Thursday, 15 December 2011

It's a Blue Sky don't hold no Rain

We came across some bones of men
Scattered in the rust
So many good souls turned to dust
Within these shattered husks
And these people had worn jewels
And their heads had been held high
Speckled foreheads touched the sky
Behold the sparkling in their eyes

Don't you know it's a blue sky don't hold no rain
Don't hold your love in vain
'Cos we've still got some loving to do

Some time ago the white man came
Bringing bible, books and sword
Bound them up in twining cords
In the name of their great Lord
They slew down the Aztec, Inca, Ibu, Masai
Now we hide in concrete lies
To my Mammon side I cry

What have we done
To the Mother Goddess Gaia?
Why can't we nessle in her
Warm aching bosom?

Just a little drop of rain
Just a little drop of rain
Just a little drop of rain
Come bless this land again
(repeat x3)

Now the world's a spinning ball
Two thirds with none to eat
So while we chew our scrawny meat
Can you hear those big bells bleat?

What have we done to
The Mother Goddess Gaia
Why can't we nessle
In her warm aching bosom

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