As on earth so in the heavens they saw how it was placed
There was made a continuous choir of voices that make such noises
Inspired with breath to invoke
The mathematical harmony of spheres
As musics hum to make it clear
So that here on earth did behest
That a world be foundationed best
All in all with profound recognition of movements celeste
All in all with sound and light involved
Long ago had such sciences evolved
When mage-mapped mathematical proportions were notched
By diligent digiticians who keenly watched
The stars in precession
In nocturnal sessions
And plotted the course
With pendulum clocking through gravitational force
The mark of stellar motion the sum and the line
The ancient peoples knew the number underlying
Unencumbered by falsehood beauty intrinsic in design
In andulivian times
The great great grandfather of Noah
The knower of number known as Enoch
Had been whisked to our Hyperborian latitudes by Watchers or God
And given numbers most odd
Which he understood not at all
Though he took down their last detail
So such sages through the ages worked out the scheme
That lay hidden between
The fabric and the seam
Of all creation
And with their gazing they scried divine matriculation
That system of systems of worlds in co-existant relation
Reciprocating in reasoned yet riddlesome rhymes
Such as when seen dancing set patterns in the sky
Have you wondered why the sun and moon seem to us the same size?
You will realize
When to view from earth, sun’s flaming corolla at eclipse
It appears to us the moon on the sun precisely fits!
Or then again, how does Venus
A pretty pentagram so describe
When arching the heavens
Upon it’s eight yearly stellar ride?
Ancient heads endevoured
These phenomena to record
And of an accord
Charted the harmonic laws
Revealed in all
Within all sourced
So the ratio and proportion
Of Temples was endorsed
And recorded on rulers
As a matter of course

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors of these hills
Dome dwellings were crafting
Bent with their fingers skill
Which formed also
The land as it does lie
Well before the plough
Now obscured to modern eye

Yet what I was taught was it were
Harsh barbaric trash that lot
Yet to me they are a past to future
Calling to task that's what

Let us go with them through ages
Seen in time's omnipotent eye
(That knows all beneath
this sun sentinelled sky)
To find a human mirth
A great girth of worth
This hilltop laughs
For me it's people still walk the earth

So for those who laugh at me
"A right one" they say
I may do rites
But left is a much maligned way
Yet where 'ere I go
I'll tap bardic flow
And look with an eye
That once I know skried
A landscape

I dream'd I'd seen scenes
Of their houses and homes
-a hundred host
I saw all sorts I'm sure
Full grown youth elder and child living close
Encamped in the land that they loved the most
Calling to me now
As I sit with crow
And my cloak opens up
This vista to you
Once peopled these hills
Once peopled again
Build harmoniously now
For foundations remain
Yes again once again
Comes the timeless refrain

For the time is now when bards wake from death
Where inquisition fires took up our mortal flesh
Yet from where we were burned
That time has it turned
And we must emerge from our forced sleep
No longer held back on the pain of that sorrow
But skywarding on with a song of tomorrow
It's a song that is old and it's one that I borrowed
It's a message of hope on an old rotten road
It's a vow that is taken and not about faking
It's about healing the stealing of those Inca's gold

Because I tell most lies
My lyre will spell it out
-from where we began
See through such eyes as we have discussed
See through the surrounding golfcourse (such I curse)
To one metropolis top
Megalithic citadel of one common lot
Revealed as words unveil the trail
From past to future this culture hails

Our purposes now must intwine to survive
It's climate change surely that's showing us why
It's now and it's here and everyplace
Watch now as this all shows a face

And if we can attend we'll work out the how
With action make means to end all this now
Re-people the hills with harmonious homes
I know the council
Would quickly evict all the domes
But here's my own future vision
Once a split second glimpse
Of how we can be living in synergetic style digs
That fit in with our needs not exascerbate greeds
That have got us all into these perilous fields

Once an atom is split
There is no denying it
Yet Lovelock chains Gaia
To the nuclear path
Dares not to say that this age can pass
When machines exponential need for more power
Is our only course in this deadly hour

What! Atomics for fuel who's fooling who?
We don't need that much yet more subtle a touch
Livin' in a hut
It's a hint
With wind and solar
If we catch gust and glint
That's spoken out loud by this common bard
and other brave questors many at large
Are making brave gestures to sort out this farce
I know that what's done could be said to be sparse
But vision seeded this poem instructs it will last
And we shall be freed from the national grid's clasp.

Go then span out some blessed plot
It's not something one has got
It's not something one can own
But some kind of magic matriculation we are shown
It is granted because we are born from it
I've seen it visioned and the vision fits
Into the hills environment
I know there are those who will resent
But that world is vulnerable stuck in cement
The enclosures act
borders tax and war
What can a poor man say? Well
Ancient hills speak of another way

So from a vision seeded in my nineteenth year
Much has grown in this time it has appeared
Dear people it's a common future dream
In the face of ten thousand ten million
Techno dislogical nightmare schemes

For poesy and technos in the original tonue
Are poetry and technology as they now are sung
Are essences made from intellect's raw hewn hearts
Newly divorced from their fable
In the philosophic cradle of ancient greek minds
The effect of such sages through subsequent ages
Was though to be good but has prooven unkind

For it formed a disunion polarized human kin
From inside the mind so to outside at large
Sad society's wars violent cycles cause
Making rife the broken lives
That translates into sharper knives
Longer stronger better till gunpowder bangs
And atomic dust is result of our crimes

It's a logical step
So here's one to bless
I suggest it is best
To take the best of the rest
Attest we have raped
With the worst of machines
Acknowledge we also
Can clean up these scenes

A conquest internal to external heal
A radical reach out one we can feel
For technos is not wrong or in itself bad
But balance to poesy once we all had

Who can reach out o'er this dying land
Who can draw forest from desert sand
Who can resolve conflict be not fearful of love
So we can be happy as below so above
A culture is here and is speaking so clear
Of mending and blending
Not of bleeding and bombing

It's a call for all bards to speak for the earth
An action all healing not a death dearthing dirge

We are human kin of the eternal race
We have inherant poise love compassion and grace
Beautiful lives if we'll give them a go
I hope you've enjoyed my first bardic show

