Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bag of stones (Re-rework in progress) I may or may not have original somewhere

It's a restless farewell to whom it may concern
Without parallel or justification
It's a message from me to you through the wave of thought
As clear as clear can be in this air
And these gratifications that we give to each other
Are easily cast aside
And forgotten beneath the rubble of old houses
We used to live inside

So here I have a bag of stones
Old ancient as diamonds
I will give to those who use them freely
Or those whose eyes tell me so:

One for the man who brought me here
When staggering in from the cold
All for the stone that is so much a stone
As you know stone it is most old
One for the painter
One for the poet
One for the clown
These people sow it
One for the builder
One for the break
And one for he who can hear every snake
One for the no one
One for us all
One for lost laughters
Behind a wall
One for Death
And one for stealth
One fore and hereafter in spiritual wealth
One in the fountain
One to make stars
None for those who people never chance far
Three to make jewels
And most dear grace
Nine for the man with the jar
And his painted remnant face

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