Saturday, 17 December 2011


I saw you mitting fitting pitting
Your mind against the mighty foe that ain't there
Ain't it due for some scare
I saw you wrestle in the dark
In you park of indigo delights
And Alice she danced there too
And it ain't a case of wasting
Mine or anybody else's favorite trials
Feel the need so good it bleeds
Come on in for some clues
And when I find my rune
Encrusted with the sun and moon
And you'll be there and you'll barely see
Look at me a head of gourd
I'll take what I can afford
But the flowers
They are for free
I danced with you beneath
A transcendental moon halo of a rainbow
Feel the need so good it bleeds
Come on in for some clues
So ride from your far country
Ride the lion and drink honey
And you're free
You're free

Red Shoes

I met a girl
She's got red shoes
I met a girl
She kicked the blues
All over the place
She's a rag-tail muffin girl
She's a trespassing angel
And she'll walk all over you

I met a martian
I was hitching a ride
He gave me some shoes
And a guitar slides
All over the place
And the wheels go round and round
Seems the best place to catch an orchard
Is on the sun's rise

Pack of cards
And the day's on fire
I may be strange
But it'll take you higher
Look over the hill
See what's coming our way
The coins are in the air
And the reasons all are there
Yes it's so

I met a girl
She's got red shoes
I met a girl
She kicked the blues
All over the place
She's a speeding queen on ice
You can't take her anywhere
She'll steal the food from beneath your nose
Yes she will


If you go
I will follow
Make a way
We will come
I strode ahead
Looked behind
Saw the million hordes

And you know
That passage on through
The golden door
Endless paths
All merge into one
How it is so

How to be
It does not matter
Come as you are
Does not mind
Open heart
Open mind
Travel on
We go together

And you know
That passage on through
The golden door
Endless paths
All merge into one
How it is so


When the walls of the temple
Are cast to the ground
And light shines through the ruins
When the form decays
To leave no trace
That is the time of re-doing

And the sun is shining
Casting rays throughout the Universe
And everything goes on as before
The slip of light has pierced the very
Heart and soul of you
Take a look
Open up your door

At first you may find it a little curious
Just let go to the feeling
Describe a circle your arms outstretched
Learn to feel this healing
La la la

Send the suns rays into the earth
And round a round a round around a turning
The moon will shine her light upon you
As 'round the stones we are revolving

Become a tribe of many lifes
A round a round a round a round evolving
The moon will shine her light upon you
As 'round the stones we are returning
La la la

Send the seeds into the ground
Send the seeds into the ground
It's a holy holy holy sound
Send the seeds into the Earth
Send the seeds into the Earth
You know you know you know it's worth

Don't 'cha don't cha don't cha know
We gotta sow sow sow sow
And don't 'cha don't 'cha don't 'cha know
We gonna grow grow grow grow

la la la

And the sun is shining
Casting rays across the Universe
And everything goes on as never before
The slip of light has pierced the very
Heart and sould of you
Take a look
Open up your door

A year gone

Love is knocking on the cellar door
Love is rolling in the casks
Love is running like water from our ears
Love in the mould is cast
All our veins should just warm to it's touch
Unblock the block you won't admits there
All we do need is some good company
Is this so much so much

You with yer blonde hair and painted eyes
Moving in and out and up and round and down
Taking care oh kindred kind
Taking care over me
Worry not for your little brothers dreams
Though his path be tattered and torn
I may be a ghost but I'm a pretty good host
Just come on in and see

It's a year gone so quick so cold
Since any embrace of warm
And though she was here she was every every everywhere
But from those rags I've torn
Something you could call independance
But it's really only a scrap
Of what is all
Of what is all
Of what is all
Is me

Bag of stones (Re-rework in progress) I may or may not have original somewhere

It's a restless farewell to whom it may concern
Without parallel or justification
It's a message from me to you through the wave of thought
As clear as clear can be in this air
And these gratifications that we give to each other
Are easily cast aside
And forgotten beneath the rubble of old houses
We used to live inside

So here I have a bag of stones
Old ancient as diamonds
I will give to those who use them freely
Or those whose eyes tell me so:

One for the man who brought me here
When staggering in from the cold
All for the stone that is so much a stone
As you know stone it is most old
One for the painter
One for the poet
One for the clown
These people sow it
One for the builder
One for the break
And one for he who can hear every snake
One for the no one
One for us all
One for lost laughters
Behind a wall
One for Death
And one for stealth
One fore and hereafter in spiritual wealth
One in the fountain
One to make stars
None for those who people never chance far
Three to make jewels
And most dear grace
Nine for the man with the jar
And his painted remnant face

The Winged Man

Heaven knows why but he saved us from the furnace
We mistreated his kind we stained his need to see

Heaven knows why
People will fly
Memories will die
The Winged Man he cried

Melting above he drew his energy from below
And seeing the sun he knew he had to go


-Can you hear the voices hear the voices around you
And the echo of the voices hear them too
Play on

Seething below the man was a wreck of invention
And we brought him down just like a crash landing


He was too far ahead for us here so he flew
Back to the sun where he's working on something new


'Bin Long

It's been a long time since I been down with my friends
It's been a long time since I been down with them

It's been a long time since I been down to the sea
It's been a long time since you been with me

Here we are sat on this raft together
Yes blowing in the wind
Maybe westwards maybe eastwards
Maybe no place at all

Morning Blues

Hello to you morning
Hello to you day
Spend the night in wondering
There where I lay
There where I lay
Without you beside me
I have to be alone
Want you back again oh babe
Don't let it show
Oh don't let it show

Goodbye night time's cowl
I'd wrapped myself in dark
When all the living moving things
I could hear and hark
I could hear and hark
But you were not among them
And so I sing this song
Want you back again oh babe
Don't let it be long
Oh don't let it be long

