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You are the Key lyrics

You are the Key

Whoever you want to be
Whatever you want to see around you
It's all made in the crucible of you
In the eye of your eye where you reside

Wherever you want to go
Whenever you want to know something badly enough
Why ever do we cry?
It's all made of you
And it wants to come through
You are the Key

Authorities are slime when they tax upon your time
But something more sublime is hidden deep inside
And all the while you were waiting waiting waiting
Don't you wait any longer

It seems like a mystery
People always sufforing never free, from constraints around them
But your circumstance surrounds the basic fact
Of you yes you, you are the Key

So you started on
A road where you belong, truly
That may be short or long
But my friend you'll make it in the end and on the way you'll find

...that (repeat first 2 verses and finish)

Who am I?

I am the night within the sun
I am the fear in everyone

I am the failure I am mistake
I am the Kingdom that once was great

I am the terror that stirs behind thought
I am the eagle that never was caught

I am the needle I am the thread
I am the life that once was dead

I am the waveform I am the drop
I am that which cannot be got

I am release and I am constraint
I am the smile that is a complaint

I am justice I am the Law
I am that which we have come here for

I am the vision that is of the blind
I am that which you never can find

I am the father within the son
I am the race that is never won

I am decay but never remorse
I am that which has finished it's course

Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
I am who

Rose on Lewes Road

How did you

Rose on

 How co m

How did you know

When I saw


My heart

See what 

Rose on 

You low

Why did

With the traffics

It's rim

I can hardly
Commbustion smo it derades the air

Does anyone notice

Grass Song

If you are a poor boy and you got no place to go
I'll show you more things than you'll ever know
If you are a poor girl and you got no friends at all
I'll give you more friends than you'll ever know
All I ask is that our love begins to grow
Answer is that there's no problem at all

Young girl in the field and she's looking for some grass
To feed her guinea, her guinea pig
Ain't she like that lady in the poem we did back at school
Lady Oenone, that was her name
She had a love but like leaves he blew away
Could have saved Paris anytime but years of sufforing held her right at bay
Golden Apples what you say, better leave it till another day
Greed and need for the wrong things don't make it anyway my way

That it was an accident made it no easier for either his or her own parents
He in youth's unseasoned freedom saw not what they were on about
Because he'd mistrusted her
He'd only lusted her anyway
Silver bracelets on the shelf the nails he had knocked into himself
Beware beware was what he said, I watched the disease grow in his head

To you whom I sing this song outloud and for you whom it may concern
It's not that it's always so good but that it's always as it should be
Mirrors to our lives are shining high above our sheltered selves
I can't show you how to live your lives, only you can tell.

The Trumpets of Tara

Trumpets of Tara (to the tune of 'High Germany'.)

I caught the ferry over to Ireland's emerald shores
Because I heard the Trumpets of Tara's ancient call.
I heard the Trumpets calling they call to one and all
All because of a motorway they're building at Tara Hall
All because of a motorway they're building at Tara Hall

A vigil camp is sited there which keeps a sacred flame
Remembering the warriors it burns there in their name
Lest the steel machinery erase their memories tall
And forgotten be Ireland's history and the Kings of Tara's Halls
And forgotten be Ireland's history and the Kings of Tara's Halls

And to this flickering flame come the warriors of this age
Challenging authorities but not in violent rage
Courageous to confront this cunning corrupt evil
That eats away at the memory of ancient Tara Hill
That eats away at the memory of ancient Tara Hill

I am an outsider I come from Albion
So there's no way thay I can preach about what's going on
I came when I heard the Trumpets and that is all I know
You shall not be forgotten noble Kings of Tara Hill
You shall not be forgotten noble Kings of Tara Hill

The graves of Soldier's Hills are by bulldozers opened wide
And nearby at Rath Lugh much older remains do lie
It's only dirt and stones one Irish security told
He's forgotten his land and his heritage to dig up Tara's Hills
He's forgotten his land and his heritage to build this flippin' road

Now the companies have millions and the folk have a few quid
With compulsary purchase the land is bought up quick
But for todays warriors there'd be a deathly still
Consigned to an oblivion the meaning of Tara Hill
Consigned to an oblivion the meaning of Tara Hill

