Monday, 5 December 2011

Silver Ships on the Sea (1984)

Winter's call is calling
Through the leaves
You can hear the russling sounds saying
Free me please
Said the seventh angel standing
Amid the trees
Please come taste our simple wines
Please come to your rest

All along the stone strewn causeway
Serpents coil and hiss
Beckoning and whispering
Bowing for the kiss

Come down to the sea
At dawn with me
Our boat is a bobbing and a rocking on the waves
How is it you look at me, is it how I you?
Are we agreed on our journeys being long due?

And so the end
Was only the beginning
I rose to catch the sun
But found it missing
Lonliness oh loneliness
My only guide
A boat a-bobbing
Way out on the tide

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