Just the way I feel tonight

Either I'd been dreaming
Or I'd been sleeping something awful wierd
My head was humming
There was an ache in my ears
Somewhere a dog was howling and
It stuck it's head in the sand
Somewhow I wondered was it all worth while
Can you follow that strand?
Dee de dee
Da da dee do
Da da da
Dee doo
While you sit there lying
The rest of us lie here
Shitting it out
At least I suppose that's what we're meant to do
If you know what I mean
Somewhere another dog was howling
And it spat and cursed my name
Point to the reason and the central fact
If you follow that vein
So I walked out over sullen sour surroundings
Hoping somewhere there might be a clue
Almost a hero
Almoast alive
You take a bit
And fake alot more
Hold on to what you deplore
And if it's any consolation
There is no room for jubilation
And I don't know if I'm wrong or right
It's just the way I feel tonight

Around this fire

We remember now
What lies in these atoms
What force of no seen
Has it's dimensions here
Hark a horn is blowing
It's notes follow us down
To this place where we are
And dream
Ourselves a Land
Where we would care to be
Where by methods strange we are met again
I remember you
No I don't know when we just know
Would you care to know?
Around this fire
Temple of happiness
Each rare each exquisite moment
Displays keys that only we can know
Now they dangle before our eyes

Whatever you are whatever you do

Jacob T. Blackmore stood at the centre of the road
The dust from the Buick smarts him so he shifts his load
Suitcase held in his sweating right hand
He needs his quick left free to shield his eyes from the Sun
What had his clear Lady Mrs. B said that morning
Before his irrational hitch East?
High may you be, may you prosper
May a fair wind blow on your cheek

Who was that mystery face that I dreampt or hallucinated last night?
Jacob has been wondering about her alright
He knew it wasn't a fault seeing these things at all
It's just that once in every so often you get someone who can see visions
It's just that once in every so often a bit of bleeding heart breaks to diamond
What is so frequently jet black anger is what we have longed
Ancestral voices from the insane
Why is Jacob's mind totally flipped sideways again
Is it the cocaine?

Tired of wasting time his nose felt for another line
Jacob saught the powder white courtrooms of justice
There he knew he was alone
For his body made a groan
And all the people sitting round were no good
They'd already been sold to poor dealers
What does it take when you've got this far and you can't turn back
Keep your arch straight and your eye to the crack
Pay attention to what the wise earthworm says
You don't loose wisdom if you ain't got a head
Said the sparrow

As he sat on his pack rolling a joint in his lap
Jacob's mind transcends the dusty road where he's at
He could feel there was someone there
A voice that had got lost on the air
Someone saying ever so softly things that he just loved to hear
And you know what they say?
They say there'll be other days
Days have come and days have changed and days will come again
Your body and your feeling will soar past you soon
I am that Martian from the Disney cartoon
And I want you to listen to me

There she sat thin beautiful detatched
Her shining hair and long dark eyes were an eeiry match
He knew she'd been calling him
Could it be real would she let him in
Something so infinatly wise smiled in her charming ice blue eyes
And she said
Ah it's all right rest your aching head on my breasts tonight
You can't have me I am not of human kind
But you show me what you want to find
And I'll show you what you want to see

Jacob spent the night in martian arms
Which opened into many seas of calm colours in motion
He could feel her breathe was his own
Surely more people than that should have know
For the first time in his life a young hung up hitcher became the hero of himself
-And that's important
Don't be deceived by those who would tell you any thing
Deceived be don't by that which is you is you ain't who
And while you're wondering who young Jacob resembles
Spare a thought for us all we are ensemble

Whatever you are
Whatever you do
Do not worry
I am one too

Cunning and Tricks

There was a train coming in to my borderlands
And it looked like it was pretty full
It was loaded with many crates much cargo
Through which I had to shift
And though it isn't really permitted
I'd of been thankful for some help
And I don't recall anyone laughing
And I don't recall
Looking you in the eye

Now the world of work
And partying
Opened up it's mouth to me
I took a look and spat out a tooth
Turned around so lonely
And I don't recall anyone laughing
And I don't recall
Looking you in the eye

Of the seven white knights
That I met on the road
Only one turned his head to me
He opened his mouth and the words just fell out
While he waved his sword in the air
But he spoke in rhymes and riddles
And I couldn't catch any he said
Just then a dove flew out from above
And I fainted there where i stood

Now it's a real hang
To have so many plans
But not the bullet to start with
I'll take my leave just as soon as I please
I just wish someone would understand
And I don't recall anyone laughing
And I don't recall
Looking you in the eye

We know you well

I saw you dosing in your room last night
You thought you were racing but your face it was white
I'd like to make you but the wall's in the was
I'd like to take you but your drifting away
And we know you well
We know you well

Wise master sat at your desk in school
Who are you kidding?
Who's the fool
You like to push pens in the wisdome of your years
Don't you know yet that your mind is full of fears
And we know you well
We know you well

Wisdom of ages is there in your head
Would you use it or abuse it instead
**********research line************
Universe in your hand how does that make you feel?
And we know you well
We know you well

Thursday, 15 December 2011


When we were young
We saw the faces
And friends from the stars
Built the Earthworks with us
And energy ran through
The Earth's sacred surface
Messages ran from star to star


All you can see
All you can be
All that is now
All that's to come
And all that means something
All that's inside
All that you covet
All that you hide



Can she be?
Can she see?
Saintly lady by the water
Feintly feiry Fisher's daughter

And you see
Nothing is as it is
Nothing is as it ought to be
And you see
It's back to where we began
Back so far you're out in front again
It's time

Born you were meant to be
Born into the family

Skipjack Lad

Skipjack Lad who are you
With your ice blue eyes and teeth so new
You're everything to me you're a fish
And you're out of sight

You hold your own when the storm's fierce around you
Yes you hold your own in the storm
You're pretty neat you hold your own

You don't need strings to hold you up
You got everything in a brown paper cup
You're ok

Curly blonde hair and a floppy straw hat
We all know why we call you that
And you know

Step back like an ammonite
You make the whole family up tight
When they're in making arguaments
Your out
Fishing in your mind
As you say it's all in the mind

Pieces of eight have been falling of late
Onto your head or off rooves as slate
You're not sure what to make of it, are you

The people you know all say be yourself
But they're only themselves when it's going well for them
Oh yes, you think of motes and planks don't you

Your world is in a box and from that box
Comes lots and lots of noise
Lots of noise and no toys

You missed the bus, this you know
But then there was no bus to show
Was there? Nope!