The faerie folk of Finn McCool and the Tuadhe de Danaan
Are due to save old Ireland when they make their return
Seeing as they've been dug up here in the Gabhra Valley
We can be sure of victory remember Tara Hill!
We can be sure of victory remember Tara Hill!

the forgotten few

The Forgotten Few (To the tune of 'the foggy dew')

A welcome sight met my sorrow filled eyes
When contractors built as motorway in Meath
Rugged women and men their ways did blend
To end this greedy profit driven scheme
Out of the morning mist onto bulldozers
Clambered up this strong determined crew
With many shouts and cheers they passed me near
The lost and forgotten few

Who were these resolute women and men
Who came with many peaceful means
To Tara's Hills with indomitable will
'Gainst contracrors violent state machinery
That is ripping the heart out of Irish soil
'Till no Ireland will remain at all
My legs wet with dew I climbed up too
To join the lost forgotten few

From the mist and dew this resourceful crew
Came with whiffs of bacon, spliffs and brew
It seemed that rainbows fled when the diggers of dread
Trashed it large where pretty flowers once grew
In fields of lush green countryside
Sold out to a corporation cruel
What a waste what a mess it was that greeted the view
Of the sadly lost forgotten few

A motley bunch of many types
With veterans and young alike
From old Twyford Down and all places around
We came to Tara, mess we found
With a drink and a song up on the jib with arms locked on
Pitting body self and mind against machines
All to stop the road that is coming through
The not to be forgotten few

From Soldier's Hill to Collier's town
The rape of land is going on
With ancesters graves by diggers open splain
It greatly stirs the people's ire
When lies by government bodies leave
A trail of churned up meadows we do rue
The loss and at what cost to those fair flowers and moss
Come join the lost forgotten few

As the pockets of S.I.A.C. by misdeeds are filled
With the coins of the conned are lined
With a double toll when the cars do roll
What will complacent people find?
No Emerald Isle but a polluted pile
Of infra-structure of the petrol cult
As if Finn's return were now coming true
The lost now not forgotten few

Go back to the hill go back to the Skryne
Comes the call to all the gallant Na Fienna
Remember the ancient lives of those
Whom the modern world would have us forget
For with the memory of fairer ways
Comes the falling of the fat cats foul
And corrupt stench of roads built with motives oh so low
Is conquered by the glorious few


I didn't know Humpty Dumpty was a cannon on a wall
Or why it was Jack and Jill had such a dreadful fall
What was the Red Queen up to shouting "Off with their heads"
For this had all been sung to me whilst in my nursery bed

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men
Couldn't put Humpty together again

Then all the jelly babies and candy coloured words
Came out of spots upon the backs of little lady birds
And all of us pretended that they were not cluster bombs
But as we sang a bell it rang and we knew something was wrong

The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown
The Lion beat the Unicorn all over town
Some gave them white bread, some gave them brown
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town

Now the war is over we have uneasy peace
And all the little children sleep uneasy sleep
With lullabies and nursery rhymes to keep us safe at night
For heavens and for goodness' sake we must not give them fright

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells and pretty maids all in a row
Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head

I am but a poor boy
Spending time when I can
By the banks of a lake where I come
To get away from all the others
Who think me rather strange
But I don't mind
I come here often
And when people are unkind

I'm a Superboy
I got atomic toys
I'm going crazy

I make a noise
I can annoy
But you won't phase me

I'm coming to you through the mirror
Are you getting a little glimmer

I got the time
To unwind
I am becoming

I'm on the line
Another kind
My motors running

But I got nowhere to go today
And the visions I see
They do dismay

I saw a world where
We could share
Inside this world where
We don't care
A world full of vacant stares
Don't tell me there's nothing there
Don't tell me there's nothing here

I know it's as real as you feel
I know it's not a bum deal
It's something that can be revealed
I know it has to be real
I know it must be real

Hansel and Gretel
In a gingerbread house
With gobstopper servants
And a sherbet mouse

Little Red Riding Hood
Old Mother Goose
Oranges and Lemons
All on the loose

Watch out! Beware!
There are Monsters hiding there

The Owl and the Pussycat
Little Bo Peep
Cat's in the cradle
Counting sheep

Ring o' ring a roses
London Bridge is falling down
Give me criss cross Lollipop
Let's get out this town!