Avalon by coracle

The battered royal curragh
Carries three away
From a shore besmirched
With smoking pyres
And the slain of Cammlan

Sounds cacophonous that mix
Shouts of victory
With the groans of the dying
Now fade to the dipping of the oars

Wounded grievous by his own bastard progeny
Mordred son of lustful murdered Morgause
So it is Arthur ab Uther Pendragon is tended
As they ripple the water towards Avalon

It was Morgana sister to Morgause
Who eager for him to supplant the throne
Taught the berieved child
Emnity of his father

That sorceress was twisted from the first
By second sighted knowledge of her only brother
Arthur's incestual extramarital conception
When shape-changed
Uther had lain
By Merlin's magic
With Morgana's mother
The unsuspecting Igraine

Morgana set son
To kill father
Foil the cause
That the wizard began

Yet now we see her Arthur heal
Ameliorated in this gliding barge's keel

From the perilous era
After the Roman's rule ran it's course
A real hero or King depending on your source
Arthur arose in our commonly cherished myth history
For who brought us together once
Will do it again it is to be

Here we see him floating to Avalon
Tended by Morgana and Nimue
Sorceresses light and shade
With power equal feared
Come together with tears often
For their once and future king

He moving to his underworld rest
With wounds a plenty
From cuts of his power craving
Magic maddened son
Whom Arthur slew in mortal straits

Yet some deeper filial love
Brought this Morgana
To her brother in this hour of need
She whom with eldritch oft' him tried to kill
Was thwarted each time by Nimue
Now both him tend and heal

So guide they him to Avalon
In slumber we are informed
As others also lie sleeping
Beneath waves and in crystelline caves

Subsumed Titans giants
Conquered by the rising Gods
Of a newer age
But not finally destroyed
Prophesying still
From their deep sleep states

As Atlas to Atlantis
So Giant Albion to Great Britain
Waiting their curtain call
As sleepers awake
(This myth I take from one William Blake)

Nimue was loved of Merlin
She who learned all he gave
She who cast back the circling spell
With which he had her contained

Leaving him to sleep it off
In Butleigh woods for an age
Enchanted by his own enchantry
He could not help but teach her

Does he sleep here
Alongside these others

Does prime bard Taliesin himself
Fly at us through histories haze
To tell the current story
Unended as it was from his time
However blurred the fact and fable

Does he in truth enable us
Entreat us to awake ourselves
To note how that bell once again does toll
That once on Atlantean towers
So did ring

And what is it to us in this age
What of this chivalry and nonsense
What to us in our common place
And mundane electric age
Of techno screams
What from that age
Of sword wrought
Romantisized bowdlerized
Holy what-not justification
Is of use or relevence
To us now?

What of slumbering Titans
What of sleepers that wake
What of prophesying dreamers

What future is now a past projection
Recollection of memory selective
To bring these strains to you

And so what of it all? 

It is said that the Scythians first here were
Before Sumer Hittite and Phoenician Warriors
Also the Sarmatians in green dragon-like scales
Older than the Egyptians, the oldest who set sail
Legendary Tuathe d'Anu sprung from their band
When they first came to Eire and Scottish land
Seafaring Scythians the Ring Lords of yore
Were the root stock from the time before
Near the Black Sea originally or thereabouts
They got about we can have no doubt
Bearing the banner of the Dragon
That was mimicked by the Romans
Queens their Kings and warriors
Traveled across Asia and Europe
To many locations and to Hyperboria
Within the woods of Caledonia where
Pict-Sidhe made mischief marvelously
With the run rings round Roman army
Who called them Picture People Picts
As with colour and design their faces were licked
Truly Lords and Ladies of the Northern Forests
Though they could not forever the new order resist
By the time of Constantine AD 751
A whole new world had begun
The Roman Catholic Church it had arrived
They reduced the Tuathe to faerie size
Mythologizing those who had been real
Reducing their power with new religious zeal
Obscuring memories of the nomadic races
This was political spin from high places
With armies of might behind, courtesy of their new Kings
What do we find? A spot of ethnic cleansing
That one Donation of Constantine could now bring in
A spurious document if ever there was one
Detailing that the Pope could create by divine sanction
All Kings from his God-given crowning hand
Though Charlemaine for one saw the underlying plan
Of deceit lies and murder that had forged it
In truth though he lived it he deplored it
His mother was of the Merovingian Line it seems
Descended from King David and Jesus the Nazarene
The new style Kingship subverted the Queen
Without whom no Kings had ever been
Replacing her with a pious old man
Privy to God who speaks his command
After Christ’s death on the cross
The obsolete Queens were collateral loss
Now the Pope could decide
Who would commit genocide
This document allowed it all to be
Alas alas for the Grail Dynasty
For can you hear the keening
It is the Cri de Melusine
Her lonely heart still pines
There way out on the extreems
She has seen times both harsh and bleak
Know now of whom it is I speak
Mermaid Melusine last of the line
She who lived at the same time
As when was implemented the Donation
Of Emperor Flavius Constantine
With marital betrayal as well
She became exiled to her own hell
Which is to orbit the Earth long
Crying her heart rending song
Lady lizard Queen refined
Grail maiden since olden time
Fountain faerie soul sublime
Last Queen of the Elfin Line
At least as regards unbroken
Lineage by bards be spoken
Of Who is descended from Whom
This all Kings are impelled to do
They need some worthy line to be or assume
These geneologic bards would link their kin
With those seen as befitting
To be seen as related to
A most crucial thing this was to do
For all their power and killing
They still needed credibility in
The public eye
Needed it all the time
Melusine was the ultimate catch
For any aspiring Royal match
Her paradox is because Constantine’s
Donation is responsible for falsely
Costing us the loss of her precious line
And really everyone knows
The emperor wears no clothes
Yet she is perceived as half this half that
Desirable yet demoniac dynastocrat
Depicted both as the devil’s daughter
And also of the highest regal order
Melusine we have found you
Here in the heart of this story
You were sent out of bounds
We are here to restore you
You of the line that once ran the temple
Where nine maidens preserved their menstrual
Bloods in a cup for the imbibing of Kings
That it might them good Kingship bring
You whose mother Pressyne was deceived by her step-son
Nathas whose jealous tongue all your sadness begun
Pressyne's husband King Elynas was by these lies beguiled
Which forced your mother Pressyne into vow fated exile
This was because she had bade him never
Spy on her birthing or feeding their babes
When Elynas was tricked into your nursery
She left forever with her daughters three
To your own fate this was precursory
Much the same happened to you
There was nothing that you could do
Betrayed by a foolish serpentine word
Spoken where several people heard
By Raymond de Verrieres first Compte d'Anjou
He who had made marriage vows to you
But your husband who knew of your lizard skin
Spoke and broke the trust that you'd given him
Implying you possessed bat wings and a mermaid's tale
You left this world the marriage failed
The Dragon features had been your mothers curse
Of the three sisters she punished you the worst
For the penance you meted out on your dad
His slip of tongue that had made you all mad
Because of you your father went half insane
On the high Northumbrian mountain range
Where you and your sisters had imprisoned him
When he died so sorely your mother was missing him
She built a great tomb with statue and inscription
Guarded by Grymault the Giant's eternal protection
Melusine daughter of Pressyne fountain faerie before you
Your fate forged by feelings forced through
You and your sisters who gave grief to Elynas
Though you didn't know it was not his fault
In a web of deceit he had become caught
Your father lost it with that in his face
And Nathas was made King in his place
This tale of your life it has much sorrow
Yet I do have hope for your tomorrow
You who pine the loss of each relative
On the outer stratospheres a fugitive
Spied with your wonderful serpent tail
Expelled out of reach to forever wail
You whose ancestry stemmed from when
Royal Egyptian and Scythian Houses did blend
Confirming the line as new culture was bred
By consenting Queens that chose who they'd bed
A bloodline long was theirs they had birthed
The Starfire they gave it quenched cosmic thirst
Better even than Orme Gold
Governance fey it let unfold
From Tiamat the original Dragon Queen
Of the Eden founding Annunnaki
A.k.a. the Shining Ones Elves or Elohim
Who with Cro-Magnon Man inbred their destiny
Teaching agriculture up in high Eden
From where spreading out new culture began
Through Princess Scota to Scotland's Albany Kings
Whose ancestors were crocodile cult Egyptians
Through Solomon David Mary and Jesus
To Northumberland and Caledonia's woods
Where were living the original Robin Hoods
Then to the Verrieres de Forez near St Etienne