Skipjack lad
Are you ever coming back?
Skipjack lad

Shaman's Blues

Don't you ever wonder
Don't you ever Feel
Don't you ever look into the dark night
Wondering what it might be
Wondering what it might be

Snake he round your waist
Sweat upon your brow
Dionysis is moving
And we all know how
We all know how

Shaman's blues

We had to go through it
Maybe we saw misty
You brought so much about
Electric shaman man
Electric shaman man

Cosmos in your head
Lifetime in a dream
Spirits they watch you
Revolution man
Evolution of man
Woh woh woh!

You're comin' in (Don't think all words here yet)

Can you see me make out my form
You can see my body but you can't see me at all
Whispering winds on the outreach
Say that you're on the make
Are you comin' in?

Julie was seventeen
But her mind had gone out for tea
She did'nt want to spare the time
But she found she couldn't draw the line
She spent nights and nights wondering
About an old stoned world
But now she's free
And she's comin' in

Walking with no shoes on
Some say it's a sin
Often as not it's raining
But it's all right you can come in
You'll find what you thought was murky dark mires
Is really a pillar to help you climb higher
Are you coming in?

And it's a long long slide
Down the rainbow bridge
But we can get there by sundown
If you want to go

The Sidewalk Song

Well I don't care what you're wearing
I don't give a damn
But tell me where you 'bin boy
'Cos I don't know who I am*
Am the sun don't shine for you
It shines for me

* Second time line reads
''Cos I'm lost in strawberry jam'

It's a Blue Sky don't hold no Rain

We came across some bones of men
Scattered in the rust
So many good souls turned to dust
Within these shattered husks
And these people had worn jewels
And their heads had been held high
Speckled foreheads touched the sky
Behold the sparkling in their eyes

Don't you know it's a blue sky don't hold no rain
Don't hold your love in vain
'Cos we've still got some loving to do

Some time ago the white man came
Bringing bible, books and sword
Bound them up in twining cords
In the name of their great Lord
They slew down the Aztec, Inca, Ibu, Masai
Now we hide in concrete lies
To my Mammon side I cry

What have we done
To the Mother Goddess Gaia?
Why can't we nessle in her
Warm aching bosom?

Just a little drop of rain
Just a little drop of rain
Just a little drop of rain
Come bless this land again
(repeat x3)

Now the world's a spinning ball
Two thirds with none to eat
So while we chew our scrawny meat
Can you hear those big bells bleat?

What have we done to
The Mother Goddess Gaia
Why can't we nessle
In her warm aching bosom

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rocksteady Boat

If you have lost what you had gained
Was there something found when you made that change?
Sea of sorrow is deep and wide
No one gets to the other side
Compass broke but we got the stars
God willing we'll get that far

Sea of rage and sea of pain
Stormy seas, thunder lightening and rain
Smell the salt like I smell the fear
Ain't no homely place that's near
I sang my song until I cried
When no one sung me a lullaby

(Chorus x 1)

Dippin' in the waves up upon the prow
I got here only God knows how
Ship's company is the ship of fools*
I only hope that they thought this through
Cutting up the main like a crystal knife
Sailing for love through the day and night

It's a rock, rocksteady boat
See you coming, the only thing left afloat
When all else was floundering, you stayed upright
When all else was beneath the waves you sailed through the night
And you are sailing to me across the shining sea


*Toying with the line being

'Ship's company are the eponymous fools'

But by my using a clever word in order to not use same word twice, we might miss out on
the alliteration and rhyming advantages in matching 'ship' with itself.

Monday, 5 December 2011


There is a sound which has no ring at all
There are some times when sorrows are filled with joy
Earth and sky, one human cry
Wrent from throat of mine

And what of this sound that quakes vibrations none
The silent voice which echoes and then is done
And what words strike strange chords
Speaking in heart of mine

We had made a secret vow
And now it comes to light

Around the sun were gliding the angels of light
Beneath the Earth prayed denizens jewelled might
Take this gem, here and then
Never here at all

I came to my senses a-lying on the grass
Discovering through Heaven's dark I had passed
Sand and sea, mystery
Ebbing in eye of mine

Meaness City

Meaness City ain't gonna take it
Meaness City
meaness City ain't gonna take it
Meaness City
Ain't gonna take it
Ain't gonna take it
Ain't gonna take it

Hitch down the road in an old Ford truck
To the heart of Meaness City
Where the Shepherd meets with Lady Luck
And finds sadness and whores and pity

And eventually he's dragged down there with 'em
'Cos he just didn't know the right people
That's the way it goes in the number one hole
That's the norm in Meaness City

Wild wild wild living
Child child child your'e sinning
Wild wild wild women
Children of the night assemble
Master's calling you together now!

Meaness City
Meaness City

Wanted to be a Singer (1982)

Wanted to be a singer
In a rock and roll band
Back home where my Zodiac lay
Wanted everyone to follow in my footsteps
See like me and be a part of my creation
Wanted the whole Universe to follow
Especially my guitar and room to practice in
Wanted everything so shiny
With respects to you

Ooh I've wondered
Ooh I've wondered
Ooh I have wondered
Just what's going on

And she breaks like a little child

Summer '83

Did you ever get around
Smoking posies in the round?
Did you ever get to see
The Rainbow effect left on me?

