Thursday, 20 October 2011

By my name you shall know me

Sure footed were our steeds at the Battle of the Trees
I am Math of Mathonwey son of Amaethon if you please
I fought the King of Annwn to steal his Roe and Hound
I taught magic to Gwydion who guessed the name of Bran

By my name you shall know me
You shall know me by my name

My people were the people of the Goddess named Danu
The Tuatha de Danaan warriors brave and true
Bronze age Pelasgians expelled from ancient Greece
Who found themselves in Ireland though their numbers had increased

Gwydian is my brother my father's name is Don
Danu is our mother the Goddess three in one
At this battle of Cad Goddeu we won the secret name
Past Cerebus the three head dog he who guards the gate

I was first boy Gwion told to stir the cauldron
A potion for Afagddu him intelligent to make
He was the son of Ceredwin the sow Goddess I fear
Three hot drops got on my tongue I got right out of there

She chased me as a greyhound when I fled fleet as a hare
Salmon in the stream I became she as Otter followed me there
I shot up as a Wren as a Hawk she closed on me
So I became a grain of wheat very foolishly

An odd grain in her farmyard she as chicken ate me down
And there in her belly I did grow 'til nine months it came round
Twice-born and by Elphin found I made the court bards burble
I Taliesin shining brow outshone them as a child

I have been in an uneasy chair above the Spiral Castle
That Arthur raided drunkedly from where came back but seven
I have been at Glastonbury with Gwyn and his red eared mastiffs
My head spoke from Tower Hill 'til Arthur put his there

Crow-God am I and my sister's name is Bronwen
I was a King-Hero in England Wales and Ireland
I met Mananan on the ocean with his Crane-Bag full of letters
Then sailed to Electric Lady Island to make me feel better

I knew Fionn McColl who sucked his thumb in wonder
Adventurous son of a Hazel-God you see he was able
Glittering sprigs of Alder I bear on my shield and in my hand
So it was quick witted Gwydion knew my name was Bran

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nothin' at All

When I went a-walking in the early morning light
I spied my own true love
She was a-walking in a pretty little dress
Looking like a turtle dove
Looked in my pockets, what did I see, not much there at all
It's lucky for me she likes my songs
'Cos I ain't got so much more

I ain't got nothing
Ain't got nothing at all
I ain't got nothing
But I ain't got so far to fall

He ain't got nothing
He nearly got nothing at all
He ain't got nothing
But he aint got far to fall

So I buttoned my hair and I combed my shirt
Feeling like a total misfit
She pierced me down right through the soul
I thought that I might have missed it
But then she smiled with that look in her eye
And it turned my mind around
I said a quick prayer for the welfare state
'Cos I almost got nothing at all


Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot
Papa keep on trucking, give it all you got
When the cards are down you'e the one around
Sneaking around midnight when no one's around
Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot

Walking with my baby all down that ancient way
Walking with my baby, Lord come what may
You know that I love you true
Even though it's hard and there's much to do
Walking with my baby all down that ancient way

Come on Grandma, let's go round the bend
Come on Grandma, we'll make it in the end
It's up to us on the magic bus
Made to please on the flying trapese

So all you gentle good people running round
With your cheque books in your hand
Who pays the bill when the money you made
Is chewing up all of this land
I nearly got nothing, not much at all
But I don't sell my soul when I earn
'Cos when I fall, I don't fall far
And I won't crash and burn

I ain't got nothing...

Ex from Hell

Ex from Hell, Ex from Hell
I just got a letter from an Ex from Hell
Ex from Hell, she wants to tell me
Again and again, what a wanker I've been

Speaking as a tosser and a wanker and a twat
I thought I'd taint your ears and tell you that
An Ex from Hell is never out to please
But never never go down on your knees

Ten good years it was ago
But some things move very slow
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Make your head rattle make your guts tight

Ex from Hell I owe her cash
It was my mistake I was acting rash
Ex from Hell she stuck her nails in me
Did I truly cause her all this misery?

Ex from Hell I got to pay her back
Take your money Princess from a Pauper Rat
I'm sitting on the shitter writing this song to you
Ex from Hell, what else do you think I'd do?

Flashing Before My Eyes

Of all the people I have known
All the situations life has shown
Of all the times I couldn't even cry
Of all the nagging questions asking me why
I see them all flash before my eyes
All of the emotions take off their disguise
And leave me floating on my own
In the place that only I have known
And I'm not proud and I'm not wise
I'm just waiting for the sunrise

I am not disempowered
Though I never felt too secure
I can see the jelly in the hard ones
And I know there is a cure
But I'm lying here in a haze
My mind is moving inside my own maze
And this labyrinthe is the film of my own life
And I may not be the type
But when my power comes I'll take up and fly
But now I'm waiting on the sunrise

Oh Lord I don't know if I can make it
Oh Lord hoiw long is it taking?

I'm shaking with it now
And the memories are very powerful
Friends have come and gone and some have turned to dust
They say do what you can do, they say do what you must
And I fragmentize as I gaze into the past
The future's a kaleidescope changing very fast
Faces I have known, faces to appear
I'm seeking for a guidance vision speaking very clear
And as I'm whirling round this Universe, much to my surprise
It's a beautiful sunrise
(Even on a rainy day
Even with clouds in the way)