At Lusina ‘light bringer’ where stands your fountain
The people and the land are all interwoven strands
That this is what once was, few now understand
Such a rich and ancient line of muse inspired kings
To be extinguished with a document is one of those things
Accepted and forgotten but I’m telling you now
That we think it’s a fraud is there any way how
You can come back to help us ‘cos we need your touch
And we really do miss you so very much

Prologue of ‘Epos Propagandum’
A Rhythmic Epic by
Squirm Gadfly, Pok the Bard

Niberu Attacks

The night sky was rent top to bottom
With a cascade of pure stars
Like a river twixt vertical banks of dull cloud
So it was I was sat up in my thin shawl
Chanting up to it all
From the slope of this hillside

There the Seven Spiralling Sisters
The Pliedes so named
Shining out their brilliance
For so much are they famed
As the star channel seemed opened up
A crystal river in my brain
Touching nodes to those stars within
Linking up for me a capability to see
Sensitive to degrees
Of perception of deceptions truly spied
To see what it is
Of Rebels and Lizards
From these far flung parts
Bringing their lifeforce
Their wars and their arts from long ago
Now remembered in form poetical
So as not to alarm too much
The delicate skin that can not abide
These things coming in

It's a mythopoetic shock that's for sure
There's not alot I can do to button it down
But I'll make it sit well
As I sit well in my gown

And round that rolling sky turned
As I sat chanting
Burning holes in the sky
As I realized
I was sat square on
To Orion's three stars
That belt that he wears
As he hunts and sees far
Sees into my eye as I see back to him
And I know that some story
Is about to begin

A smatter of rain
The scene crystal change
A portal of course
Opens up it's doors
And who's standing there
In garments so queer
Saurian Royalty
Moving in near to me
Beaming down again
Across the tracts of space

Curious now how
I do know his face
It is the Lord Enki
He of whom you may not have heard
But I have have known his golden blood
It tingles inside of me
And I recognize the astral gate
That I have related here
And his eye
Locks on mine
And I feel that dreadful surge inside
As I did when first his DNA
Docked with mine
And I am transported out of time
Jettisoned to fractilize
Witness to his Royal Line
Knowing it was our gold they mined
Flowing in such Royal veins
Did it cause them to see
So Deep into the Mystery
Space travel was easy
(as long as you had the worker bees)
But to liberate the soul?
And to give a soul free will?
It was beyond most God's minds
At that particular hour

They had made a slave trade of our ancestors
Mining gold from the solar systems pastures
We were made first from clay
These Gods witheld their DNA
In making rooms
Suitable Golems choose
We were human homonculine
Who did the work the Gods declined
Stripping the Solar System for gold
Cromagnon Man was the choice for the plan
Recieved some magic DNA from the can
From God overlords Annunaki
Prince Enlil ordained
That they could have so much not more
For the creatures would be hard to control

Anu Sun God
Issued the decree
It was not to be
All these creatures to be free

Lord Enki was not like the rest
Lord Enki acted for the best
In making with Cromagnon
He poured more DNA
Than regulation stated
And made a race to be strong and wise
To live to their best and to fractilize
To be on a level and to harmonize
Like the Gods with our gold in thier blood

The plan Enki set good was to liberate man
The spark defiant from his own hand
The gold-greedy Gods could do what they liked
He held the gift and gave it freely

A planet called Tiamat was a hell of a gas
Major strategic prospecting site
And a crazy nightlife alas
Destroyed in the fighting
These Gods were delighting
Orion and Sirius allied for the purpose
Of aquiring mineral rights
On our systems
For they needed the orme gold to fractilize blood
They couldn't do it just because they were Gods
Drones of ourselves DNA weak doing the work
Were unenlightened that all this
Need not be so

For gold we were mining for some other ones minds
Into space they would go but where's that leave us?

