Thursday, 15 December 2011

Skipjack Lad

Skipjack Lad who are you
With your ice blue eyes and teeth so new
You're everything to me you're a fish
And you're out of sight

You hold your own when the storm's fierce around you
Yes you hold your own in the storm
You're pretty neat you hold your own

You don't need strings to hold you up
You got everything in a brown paper cup
You're ok

Curly blonde hair and a floppy straw hat
We all know why we call you that
And you know

Step back like an ammonite
You make the whole family up tight
When they're in making arguaments
Your out
Fishing in your mind
As you say it's all in the mind

Pieces of eight have been falling of late
Onto your head or off rooves as slate
You're not sure what to make of it, are you

The people you know all say be yourself
But they're only themselves when it's going well for them
Oh yes, you think of motes and planks don't you

Your world is in a box and from that box
Comes lots and lots of noise
Lots of noise and no toys

You missed the bus, this you know
But then there was no bus to show
Was there? Nope!

Skipjack lad
Are you ever coming back?
Skipjack lad

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