Saturday, 17 December 2011

Whatever you are whatever you do

Jacob T. Blackmore stood at the centre of the road
The dust from the Buick smarts him so he shifts his load
Suitcase held in his sweating right hand
He needs his quick left free to shield his eyes from the Sun
What had his clear Lady Mrs. B said that morning
Before his irrational hitch East?
High may you be, may you prosper
May a fair wind blow on your cheek

Who was that mystery face that I dreampt or hallucinated last night?
Jacob has been wondering about her alright
He knew it wasn't a fault seeing these things at all
It's just that once in every so often you get someone who can see visions
It's just that once in every so often a bit of bleeding heart breaks to diamond
What is so frequently jet black anger is what we have longed
Ancestral voices from the insane
Why is Jacob's mind totally flipped sideways again
Is it the cocaine?

Tired of wasting time his nose felt for another line
Jacob saught the powder white courtrooms of justice
There he knew he was alone
For his body made a groan
And all the people sitting round were no good
They'd already been sold to poor dealers
What does it take when you've got this far and you can't turn back
Keep your arch straight and your eye to the crack
Pay attention to what the wise earthworm says
You don't loose wisdom if you ain't got a head
Said the sparrow

As he sat on his pack rolling a joint in his lap
Jacob's mind transcends the dusty road where he's at
He could feel there was someone there
A voice that had got lost on the air
Someone saying ever so softly things that he just loved to hear
And you know what they say?
They say there'll be other days
Days have come and days have changed and days will come again
Your body and your feeling will soar past you soon
I am that Martian from the Disney cartoon
And I want you to listen to me

There she sat thin beautiful detatched
Her shining hair and long dark eyes were an eeiry match
He knew she'd been calling him
Could it be real would she let him in
Something so infinatly wise smiled in her charming ice blue eyes
And she said
Ah it's all right rest your aching head on my breasts tonight
You can't have me I am not of human kind
But you show me what you want to find
And I'll show you what you want to see

Jacob spent the night in martian arms
Which opened into many seas of calm colours in motion
He could feel her breathe was his own
Surely more people than that should have know
For the first time in his life a young hung up hitcher became the hero of himself
-And that's important
Don't be deceived by those who would tell you any thing
Deceived be don't by that which is you is you ain't who
And while you're wondering who young Jacob resembles
Spare a thought for us all we are ensemble

Whatever you are
Whatever you do
Do not worry
I am one too

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