The Solar System got wasted
Under attack from invaders
And you bet that made us a little mad
Tiamat was smashed into
By enterprizing King Zuzu
It breaks apart forming the asteroid belt

A piece of it too formed our Earth pearly blue
Yet our meridians all got shot away
We acupunctured with stones
'Cos we were rising from drones
Our DNA responded deep in our bones
Activatin' our native kin tone
Opening up for the first times
In suitable places
Like around the Black Sea
And in the land Sumerian
From where this story came
Civilization's cradle so-called
Mesopotamia Africa
Our first step as travelling man
Heading out from our origins
When it must have been
Pretty much Pangaia Gondwana
Where the continents were all one landmass
And creatures lived that are no more

Here the Annunaki had their Making Rooms
So it is read on the Sumerian Stone
When the human began
Seeding in the land
And went about all over the globe
In the making of this human world
Propagating life seemingly all their own
And leading off through time immemorial
To the present day where sure to say
Darth Vader himself is due
In the rebuilt deathstar Niberu
Riding with the Nazgul
To clash with Unicorns
Of Universal Law
With bets on for the final draw
And Anu vengeful at fall of face
Spying on the human race
Plotting with Illuminati
To settle old scores or so they think
While most of us don't even blink
I guess it passed 'em by
Just some sunspots in the sky
Some fallen spaceships they had to hide
Just someone off their tree
Just some new anomalie
Some corn circles coded
How they're not bent they're noded
But what it means we are not sure

So Kosmik King Arthur Galactic Man
Will have to wake up now it's got that mad
As excaliber's scabbard
Waits in Cedar Row
It's just below
The ancient mile
Zodiacal Children
Uphold the grail
They are tracking the star map
That leads to the dog
That Waggies it's tail
With a wink and a nod
To Sirius's rainbow glower
With our heightened psi power
Climaxed July twenty third
Haven't you heard?
Jedi are giving lessons on
The diamond star grid
To which all zodiac co-ordinates
Are astro-lectrically linked
On a crystal lotus seat
Within a constellation brain
It's a high motivation ratio
It will change your life again
It's fitted in so neat
With delegates replete
From all continuum quarters
All their sons and daughters
Untold hordes of Gods
And all the freaks
Who work against the odds
With incarnations of avatars
Who needy for the work
Are lined up inside Avalon
With their feet upon the earth
Stamping out a rhythm
To lighten up the lines
Crumblin' up corruption
and turnin' round the times
As figures from the tarot
Vie for place with archetypes
Of comparative world view systems
Who are working through the night
As I sit watching from my hillside
With the golden blood a flow
I look out over Apple Vale
And what is it I know?
The Centaur and the Auroch
The Bear and Scorpion
Are calling to the Unicorn
To come at once it's true
To coil it's horn that heals so well
And place it in the dew
For our water has been poisoned
As do glow the fish
To transform it to medicene
Is what we all so wish

So I conferred with Neptune
Who still reigns o'er the sea
To take his chariot and trident
Up to Faslane immediately
And wave it at the nuclear subs
And neutralize their balls
I had to be brave because his tidal waves
Could take out our state city walls
I asked him too about
the state of his sleeping friends
Of Arthur and Kronos
had the Titans sleep come to an end?
He said "Great you've asked
we'll be seeing them again.
For you've told it all about the place
This story of your human race
And cos' that's done t'will come alive
All the Mythos held inside
Is crawling round the Zodiac
Expressed unseen in archetypes
That move independantly
Conforming to you're stories plan

Figures in the land appear
Linking dreamtime imagery clear
In the pool of our mind eye
In the merge of earth and sky
In this bowl of runic soup
We alphabet a cosmic loop
Played music with the group
Acted mysteries with our troupe
Lighted up the sacred grove
Touched to spark some ancient node
In the limelight of our tale
We heard the songline of the whale
The desert men all droned in too
Playing on the didgeredoo

The stage was set with sparkelling stars
The Glastonbury Grail and all zodiacs are
Abundent with cards from the major arcana
And a challenge there was to take place
For under this moon there was a tremor
When people of the Dragon Clan
Went and tuned it in
And the many jewelled Scabbard
Lit up the Cedar Mile
And the blade that runs though Boltonsborough
Switched on it was this while
It was Light Sabre Excalibar
Turned on for us to use
As lights form round Avalon
And they begin to move
The precession of the Equinox
WAs alive opon the Vale
And all creatures astrologic
Were dancing round the Grail
Acting out a sacred play
Moving in symphony
Animated imaginings
Arising from Maltwood's positioning
Aligned to her true poetic heart
Designed intrinsic divine art
Each arch archetype ranging loose
Every one a free will to choose
Finding the key to their own thing
Doin' reiki on their kin
'Specially 'im with 'is injury
The Lance that marred the horserider's back
It was loosed!
With a cry of rage and pain
Arthur had wrenched free the spear
From where it had lodged deep in his flank
And thrown it with faltering strength
At sudden incoming alien assailants
Yes what's this!
What's that!
A surprise attack
Niberu Starfighters painted black!
They swept past and all gave fire
Consequences were looking dire

So the Great Worm of Pitney
Turned and did spit he
And it splattered against
The Dark Lords planes

A small grail that worm bore
In the fashion of an Anklyosaur
The shape of which turned out quite
Useful in the impending frey

The death star was swooping low
Giving off it's dodgy glow
And it sent it's death beam down to our grail

It's chaos down it threw
But the zap was caught
And ran round the grail's bowl
This reflection and richochet
The worm skillfully trained
Straight back to Niberu
And whacked a lump of granite
Out from it's crust

Meanwhile down by Langport
The gurt dog was frantic
Exited by all this
Mad galactic antics

He was barking at the Unicorn
Who was lodged nearby
And peering through from Willow Farm
You could see clearly why
The horn of the Unicorn
It was held aloft
And all the sparkelling cosmic ray
Was moving 'bout like dust