De da doo doo
De da doo doo
De da dee

Can we see?
Can we be?
Do we always have to sit
In this uncomfortable position?
Is it more than we could ask for?
I don't know I'll ask my Ma.

Will we ever get out of here?
Will we ever see the same old faces?
Will we ever finish our mission
To the Sun?

Lady Eirie

Lady Eirie
Lady Eirie
You were here long before we were
Stars and suns your birth
Flowers form from your astral trail
You are one you are us and what is more
You are the Earth
You were here long before
Man and his bombs

Come around
Come around
The seasons turn into one
Life is more than this
Life is more that television
More than this
More than international tension
Step in from the outroads
You're coming in on us now

Indian Summer
Indian Summer
Won't you take me home
When the sun comes shining
Many a bright tommorow
Won't you take me home

Headed for a fall (1984)

If you should go down to Glastonbury Town
Beware Lady. Beware
There's folks an times and things going on
Would make sounds of old horns blown again

What was that sound of old horns you might say?
There the sound of a new dawn sounding in the new day
That's today what did I say
that's today not tommorow.

When you were out walking late on the road
On your own in the dark
You imagined there was a stranger behind
You didn't hear him
He didn't talk

What was that sound, did your mind just play a trick?
Was that the sound of death's trigger go click

Was that you dying, there on the cross?
Was that you crying, what was the loss?

Tightropes and demons at midnight
Your mind's a dark claw I know
We must just get ourselves together a moment
Or are we headed for a fall?

Silver Ships on the Sea (1984)

Winter's call is calling
Through the leaves
You can hear the russling sounds saying
Free me please
Said the seventh angel standing
Amid the trees
Please come taste our simple wines
Please come to your rest

All along the stone strewn causeway
Serpents coil and hiss
Beckoning and whispering
Bowing for the kiss

Come down to the sea
At dawn with me
Our boat is a bobbing and a rocking on the waves
How is it you look at me, is it how I you?
Are we agreed on our journeys being long due?

And so the end
Was only the beginning
I rose to catch the sun
But found it missing
Lonliness oh loneliness
My only guide
A boat a-bobbing
Way out on the tide

Distanced recognition (1981 or 2)

I got a distanced recognition
Of a girl that you might know
I've got a permanent erection
I hope it doesn't show

Ooh-ee Moma, someone's on my tail
She's got everything that looks good on her
Boy I could take that girl

The Lecher

Lecher moves his fingers creeping
Greezy mind and eyes like fire
Don't you just want to know him?
Really I don't think you want to try

Grooving on down the highway

Grooving on down the highway
I really did'nt want to know
When four square tons of groceries
Appeared there in the road

Wham bam thankyou Mam
Federal State Interjam
Waiting for an hour or two
Got to find my way to the other side of here

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Song Index. (*Indicates text present in Pook)

Sidewalk Song
West Wind Blowing
Wanted to be a Singer*
Images of You
Johnny Wake Up*
The Lecher
Coping with the runs in Mexico Blues*
Grooving on down the Highway*
Cunning and Tricks
Headed for a Fall*
Summer '83*
Distanced Recognition*
All You have to do is Say
Whatever You Are Whatever You Do
She's Beautiful*
It's a Blue Sky don't hold no Rain
Young Light*
The End my Friend
Wanted to tell you then
Silver Ships on the Sea*
Take me home
Cordelia Dreams
Grass Song**
The Last day of May*
The Centre of the Cyclone*
We know you well
Wear a Feather in your Hat*
The Dark, the Ring, the Knowledge*
The Tinker's Prayer*
Are you coming in?
Shaman's Blues
Just the way I feel Tonight
Fire Burning Fever
He Knows Time
Morning Blues
Meaness City*
Bartley Sunrise*
Stirrin' Memories
All or Nothing
Timechild's Goldmine* ?
Don't let it pass you by*
Skipjack lad
Crazy Mandy*
Bag of Stones
Finale (When we were Young)
Set the Marks*
Sweet Lady of May*
Wild Time
A year gone
Okie Stomp
'Bin Long
Bluetail Fly
Two Simple People
Pickin' and Choosin'
Og Bog Boogie
The Winged Man
Lady Eirie*
Red Shoes
Cosmic Drive
The Colours Run
Castrol GTX a go go
The Earth Mother's Daughter's Dance
Gather Round
Gazelle/Gypsy at the Masque
Diamond Rain
Mystic Land
Willow Weavers
Tribal Zig-zag
The Queen's Dream
How now holy cow
Pixie's Jinx
Pixie People
Coming at you now
Born of Stars
Corn Keys
Voices of a Future
The Freaks shall Inherit the Earth
Broken Eagle
An End to War
People are making a change
I hold the candle near
The Scorpion and the Tomato
The Most Pink
When all around is broken
Old Mick
For the Land and Liberty
Midnight Blue
A Dog called Karma
Flouride in the Water*
The Loyal Arthurian Warband
Earth Equation
Cosmic Door ?
Supermarket Kid
Mama's Blues
Cats of Magmu*
Key to the Gates*
My Elusive Muse*
I remember Blue*
Black Shamrocks*
Find the Rhyme
Lost Troubadours*
Seven Stones*
Desecrating Soldier's Hill*
The Forgotten Few*
Trumpets of Tara*
Terror Machine*
Twist of a Song
Newbury and Beyond*
Twyford Down*
Though this is True*
Battered and Blue*
Tom Paine*
Jack Cade*
Tony Blair*
Why are we Fighting in Afghanistan?*
Rainbow Centre*
Shaman's Curse
The Pixie's Recruiting Drive Song*
Treasures of the Heart*
Kosen Rufu*
Christian Crusaders*
Green Man
The Cause of War*
No Sense of Remorse*
Allons aux Vendanges
You are the Key*
The Mariner's Three*
I'll meet you there*
You don't know who I am*
Oh my Daddy Oh*
Ruins of Cezerals*
Andrew Treneere Harvey*
Who am I?*
Come forth all ye Bards*
Codex Blues*
Flashing before my Eyes*
Chevalier Templier*
Nothin' at All*
Dead Dog Blues*
The Apple of God*
By my Name you Shall Know me*
Ex from Hell*
Calling Captain Okano!!*
Rose on Lewes Road*