Watch out! beware!
There are people hiding there

Watch out! Beware!
There are children hiding there

Won't you listen to my story
Won't you listen to my story
Won't you listen to my story

Won't you listen to my story
There's a man in the crowd
Who don't know his own name
And if you listen to my story
You'll find he ain't proud
Of his social game
He sees his life unfold
Like the moon in a pool
And if you listen to my story
You'll find which is which
And who is the fool

My life is very small
But I don't mind
I can stretch to the end of the bed
It's a new horizon
I feel OK
When I breathe deeply
And if you meet me
I would love to say hello
It keeps me going
To know there are others

I'm a regular man
I laugh when I can
I'm not crazy

Childhood's gone
Ever so long
My memory's hazy

In the playground we used to play games
Until the bell brought us back again

On two buckle my shoe
Jack and Jill ran up the hill
Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
Three four knock at my door
I saw Esau sitting on a see-saw
She sells seashells on the seashore
Five six pick up sticks
Jack be nimble Jack be quick
Half a pound of tuppenny rice
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
Pop goes the weasel a pocket full of rye
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Seven eight lay them straight
It's raining it's pouring the old man's snoring
I'm a little teapot short and stout
Incy wincy spider climbing up the spout
Nine ten big fat hen
With a nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone
She lays eggs for gentlemen
Eleven twelve dig and delve
Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
Thirteen fourteen maids a courting
Higgeldy piggeldy my black hen
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Fifteen sixteen maids in the kitchen
Simple Simon met a pieman
The mouse ran up the clock
Seventeen eighteen maids in waiting
The Queen of Hearts made some tarts all on a summer's day
Nineteen twenty my plate's empty
Cackle cackle Mother Goose
Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross

Rock-a-by baby on the tree top
When the bough bends the cradle will rock
When the bough bends the cradle will fall
Down will come cradle baby and all

Hang on my darling
Hang on my darling
Hang on my darling
It's nearly time to go

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes

The Tinker's Prayer (1985)

Sweet woman light, won't you come on down
Over the fields into the ground
See you carrying chill'n in your arms
Sheaves of wheat keep us from harm
Sweet mama come on to me, there's coal in the house, it's plain to see
Who you was a thinking whose it to be?
When was the time that you gave it all to me?
You may remember me, I do you
Popped from behind a stone a while back
Something tells me you've not changed at all
Something tells me we've both changed worlds
The colour of your skin, the shade of your eye
The way you tipped your hat
Nothing at all and everything
That's what it's all about
That's what it's all about

Palm to palm sat at this sunrise again
On my knees brow a sweating rain
Mercy mercy these folks all around
They don't see a Tinker thinker they see a clown
Come on down to me again
Like when I was a child I knew it then
Didn't know where I'd be
But I hoped it wouldn't be here
Pick up on the pace a bit
Got to get myself together
Lost in this sea of days
It's like swimming in lather
You don't know this agony
Like I don't know your pain
We can't use a family ticket
If we catch different trains
And I'm thinking in this place of mine
About what I've seen and done
Faces in wilderness places
Where once I saw it all began
Where once I saw it all began

Where do I stand where do I go now?
Up the road or sat where I am
Only place seems I can look for help
Is inside this head of lunatic selves
Still I'm thinking "Where are you?"
You don't know what I need but I'm sure you do
Here's for a poor suffering clown
Don't mope around, fuck right out of town
Loading up my cart of mirrors
Pots and pans, violas, zithers
Look inside, see yourself a thousand-fold
Before when our world was at war
With it's own
With it's own
With it's own fingers
Tinker's Prayer went up like a light
Gave the God's quite a fright
Tinker's Prayer went up like a light
Gave the Gods quite a fright
Gave the Gods quite a fright

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