Friday, 8 June 2012

Bardic Tracts Sumerian Origin The Sumerian Stone Tablets discovered in their thousands Tell of the full administrative religious agricultural and Cosmological life and origins on Earth Listen as I speak the birth Of cities of people before and after the flood’s deluge In the fertile cresent of the Euphrates the cradle used To make man Where was an amazing civilization According to cuniform wedge shaped glyphs On these tablets, unexpected gifts From the past which astonishing tosay Specifically and scientifically relay That Annunaki came from the sky And made a man the earth to ply For the orme gold This man was called Adapta or Adama Begat by Birth Goddesses in the Temples of Procreation A hybrid made for menial tasks with genetic limitations Arduous on those priestesses to keep up the production Hybrids cannot reproduce they need this skilled induction It has come to be understood generally That these stone texts tell the same story That in Genesis is written down in less detail Yes the Old Testament portrayal Of Adam and Eve by God conceived Has its’ root in far older Sumeria please Understand that the Dead Sea Scrolls Of a far profounder knowledge told And that Sky Gods were what they meant. Anu the Sun father sired Enlil and Enki His sons by different mothers Sibling rivalry was with these half brothers Enki felt the ruling line Came always through the Mothers side Enlil was made general Lord of the Earth Enki of the Sea was made an engineer, of quite some worth This was ordained from space by these Annunaki Who sound to me just like the Illuminati At Nippur Enlil’s temple stood long The male side of the family was coming on strong Dominance of nature was going on Though not all sources agree It seems to have been much the degree Enki designed a mortal to work very hard Not too bright a bit of a retard With his sister Ninki fashioned from clays Homonculi inspiring it life with her ways So keen for gold these Annunaki were That soon Enki thought the treatment not fair Of his creation he had made Cursed to mine for all his days Perhaps his little golem child blew his mind He saw its’ potential thought his overlords unkind Enlil made Edin as Lord of All Earth This is as Genesis chapter the first Exepting that God just isn’t around It does correspond the scholarship’s sound Enki gets to be the snake Tries to get Adam and Eve to wake By munching opon the knowledge tree That was good for your spirituality Yet Enlil it was who kicked them out for it And Enki who fitted them out with new kit Sourced his golems some prime DNA Saying you don’t have to be this way You shall be able to be who you are Know of yourself and of the stars To have children so you’re not dependent on us You bet his actions caused lots of fuss With bright mind awareness these people came Perhaps were Cro-Magnons to give them a name Suddenly civilized with knowledge of stars From where had they come to fly so far? When it came to the flood, that was Enlil’s doing This was a party he was poo-pooing Yet Enki the Engineer gave the measure Of a stout vessel that could weather Angry Enlil’s dire deluge And when the storm at last was through Enki, Noah and All started again From that anchient mountain range I hear of them set up in Egypt Developing a magic that eclypsed Enlil’s lot who were mining again He was not keen on them using brains The Tower of Babel was Enlil’s instigation Scrambling up all human communication Trying to thwart the divine spark That Enki had felt to impart Seeding thinking everywhere This was getting Enlil scared Tensions built up looks to blow a fuse With a whole diplomatic subterfuge The Royal Gods at loggerheads Then it came that thing we dread A nuclear war sparred by Enlil’s two sons Blew Sodom and Gemorrah to kingdom come The fall out blew over the Euphrates Killed all of Sumer and some of the deities It is said that Enlil hated their wisdom and learning So finally conspired to set it all burning He had to temper it after that collaterol And Enlil played it less uni-lateral Retired a bit as the ages rolled The little man was out of control And forming a world from his own native ken Away from the fall out and explosions Where there would be floods and there would be fire But some they were living who were inspired To ride out misfortune and live to the max This story on stone tablets was written as facts

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