And that hub of fatal science
Hinkley Point by name
Could be said to have an aura
of a radioactive drain
Was now involved with archetype
Of very different brain
As the Unicorn levels his head
And skuffs his hooves
For a one way jousting game

Darth Vader, Moff Tarkim
Anu and Prince Enlil
Were hulled up on Niberu
Borg star machine
What had it seen?
This collective dark mind
It sure skipped a pulse
As it saw the Unicorn
Blip up on the screen

With horn coiled and ready
The Unicorn sped she
Towards the power station
Hinkley Point
As all the while
With their Renegede Queens
Rebel Orions
Slightly off-centeredly
Appeared on the scene
And Sirius let out a terrible blast
From Sauron's second hand
Microwave masts
Enveloped the scene
In a mind jam zone
But the Unicorn stood firm
Though now on it's own
For everything else had melted away
(Though they would return again later that day)

Now down to the river Parrot it dove
It darted arrow like silver alone
Tilting at target in it homed

When down came the Nazgul
Claws rent at it's flesh
But Unicorn magic
Puts them in a mesh!

Annunaki Starfighters
Are close on her tail
Dimension sheilds stop them
And all their shots fail

Flying hooves are all a blur
Going for that cosmic door
Hinkley Point there in her sights
Last hundred feet with all her might
One last spring from Pixie's Mount
In goes the horn
The world goes round
Startled workers do not know
The nature of the sparkly snow
The reason for the spinning earth
Is magnetic poles reversed

The horn is skewered in the wall
And this strange snow it falls
But we have now turned inside out
And from that lowly Pixie Mount
Has sprung non glowing holy light

So our Unicorn
Takes out her horn
Comes to stand and look
AS a wonder takes place
And a colour returns
A world's been replaced
A fountain been born

In the turn of time's timeless clocks
Bardic Tale like a mountain rocks
To where generations flocked
Come to hear the ancestral song
Yes it's been going on quite long
Yet now a tide is turning in the grail
Because it rhymes it bodes ye well
Mark this tide it's fall and rise
Then you won't be quite so surprised
In the landscape of mindquake and wake
It is never too late to recapitulate
It has been a long wait
But the story predates
The lies of the State
Can I relate how great
Is importance of this humming heads worth
Of stories fully heard
You've taken time to assimilate
Here's the mind food on a plate
No one can control your fate

Lord Enki gave the DNA
Or did it come another way?
With Annunaki in control
Most of us seem like trolls
Sauron's Towers help enslave us
Subjects of the microwave
Mordor Mind Technology
From death game toys to chip ID
An electro-magnetic blanket
Tucked in by overlords
Numbing up our psychic life
Puts us compartmentalized
Sleeping when we are awake
Never quite to correlate
Stuck in soap serial movie scripts
Repeating like a record's glitch
Scornful slander boss and worker
Never breaking from that order
That stultifies that gift of life
That gift of choice
That glimpse with light
To see some mystery
Portentious other histories
As I am weaving for you here
That I am leaving for your ear
So it can trickle in your brain
That we might have some hope down here
That we might have some fun again
Appropriately rearranged

Key to the Gates

Key to the Gates

One for the stones that are old
Roll roll roll

Two for the alchemical gold
Roll roll roll

Three for the freedom of the soul
Roll roll roll

Who holds the key to the gates?
Who learns that knowledge waits?
Who holds the balance of the fates?

Four for the key to hidden doors
Roll roll roll

Five for the song that endeth wars
Roll roll roll

Six for the child that asketh more
Roll roll roll

Know that the gates are open wide
Spirit mother you are so wise
For three is the number of the child

Seven for the strength to move through fears
Roll roll roll

Eight for the turning of the years
Roll roll roll

Nine it is the spirit of good cheer
Roll roll roll

Musician herald bard held in reknown
With your three several wreathes you be crowned
Wielding your harps of mystical sounds for us

One for the stones that are old
Two for the alchemical gold
Three for the freedom of the soul
Four for the key to hidden doors
Five for the song that endeth wars
Six for the child that asketh more
Seven for the strength to move through fears
Eight for the turning of the years
Nine it is the spirit of good cheer

Roll roll roll
Roll roll roll
Roll it around-O


Why have a King at all?
Are not such people bound to fall
Oppressing people owning land
Common people understand

Who controls the city gates
Holding council decides fates
How to use this mighty hand
Is what a King must comprehend

This is what befits a King
He brings the ancient wisdom in
Support the people not exploit
Do these things is what he ought

And if to evil he is lured
What oh what could be the cure
A queen's wisdom is what endures
So peace on earth can be secured


Dissolved into the land is He
Common people are the key
All proportions of a web
Of life and land and deeds and trials

A King to do and Bard to tell
So listen well this merry while
Here's to all our Kings within
Blessed Albion do they bring

Out with the old in with the new
Spirit of a peace which will come true
In with the old out with the new
Once and future does this please you?
Albion rare and dignified
Return this golden sunrise

Terror Machine

Woa terror machine
You know what I mean
Woa terror machine
Oh-a ya gonna know what I mean

It's the work of government administration
Let's just call it information sedation
Keep it all hid keeps on the lid
Of what is really going on

You heard the news about the terrorists
Though evidently no evidence fits
They got Arabic scapegoats as decoys
And they're treating them like shit

It's a bomb on the bus it's a man in the crowd
It ain't what it seems but don't talk too loud
The man on the TV is talking paranoid disease
Woa-a it's the Terror Machine

Terror - Realise
Terror - Open Eyes
Terror - Easily created
Terror - We're being manipulated

Woa Your gonna know what I mean
Woa Terror Machine
Woa Know what I mean

Two Towers standing now here comes the bit
Where they all fall down like a magic trick
At least that's how I look at it
It's all in the cover-up

7/7 if you want my opinion
Was all government bombs
Too much talk about climate change and Africa
Keep the talks going wrong
It wouldn't do to make poverty history
It would spoil the plan
Of world domination in the nuclear age
Keep it in the can

Terror terror everywhere and the real reason is clear
Make way for big brother keep up the war and fear


Manufactured hate from newspapers
Through video games and TV
Try to keep us all dumbed down
Can your eyes but see?