To what Primal Power?*
Sumer*(In Epos Propaganudum)
Ancient Warriors*
Lament for Tara*
Avalon by Coracle*
The Pook of Pok*(needs correction)
The Book of Bok*
Le Cri de Melusine* (in an email)
Gwyn ap Nudd
Goatborg Unbound**
True Kings*
Wearyall Hill*
Niberu Attacks*

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chevalier Templier

Garde de-Jerusalem

Qui etaitent les Chevalier Templier?
Les Tempete-Troupiers du paysan sacre
Plus riche que le Vatican
Dans les robes blanc avec le croix rouge
Accuse de repudier Christ et le croix degrader
Extermine au trieze Octobre Trieze-Mille-Sept
Par les machinations de religion et Etat

Garde de-Jerusalem

A-t-il partager dans le puissance mystique et practic
Le savoir de trouve dans l'Est dans le paysans Levantine
Un centre de connaisence plus sage de l'Ouest
Qui, avec un attitude superieur mais ignorant
Prefere fait le guerre avec pour le terretoire

Ils a certainement apprendre le savoir de astrology et astronomie
Les skills navigational et le connaisence geomantique
D'un architecture divine, evident encore dans leurs batiments qui reste
Ils ont les soldats mystique, un Ordre qui, comme les Samurai de Japon
Connaitent l'art de guerisse aussi que l'art de le guerre

Ils avient le savent apothecarique du properties des plantes pour produire
Le medecine et aussi, quelque temps, le poison
Ils etient un ennemie formidable avec grande puissance et intelligence
Et posseder leur memes chateau, pays et portes du mer
Ils ont tres astute et inventant le systeme de banke moderne
Et devenu tres tres riche
Naturellement, ils faitent le Roi et l'Eglise plein de peur
Ces ennemies du Templier a prepare un grande coup pour cherche et tuer toutes
Les Chevailiers en Europe

Garde de-Jerusalem

Le derniere maitre de l'Ordre etait appelle Jaques Molay
Quand il etait apprendu dans le coup,il etait rolir lentement a mort
Mais, pendant cet torture, Molay fait un improcation sur son antagoniste
Que le Roi Phillipe le Bel et Pope Clement fait, avec lui-meme,
Un account eux-memes en avant de Dieu
Avant un annee etait passe, son deux oppresseurs rencontre le mort

Garde de-Jerusalem

Monday, 7 November 2011


Chateau sur le haut roche dans le departement d'Aude. Tellement vieux et delabre. Tellement plein de contes. Combien de gens a vie et la mort dedans ces murs et l'environs? Et qu'est ce que le mystere qu'impregner le paysans de Cathare?

Je suis un mystere
Je suis le histoire
Je suis le conte cache
De Cathares en Languedoc

Le grande roya jusquele forteresse de Montsegur etait assieger pour dix moins par l'armee dans le paie du Pope et l'Eglise Catholique.
L'objectif du Vatican etait detruire les derniere gens qui croient pas le doctrine de l'Eglise ce Jesus a mort sur le croix pour notre peche; et plutot, crachient sur le croix et paients pas de taxe.

Je suis un mystere
Je suis le histiore
Je suis le conte cache
De Cathares en Languedoc

J'ai entendu un histoire curieux qui passe juste en avant de le capitulation et tombe de Montsegur.
Quatre hommes Cathares echappents par faitents descendre avec les cordes longues, centaines et centaines de metres en bas le visage verticalement de leur Montagne.
Ils echapperents avec quelque chose peut etre mysteriouse, certainement inconnu, un tresor avec sufit d'importance tenir dans le chateau jusque le derniere moment possible.
Nous connaisons que il etait le temp du l'equinox du Printemps et les Cathares a arrange un deux semaine treve. Au fin de cet treve, ils faisients un celebration festive, probablement compris d'un rituel puissant.
Besion, le chaque jour, les reste de les defenseur ne pas se retracter et etaients arracher dedans le piste de la falaise et etaients bruler au font de la Montagne.

Je suis un mystere
Je suis le histoire
Je suis le conte cache
De Cathares en Languedoc

Qui etaients les gens perdus dans cet genocide Albigensian de Languedoc?
Personne connaits vraiment, mais ils habitents avec un culture floriture et hautement. Ils y a plein de poesy, philosophie, tolerance religieux et les principles de l'amour de la Court.
Donc, pouquoi ce le Pope etait pretendre a dit "Tuer les toutes, Deu recogni son memes"?

Je suis un mystere
Je suis le histoire
Je suis le conte cache
De Cathares en Languedoc.

Dead Dog Blues

Dead dog
Dead dog lying in the road
Dead dog
Dead dog lying in the road
You know I love that doggie
Ooh Lord goodness knows

So sad
Won't hear your bark no more
So sad
Won't hear your bark no more
I buried your bones
Right outside my door

So long
So long but you're not gone
So long Johnnie
So long but you're not gone
Got your skeliton, Johnnie
Tattooed on my arm



Bucharech, mountain of peace
Bucharech, wonderous peak

(Sing all verses twice through)

How high the sky?
How deep the sea?

