Saturday, 17 December 2011

A year gone

Love is knocking on the cellar door
Love is rolling in the casks
Love is running like water from our ears
Love in the mould is cast
All our veins should just warm to it's touch
Unblock the block you won't admits there
All we do need is some good company
Is this so much so much

You with yer blonde hair and painted eyes
Moving in and out and up and round and down
Taking care oh kindred kind
Taking care over me
Worry not for your little brothers dreams
Though his path be tattered and torn
I may be a ghost but I'm a pretty good host
Just come on in and see

It's a year gone so quick so cold
Since any embrace of warm
And though she was here she was every every everywhere
But from those rags I've torn
Something you could call independance
But it's really only a scrap
Of what is all
Of what is all
Of what is all
Is me

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