It was A OK till the communists fell
With the enemy gone they needed someone to kill
To keep the arms trade in lollipops
They had to make up with something new

Terror machine is a genius plan
But they don't want you to know whose scheme
Terror machine is a see-thru scam
A front for the killing regimes

Mind control 24/7
Is telling lies outright
Media coverage to the masses
Is not going to talk out of line


Behind the scene this killing machine
Is off doing it's work
Funded by tax and vacant minds
It's time to get alert

I'd like us all to realise
That a spanner in the works
Is a sure fire risk for the terror machine
Because it's made of a lie


Want you to see through the terror machine
What really makes it tick
Don't be suprised if the global 8
Are in the midst of it



I'm trying to work it out where does violence come from
In the heat of the moment just what brings it on
There's violence in silence though you might think me wrong
Lights the blue touch paper for the fists and knives and guns

It's just below the surface but hidden well away
Disguised with greatest etiquette in the ways that we behave
Passed back and forth in lethal tennis games
Before the final act has blown the love away

This violence has run deep in history's angry seams
What violence is appropriate is what the lawcourts deem
Violence on the battlefield violence in the home
Violence nearly everywhere and just behind your nose

How one can regret but it's always too late
Whether it's to kill a man or just to smash a plate
In anger for something someone said or done
But who can look deep enough to ask where it comes from
Who can look deep enough to know where it comes from


I remember Blue

I remember Blue
He said "Good times bad times"
And the girl in the flamenco dress
Swayed to the rhythm of his guitar

I looked at the scene
Heard his words and his strum
Never saw him one time more
And the girl she was just a dream

Then I paced down the street
Where I saw a man he was beat
Slumped into a shop doorway
Head between his knees

I guess he was gouched out
Could be heroin or crack cocaine
And I numbly wondered
What happened to my dream?

Didn't have no money and couldn't even speak
I reviewed my own life of the street
So I reached as far as I could reach
Into my heart for I accept no defeat

And I perceived a vast desert of soul-
Stranded survivors of a world gone wrong
And a flaming mouth that incinerated dreams
But yet one dream it burned through the flames
Of the flamenco girl who threw off her chains

She danced herself into a whirling peak
Said no words but smiled to me
And I sanctified gratified passed on the smile
Into the dawning street

It smashed into a car windscreen
Got lost in the wind
Echoed against the building blocks
Got half drowned in the rain
It caught a man in turpitude
And drove another sane
Got jammed inside a mortal coil
Of disempowered dreams
It rattled through my mandolin
And dislocated brains
It grated through the visors
Of the Motor City men
It caught all in a tornado
That blotted out the sun
Of which dust that followed smarted eyes
Of all the fallen ones
And through this cloud a man appeared
And he began to wave
I knew that we had understood
And so this vision fades


My Elusive Muse

I saw you once upon a normal street
I looked all upon you from your hair down to your feet
You smiled and disappeared and left me with the blues
But you had entered into me and left a mystic clue

Ah my elusive muse

What was it behind the city's cracks and lies
What behind hidden scars and in distant eyes
And everywhere I looked all with my seeking shoes
You were peeping through the gaps my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

You formed into the rounded hills such it was your grace
I looked into the moon and reflected was your face
I looked into the gutter thought that I might loose you
So I cried a silver tear my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

Inspiration from the well of passion's holy flame
Golden arrows to my heart when I hear your name
Six white horses carry you in a chariot so true
Seven songs of everywhere are the ones you use
To keep in time the fearless rhyme
My elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

We chained you restrained you built worlds modern and new
But these are all missing love they are the work of fools
And to all insensed profiteers who at your brown skin grasp
Taking gold and minerals well none of this can last
For it threatens all the life on earth in the seas and skies of blue
How we do depend on you my elusive muse
There never can be an end to you my elusive muse

So if it is we shall meet and men will truly see
The majesty of life within your earth and heaven tree
And if we touch this holy bough feel it's pulse and fuse
We touch all infinity my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse


Battered and Blue

Some give pleasure others pain
Most'll leave you some time in the rain
Some bring trouble some just annoy
Most give candy one or two bring joy

Now some take screwballs some drink wine
I smoke grass most of the time
Don't change the situation just turns it around
Like Jeckell and Hyde running all over town

Hey hey hey what can I say
I really do not feel so good today
Me oh my what can I do
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

I knew a girl I met in a zoo
She played crazy golf in goodbye shoes
I knew a girl she was cool
Saw her last by the swimming pool

I won't tell you much just the basic facts
We built our house on a railroad track
When we heard the clicketty-clack
She ripped my shirt and didn't look back

Hey hey hey what can I say
I really do not feel so good today
Me oh my what can I do?
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

Some give pleasure others pain
Most'll leave you some time in the rain
Some bring trouble some just annoy
Most bring candy one or two give joy

Hey hey hey what can I say
I'm gonna do my best to feel better today
Me oh my what can I do
I tattered and battered and blue for you

My body's aching and it ain't faking
When it finally buckled I didn't chuckle
In the final end there was just us friends
And a guy called Death who was playing requests

My oh my!

Hey hey hey whay can I say
I really gonna do my best to feel better today
Me oh my what can I do
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you


Twyford Down

We came from far
All round the globe
To Twyford Down
To stop a road
Through special site
Of ancient light
Winchester College
Sold off the rights

So was built a site
In path of the road
Where Dongas Tribe lived
In bent hazel domes
Going out on actions
Tarmac reaction
And for the contractors
It did their heads in

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

It was a wet cold Yellow Wednesday
When luminous jackets made the first cutting
And there was pain and there was crying
People thought the earth was dying
Fourth day of July
Mass trespass day
Hundreds of people
All in the way
Or clambering up on the bailly bridge
Clanging it boldly with chaos sticks
Then there was digger diving
Which is conniving
To jump on the 'dozers
Till work was over
D-locked under the wheels
Of their earth-raping steel
To stop the contractors
There were many factors