Sacred forms inside the stone
Patterns of beyond are shown

Lightning flashes all around
Electrical magnetic mound

Listen when ancestors teach
At Bucharech their spirits reach

Climb the mount and turn the key
Activate the mystery

How high the sky?
How deep the sea?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

By my name you shall know me

Sure footed were our steeds at the Battle of the Trees
I am Math of Mathonwey son of Amaethon if you please
I fought the King of Annwn to steal his Roe and Hound
I taught magic to Gwydion who guessed the name of Bran

By my name you shall know me
You shall know me by my name

My people were the people of the Goddess named Danu
The Tuatha de Danaan warriors brave and true
Bronze age Pelasgians expelled from ancient Greece
Who found themselves in Ireland though their numbers had increased

Gwydian is my brother my father's name is Don
Danu is our mother the Goddess three in one
At this battle of Cad Goddeu we won the secret name
Past Cerebus the three head dog he who guards the gate

I was first boy Gwion told to stir the cauldron
A potion for Afagddu him intelligent to make
He was the son of Ceredwin the sow Goddess I fear
Three hot drops got on my tongue I got right out of there

She chased me as a greyhound when I fled fleet as a hare
Salmon in the stream I became she as Otter followed me there
I shot up as a Wren as a Hawk she closed on me
So I became a grain of wheat very foolishly

An odd grain in her farmyard she as chicken ate me down
And there in her belly I did grow 'til nine months it came round
Twice-born and by Elphin found I made the court bards burble
I Taliesin shining brow outshone them as a child

I have been in an uneasy chair above the Spiral Castle
That Arthur raided drunkedly from where came back but seven
I have been at Glastonbury with Gwyn and his red eared mastiffs
My head spoke from Tower Hill 'til Arthur put his there

Crow-God am I and my sister's name is Bronwen
I was a King-Hero in England Wales and Ireland
I met Mananan on the ocean with his Crane-Bag full of letters
Then sailed to Electric Lady Island to make me feel better

I knew Fionn McColl who sucked his thumb in wonder
Adventurous son of a Hazel-God you see he was able
Glittering sprigs of Alder I bear on my shield and in my hand
So it was quick witted Gwydion knew my name was Bran

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nothin' at All

When I went a-walking in the early morning light
I spied my own true love
She was a-walking in a pretty little dress
Looking like a turtle dove
Looked in my pockets, what did I see, not much there at all
It's lucky for me she likes my songs
'Cos I ain't got so much more

I ain't got nothing
Ain't got nothing at all
I ain't got nothing
But I ain't got so far to fall

He ain't got nothing
He nearly got nothing at all
He ain't got nothing
But he aint got far to fall

So I buttoned my hair and I combed my shirt
Feeling like a total misfit
She pierced me down right through the soul
I thought that I might have missed it
But then she smiled with that look in her eye
And it turned my mind around
I said a quick prayer for the welfare state
'Cos I almost got nothing at all


Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot
Papa keep on trucking, give it all you got
When the cards are down you'e the one around
Sneaking around midnight when no one's around
Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot

Walking with my baby all down that ancient way
Walking with my baby, Lord come what may
You know that I love you true
Even though it's hard and there's much to do
Walking with my baby all down that ancient way

Come on Grandma, let's go round the bend
Come on Grandma, we'll make it in the end
It's up to us on the magic bus
Made to please on the flying trapese

So all you gentle good people running round
With your cheque books in your hand
Who pays the bill when the money you made
Is chewing up all of this land
I nearly got nothing, not much at all
But I don't sell my soul when I earn
'Cos when I fall, I don't fall far
And I won't crash and burn

I ain't got nothing...

Ex from Hell

Ex from Hell, Ex from Hell
I just got a letter from an Ex from Hell
Ex from Hell, she wants to tell me
Again and again, what a wanker I've been

Speaking as a tosser and a wanker and a twat
I thought I'd taint your ears and tell you that
An Ex from Hell is never out to please
But never never go down on your knees

Ten good years it was ago
But some things move very slow
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Make your head rattle make your guts tight

Ex from Hell I owe her cash
It was my mistake I was acting rash
Ex from Hell she stuck her nails in me
Did I truly cause her all this misery?

Ex from Hell I got to pay her back
Take your money Princess from a Pauper Rat
I'm sitting on the shitter writing this song to you
Ex from Hell, what else do you think I'd do?

Flashing Before My Eyes

Of all the people I have known
All the situations life has shown
Of all the times I couldn't even cry
Of all the nagging questions asking me why
I see them all flash before my eyes
All of the emotions take off their disguise
And leave me floating on my own
In the place that only I have known
And I'm not proud and I'm not wise
I'm just waiting for the sunrise

I am not disempowered
Though I never felt too secure
I can see the jelly in the hard ones
And I know there is a cure
But I'm lying here in a haze
My mind is moving inside my own maze
And this labyrinthe is the film of my own life
And I may not be the type
But when my power comes I'll take up and fly
But now I'm waiting on the sunrise

Oh Lord I don't know if I can make it
Oh Lord hoiw long is it taking?

I'm shaking with it now
And the memories are very powerful
Friends have come and gone and some have turned to dust
They say do what you can do, they say do what you must
And I fragmentize as I gaze into the past
The future's a kaleidescope changing very fast
Faces I have known, faces to appear
I'm seeking for a guidance vision speaking very clear
And as I'm whirling round this Universe, much to my surprise
It's a beautiful sunrise
(Even on a rainy day
Even with clouds in the way)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

2011 07 13 budhafield

2011 07 13 budhafield

2011 07 13 budhafield

2011 07 13 budhafield

2011 07 13 budhafield

2011 07 13 budhafield

Monday, 30 May 2011

Friday, 13 May 2011

The Apple of God

Once inside a garden God put a seed into the ground
He nurtured it with rain and sun the whole year round
This garden was a hilltop, there grew an apple tree
It's fruit was very succulent, it was God's industry

