Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rocksteady Boat

If you have lost what you had gained
Was there something found when you made that change?
Sea of sorrow is deep and wide
No one gets to the other side
Compass broke but we got the stars
God willing we'll get that far

Sea of rage and sea of pain
Stormy seas, thunder lightening and rain
Smell the salt like I smell the fear
Ain't no homely place that's near
I sang my song until I cried
When no one sung me a lullaby

(Chorus x 1)

Dippin' in the waves up upon the prow
I got here only God knows how
Ship's company is the ship of fools*
I only hope that they thought this through
Cutting up the main like a crystal knife
Sailing for love through the day and night

It's a rock, rocksteady boat
See you coming, the only thing left afloat
When all else was floundering, you stayed upright
When all else was beneath the waves you sailed through the night
And you are sailing to me across the shining sea


*Toying with the line being

'Ship's company are the eponymous fools'

But by my using a clever word in order to not use same word twice, we might miss out on
the alliteration and rhyming advantages in matching 'ship' with itself.

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