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

A Great Conjunction
Was in the sky
Woa but it wasn't
The reason why
It was the people
Who were outraged
At all the tricks
That had been played
To build the road
Against the will
Of common people
For money made
It was enough
Enough enough
But still the D.O.T.
Made the cut
And so began
This first eco-war
And after Twyford
There were many more
There were many more
There were many more

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down
Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down
Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down


Newbury and Beyond

Solsbury Hill and Twyford Down
Eco war on sacred ground
It moved on to Newbury
Nine miles of road building insanity

No one can deny it
For it was on TV
Harness held or not
High up in a tree
Eco warriors out on a limb
While the corporation chainsaws made a din

Saying you must not cut down this glade
Make no tiny cut with your murdering blades
We will defend these trees
With our bodies and our minds held up high in the leaves
And tunneling down deep into the ground
Give your Sheriff's men the run-around
Security cordons plenty of police
Giving orders their consciences asleep

I know it is sad to say
But Camelot itself fell one day
Not before Albion's warriors
Made Newbury's Third Battle a legendary lay

TV put he pictures in front of people's eyes
Could we be becoming totally urbanised?
Lyminge Forest Sella open cast mine
Fairmile Trollheim and the Ladies Nine

Saying you shall not chop down these trees
We shall protect against your Mother murdering deeds
And the Third Battle of Newbury
Three minutes less for nine miles of ancient trees
One hundred thousand cherry pickers
Would not bring us down off our perch
'Cos news of all these road protests
Has been broadcast all around the cities and the towns

There is now a much greater neon orange glow
From Clairmont Road down to Ireland's County Wicklow
Thanks to types like the Dongas and the Flowerpots
Maybe the future can be green again
Canbury Garden Poplars Watley Quarry and Oxleas Wood
From Scotland down to Brighton there were people who were good
They came down to protest sites and did what they could

A nineteen screen multiplex cinema was a little bit too much
Crystal Palace was won by the people and the trees were never cut
It culminated an era just before the millenium
Even Ali G on the TV was at our eviction
All of this was back in the ninetees before the towers fell

Saying you shall not chop down these trees
We shall protect against your Mother murdering deeds
And the Third Battle of Newbury
Three minutes less for nine miles of ancient trees
One hundred thousand cherrypickers
Could not bring us down off our perch
'Cos news of all these road protests have been broadcast
All around let's hear it for a no pollution Newbury and Beyond


Albion Albion Albion Albion

Albion's dreaming and William Blake
Just rang to tell me that it's never too late
You are God and the Universe
The choice is yours
And the Goddess is waiting for you

Albion Albion Albion Albion

Ezekiel some druids and King Kong
Met on the corner in New Jerusalem
There's going to be some spinning wheels
And a lightshow that you won't forget
That you won't forget

Albion Albion Albion Albion

When Albion's asleep
A secret there we keep
When Albion's alive
Fear of death shall die
When Albion awakes
Men and women shake and make
Men and women shake and make
Men and women shake and make
Men and women shake and make

Albion Albion Albion Albion

Tell of Arthurian wonder
Harmony between women and men
Throwing off of the chains
Albion remain again
Again remain again

Albion Albion Albion Albion

Albion's dreaming and William Blake
Is calling to say it's never too late
We are God and the Universe
The choice is ours
And the Goddess is waiting for us

Albion Albion Albion Albion

A moment of surprise
Roll those golden eyes
Albion materialise

Albion Albion Albion Albion

When Albion's asleep.....

Bardic Shards

Seven Stones

Seven stones three tears and one tree
Seven stones three tears and one tree

Cedar's black sap the bluebell's call
From Mutter's Moor behind red cliffs fall
Where the seven stones were placed
So long ago there's little trace

Yet remnants from the past returning
Mark the spell we don't know we're yearning

Mustering in dell and goyle
Echoes of that true Royal
That was not by war begat
But yet 'pon faerie throne is sat

On Beltane Eve I sat down low
And spoke the only prayer I know
On Mutter's top on Beltane eve
Magic that we there concieve

Three times round and then you'll see
Opening of magic tree
Sacred cedar's boughs unfurl
Way way down to the underworld

So seven stones they soon appeared
Through which the ancient ones most revered
Saw invisible and saw us in it all
Within the material coiled

Love that's trapped within some past
Or caught behind restraining glass
Breaks to freedom from the fear
Finds the tree that stood for years

Biding time that's wasted not
Here in this blessed coastal spot
Is all a dream all out of time
Is now the stream renewing rhyme

From seven stones so pours unseen
This the all remarkable dream
From past to future faerie few
Have woken up the sleeping muse

Seven stones three tears and one tree
This her all remarkable dream
All out flowing filling sorrows
Spelling out our rich tomorrows

Seven stones solid matter unseen
The path where our ancestors feet had been

Three the tears cedar's black sap
The song to our heart that our spirit lacks

One the tree mother of roots
Flowers and fruits father of lutes

Through hallow's night waiting for the light
Alder fires a burning bright
Sidmouth by the sea in the valley of the Sidhe
Magic that will ever be

Seven stones three tears and one tree
Seven stones three tears and one tree

Lost Troubadours

Lost troubadours we bring you sound
Exiles of love hear what we found
Gone for so long banished for fear
Fear of life's beauty shining so clear

Here is the song that is sung for the one
The one who is waiting to become
Waiting in darkness waiting in light
Sharing a vision of no violent fight

Hear us sing sad songs
Hear us sing glad songs
Hear us sing that song
That you wanted to hear

Lost troubadours confronters of doom
Soldiers of love no gun but a tune
Travelling through these terrible times
Bringers of hope suspended in rhyme

It is in this way that we have our our say
One common parlance that can hold sway
On all oppression on all deceit
Recounting our story in places we meet

That which is heard in rhythm and word
Reaches out to you does this sound absurd?