And God saw the apple was good for men
And as the years turned the apples grew again
The apples grew a plenty there was enough to go round
As more apple trees grew when the fruit fell to the ground

God saw for many years that man was well supplied
Yet man was rather greedy and never satisfied
In an orchard paradise we felt we needed more
And so it was that man first conspired to make a war

To bring the war machines to life we chopped down many trees
And when we made destruction well some of us were pleased
And some were not so pleased and some were even less
And some were not pleased at all as you might well have guessed

I walked along my special path unto my sacred tree
That apple tree that fed me when Autumn turned Wintery
I saw one apple left on the tree, one apple was all I did see
Old Bill Blake was sitting there and I sat down by he

"How the world has changed", said he "Since In wrote my poetry"
"Yes you saw it all" I said and to this he could but agree
Just then the war-machine rolled up to our spot
And Bill jumped up and we jumped on and gave it all we'd got

God cut in a lightening bolt but little more could do
And Bill and I felt we had bitten off more than we could chew
A brilliant flash, a resounding crash and we were almost gone
But the tree stood strong and it's earthly fruit shone

Then we spied on the horizon a truly dread filled sight
Legion machines of corporate might
Uranium powered with searchlights on top
Satanic mills that began to chop

All that was left after the atomic blast
Was a small sector of heaven, mostly hell burning fast
The apple of God was resting on the hill
And an eschaton cloud was moving in for the kill

I looked at the apple and suddenly knew
That all the fears I had had they were true
So I grasped the apple and planted it's seed
For it was now that we were most truly in need

And what happens next I shall leave to you
For it's only a song and it might not be true
As I speak from the future then this is a clue
Should the seed grow then we shall grow too


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Come forth all ye Bards

Come forth now all ye Bards
With truth against the world
Of mendacious lies of those
Who have turned and coiled
With venom to ensorcel men
To be less than who we are
Come forth now all ye Bards
Come forth all ye Bards

Come forth now all ye Bards
The danger is extreem
The limit is exceeded
The chalice is unclean
Men have truly lost their way
Poisoned are the trees
Come forth now all ye Bards
Cause blind minds to see

Come forth now all ye Bards
And wreathe us all in love
Of poetry that is not words
And does neither push nor shove
Itself to recognition
In the hearts of all
Come forth now all ye Bards
Lest we truly fall

Come forth now all ye Bards
Or give machines control
And cancer spread like a contagious wind
Smothering our souls
There is nothing for it
We have to play our roles
Come forth now all ye Bards
And let our tale unfold

Come forth now all ye Bards
And let us be unsprung
Let our tensions be let out
Let our song be sung
There are good and bad amongst us
Each a piece of the whole
Come forth now all ye Bards
And let the good times roll

(repeat first voice)

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Ruins of Cezerans

Broken stone testaments to lives lived up here before
Quite simply put the men were called up for the war
With the lure of the city money, the hardship of the land
This village became deserted now it's houses barely stand

Broken roofs, moss covered, fallen walls in thorny briars
Tall trees have crashed down upon where once were family fires
A sense of melancholy, a bitter taste of loss
Neon lights invited but what was the true cost?

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

The winter times in the mountains were known to be severe
Bears and Wolves were still around which brought it's own weight of fears
People worked the sunlight hours, their only food came from the land
Turnip soup with nettles and no electricity's helping hand

Taxed by distant ministries, oppression stories rich feeding on poor
Their animals, land and dwellings were what these families lived for
I recall their times to live again in rhyme
Wonder at their tenacity, would have loved to have shared their wine

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerens
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

I touch the crafted masonry and silent spirits move
Cobwebs of a former time that instil a sombre mood
Yet I also see them joyous when harvest time did bring
Food for all their children, I can almost hear their voices sing

But a persistant state of misery a sad and stifled pain
Hangs here in the forest, comes once again like rain
If I could lift that sorrow like I lift this stone
Build from all our yesterdays a way that is worth going

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

!!Calling Captain Okano!!

A Pok O' Lips was born at 20:12
That's twelve past eight in the evening
We scattered my Mother as Fukushima blew
March the Tenth in the morning (English Time)

Sunspots pulled the magma beneath the
Techtonic plates in the Pacific
We saw the tsunami on the TV and
It looked really horrific

Are we looking through a bleak portal of doom?
At a radio-active future?
Is technology really killing us
Or will we do something new yeah?

Planet Earth is hurtling back in time
Back to the womb she was born in
Got to get in rhythm with the mighty cosmic core
We're heading straight into a strange old door!



Calling out to the Rainbow Tribe
Calling across the ocean
Calling over from Britain to Japan
Can you feel this emotion?

Centering in on a prayer to heal
Straight to the heart of the problem
Music is love that can transform poison
Music is making a difference

How can we tell our nuclear industry
Is is just not that easy
We got to deal with the toxic waste
The death-cloud radiation pollution

Music is sharing a vision space
Over the oceans between us
Centre on sending a prayer of love
A transformative solution


Captain Okano I believe you
when you say so truly to me
Music can heal the land of Japan
So let's make this Rainbow because we can

There is no Japanese word for 'crisis'
'Great opportunity' is what you say
Let us go for that one right now
We will show the world to find out how

There are people from all the nations
Sending their prayer to you now
All those nations got their own Starship problems
I know a Dala-Man who can help

Astral Field Wing Commander Dave Goodman
Orbits nearby in his Mandala Spaceship
We follow his vision, these are his words:
"Music can help heal the Earth!"



