Monday, 5 December 2011

Headed for a fall (1984)

If you should go down to Glastonbury Town
Beware Lady. Beware
There's folks an times and things going on
Would make sounds of old horns blown again

What was that sound of old horns you might say?
There the sound of a new dawn sounding in the new day
That's today what did I say
that's today not tommorow.

When you were out walking late on the road
On your own in the dark
You imagined there was a stranger behind
You didn't hear him
He didn't talk

What was that sound, did your mind just play a trick?
Was that the sound of death's trigger go click

Was that you dying, there on the cross?
Was that you crying, what was the loss?

Tightropes and demons at midnight
Your mind's a dark claw I know
We must just get ourselves together a moment
Or are we headed for a fall?

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