Lost troubadours bringers of love
Touching the heart below as above
Here now to stay are you going our way?
This is the music we're going to play

Here is the song that's sung for the one
The one who is waiting for to become
Waiting in darkness waiting in light
Making a future from no violent fight

Hear us sing sad songs
Hear us sing glad songs
Hear us sing that song
That you wanted to hear 
Green Man
Where did you see him run?
In the place Amergin sung
Did he wear the leaves of oak?
It was his green calendar cloak
Could he be Tom Bombadil?
Ask the poets on the hill
What did Sir Gawain make him do?
Chop his head off through and through
Why could he not chop him down?
Green Man gets up from the round
So on a quest Gawain is sent
Green Man spares his life in the end
Green Man where have you gone?
For they chopped your greenwood down
Will you be coming back again?
To dance in pageant and parade
Is your wisdom just a dream?
Ask the salmon in the stream
Hooray for the Rowan, Oak and Ash!
Hooray for the Green Man who must last!
Hooray for the Hawthorn, Yew and Birch!
Hooray for the cycle of rebirth!
Hooray for the rain that makes him green!
Hooray for the spirit that walks unseen!
Green Man Green Man
With your face all full of leaves
Alive though we chop you down
Without you we don't breathe
Green Man! Green Man!
Green Man! Green Man!
The Song Of Amergin:
Secrets of the Dolmen

I am a stag of seven tines and ox of seven fights
I am a wide flood opon the plain
I am a wind that is blowing on the waters
I am the teardrops of the sun, I glitter like dew
Who but I...etc

I am the Griffon flying to my nest upon the cliff
I am that which God made beautious
I am as much the oak as the lightning that strikes it
As I am the Druid making fire opon the hill

I made the spearmen fearless at the battle of the trees
I have been a salmon in the net
I have been a spotted serpent coiled among the rocks
I fled as a savage boar in a sacred grove

I am the terrifying crash of waves opon the sea
I return like the receeding tide
I am all of these things continual
I am a year of thirteen trees, a letter for each one


Allons aux Vendanges  (in bad grammar french)

Les grapes de notre champs sonts pres pour cuiller
Les grapes de notre champs sonts pres pour cuiller
Cuiller cuiller cuiller le raisons jolie
Cuiller cuiller cuiller notre grapes

Avec notre secateurs nous coupons les raisons
Avec notre secateurs nous coupons les grapes
Coupons coupons coupons le raisons jolie
Coupons coupons coupons notre grape

Nous mettrons les grapes dedans notre pressoire
Et les ecrasse pour extract le jus
Ecrasse ecrasse ecrasse les raisons jolie
Ecrasse ecrasse ecrasse notre grapes

Nous fermentons le jus dedans un grande Tonner
Nous fermentons le jus dedans un grande Cru
Ferment ferment ferment les raisons jolie
Ferment ferment ferment notre grapes

Nous versons le vin dans les bouteilles
Nous versons le vin dans bouteilles
Bouteilles bouteilles bouteilles les raisons jolies
Bouteilles bouteilles bouteilles notre vin

Vendanges est le temp nous allons cuiller raisons
Vendanges est le temp nous allons cuiller grapes
Vendanges vendenges allons aux vendanges
Vendanges vendanges allons aux vendanges
Allons allons allons aux vendanges
Allons allons allons aux vendanges

Twist of a Song

Catch a hold of a twist of a song
Sung long long ago
Brings me solace, not for long
Ah but I've got another one
Never knew love could hurt so much
But there's a feeling that I get
Comes drifting in from a real place
Where sorrow's grip never took a hold
I get confused when I loose some love
I get the blues where friendship should be
I would like us to go there
To the place beyond the boundries
Really would like to breathe the air 
Of brightness all around us
And to catch a hold of this twist of a song
Which we once knew
There is no more that I can say
Because you do not answer
You just have to walk on by 
To take this love for ransom

Kosen Rufu

Nichiren he chanted
Nam myo-ho renge kyo
If you do as he did
Kosen Rufu starts to flow

Ah the great road of peace unfolding

Seven hundred years
It stayed inside Japan
Since Hiroshima Nagasaki
It spread to many lands

Oh the great road of peace unfolding

Tsunesaboro Makiguchi
Would not be deterred
By military oppression
He kept to his word

On the great road of peace unfolding

Makiguchi died in prison
Josei Toda carried on
To make his declaration
Against the atom bomb

On the great road of peace unfolding

Toda was the mentor
Of Daisaku Ikeda
Who took the message to the world
Speaking very clear

On the great road of peace unfolding

Ikeda started travelling
In nineteen sixty one
The world began to open up
It is evolutio...

...on the great road of peace unfolding

Through the seventies and eightees
The path it was not lost
Kosen Rufu means
Spreading seeds at any cost

On the great road of peace unfolding

Growing in the ninetees
In the naughties more and more
Environmental thinking
Coming to the fore

On the great road of peace unfolding

People are walking
On down this peace road
Arising from the earth
Just as the sutra told

On the great road of peace unfolding

Spreading through all nations
This flag it has unfurled
Not for domination
But value in this world

On the great road of peace unfolding

It's in everybody
In good and bad alike
The seeds of buddha nature
Are growing to the light

On the great road of peace unfolding

Buddhahood is life
That is bursting at the seams
Nam myo-ho renge kyo
Is stuff of wildest dreams

On the great road of peace unfolding

Dialogue with enemies
Really is the key
To unlock our prison cell
Of backwards destiny

On the great road of peace unfolding

In this time of darkness
The lotus sutra shines
It's a seed that's strong enough
To make our lives sublime

Ah the great road of peace unfolding


Find the Rhyme

Ah the great road of peace unfolding
Find the Rhyme
They say that the darkest time
Is just before the dawn
You knew your mother's eyes
Right when you were born
Do you know we are keys 
To galactical unreeling?
Have you found my love?
Yes I saw it weeping all alone
Have you known the hardest blows
So it cut you to the bone?
Do we re-cognise the times and slides 
Of schemes and scenes we had felt were real?
Do we hold on tight to letting go or to holding on
To what had been concealed?
Chosen moment a frame within a timeline
So far beyond yet closer than our closest call
It's me, I'm real, I'm quoting words half off the skies
(It's we, we're real, so far through eyes of dreamtime)
And read between these lines, a stitch in time
We shall find the rhyme
And know that we don't die
For we shall find the rhyme
Come alive the dream within a rainbow's tear-bright eyes
And streaming through the few family who would run round you