Up on the hill there's still a wolftrap
Sheep in a deep hole, Wolf he jump right in
He can't get out and they stick him with spears and arrows
That's the way to deal with him

Chorus:(between each stanza)

Wolfman calling from a primaeval view
Wolfman is howling inside of you

Wolf is fear, Wolf is danger
Wolf will kill you in the middle of the night
But there's another side to the story
Wolf has his own sense of what is right

Deep in mythic story telling
Wolf is going to gobble you up
But there are people who have mingled
Wolves can accept you if you smell like them

If they get our scent of blood
Then we are his meat my friend believe me
If spilling blood is is our daily thing then
We had better watch out or we will be their tea

Wolves can keep you safe from danger
They very clever they could save your skin
They love their family, Wolves are loyal but you
Gotta be careful who eats which bit of meat!

Up on the hill there's still a Wolftrap
Sheep in a deep hole and he jump right in
He can't get out and they stuck him with spears and arrows
Is that the way to deal with him?

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Poison in the Water

Back down the corridor of power
There echoes that ghostly hour
When atomic technology came to this land
Flouride it was used, the essential key
To process the elements
Uranium to Plutonium
For bombs you see

And so the plot was complete and not withstanding hazards
Radiation came in a second rung to flouride's toxic challenge

No one knew what it did so tests were arranged
On unsuspecting citizens of Newburg, New York State

The authorities must have been pleased they kept a secret file
And to allay people's fears they gave them another picture
They said 'essential nutrient', it's so good for your health
You need it in the water, which we will do forthwith

But what was it that was hid was someone telling lies?
Though people raised their voice to ask they were vilified
The tests they were arranged and certain people paid
It seems that these tests have been going on for decades

Now it is declassified which means we get to know
And it seems someone's motives were stooping very low
They said it was so good for you but that was not the truth
Your teeth fall out your bones just rot
And all with scientific proof

It's poison fumes a toxic waste a corrosive rat-killer
It accumulates slow so tyou don't know
It's bad for brains and livers

The list goes on and on and on but nearly noone knows
And as there's been a cover-up I hope that it's exposed


So our trust turns to rust
This we must
Tell our sons
Tell our daughters
There's poison in the water

The nuclear dawn has spawned such a deadly tide
But what shall we do, keep it all inside?
Or sing and dance and act about
Those who lost their teeth
Or children who grow up with bones as brittle sticks
Deformed by toxins in the things we eat and drink
Shall we survive if we accept the lies of this deceit

It may seem stark it may seem mad and that there's no good news
But we can make the world we want only if we choose
Whatever is the cost what could be the regret
To try and live our lives to clean up this hateful mess

And even now respectable responsible people in power
The ones we have grown up to trust keep this flouride myth alive
It's doctors, dentists . statesmen, the ones in the know
Don't ask me why but they conspire to put flouride in the flow
And at what cost this act who do they think they are
If this is good authority then maybe they can go
Because if you poison the people, you'll make them very made
Do we accept docility or decide that we've been had

But that's not all
That was many years ago

Nowadays we get the scrapings from the chimneys
The carbon phosphate fertiliser industry
And this is what kind of flouride that gets to us today

And is it all for the sake of little children's dental care
I think not it is put there to dull and tame our brains
Just think of the e-numbers even you know aspartame is bad
Just think of all the industry making bucks off our complacency
But I know we are the healers I tell you the truth

So if there's any truth in this then maybe someone knows
And if there's been a cover-up then let's make sure that it's exposed

Flouride in the water
Poison in the water

Friday, 11 March 2011

Grass Song

If you are a poor boy and you got no place to go
I'll show you more things than you'll ever know
If you are a poor girl and you got no friends at all
I'll give you more friends than you'll ever know
All I ask is that our love begins to grow
Answer is that there's no problem at all

Young girl in the field and she's looking for some grass
To feed her guinea, her guinea pig
Ain't she like that lady in the poem we did back at school
Lady Oenone, that was her name
She had a love but like leaves he blew away
Could have saved Paris anytime but years of sufforing held her right at bay
Golden Apples what you say, better leave it till another day
Greed and need for the wrong things don't make it anyway my way

That it was an accident made it no easier for either his or her own parents
He in youth's unseasoned freedom saw not what they were on about
Because he'd mistrusted her
He'd only lusted her anyway
Silver bracelets on the shelf the nails he had knocked into himself
Beware beware was what he said, I watched the disease grow in his head

To you whom I sing this song outloud and for you whom it may concern
It's not that it's always so good but that it's always as it should be
Mirrors to our lives are shining high above our sheltered selves
I can't show you how to live your lives, only you can tell.

this song was written in the first half of 1984, after mesmerising myself with the guitar motif looking out of my parents window at Round Ball Hill in Honiton Devon. It is referring quite loosley to events going around me. The voice in the first verse was never supposed to be me speaking as me. On consideration now, it is the song itself that claims to bestow the gifts of wisdom and friendship.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Andrew Treneere Harvey

What is that gurt thumping noise?
It's his boots a-stomping
I met him down in St Austell
When we were more young

He taught me my first Irish songs
And usually did the singing
I was learning mandolin
Did more my own songs

Clad in black and don't look back
Playing on the banjo
Nor money nor honey does he lack
Andrew Treneere Harvey

I joined in his busking troupe
The Thieving Gypsy Bastards
With Peet Coombes God rest his soul
I hope he hears this song

Not seen Andy in so long
Wonder what he's doing
Liam says he taught him songs
And also called him Bard

He took the piss out of me
For my drama study
Andy would never enrol
Saying you don't need it

I learnt lots there but think that too
It's called autodydactic
Teaching yourself
Is a way of keeping hold of your brain

He'll get a heaving rhythm going
Banging with his feet-o
His lyrics picked for mind blowing
If your ears can hear

As well as the street busking
There was skipping too
On Old Truro Road
We had our abode


Could you call him inventive?
Would he accept creative?
Writing backwards fluidly
Is really quite a skill

Once I dreamed a dream
Of his milliput figurines
There is much more I could say
But I'll leave him a mystery


...Andrew doesnt know that I wrote this yet, I hope he doesnt mind.