Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nothin' at All

When I went a-walking in the early morning light
I spied my own true love
She was a-walking in a pretty little dress
Looking like a turtle dove
Looked in my pockets, what did I see, not much there at all
It's lucky for me she likes my songs
'Cos I ain't got so much more

I ain't got nothing
Ain't got nothing at all
I ain't got nothing
But I ain't got so far to fall

He ain't got nothing
He nearly got nothing at all
He ain't got nothing
But he aint got far to fall

So I buttoned my hair and I combed my shirt
Feeling like a total misfit
She pierced me down right through the soul
I thought that I might have missed it
But then she smiled with that look in her eye
And it turned my mind around
I said a quick prayer for the welfare state
'Cos I almost got nothing at all


Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot
Papa keep on trucking, give it all you got
When the cards are down you'e the one around
Sneaking around midnight when no one's around
Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot

Walking with my baby all down that ancient way
Walking with my baby, Lord come what may
You know that I love you true
Even though it's hard and there's much to do
Walking with my baby all down that ancient way

Come on Grandma, let's go round the bend
Come on Grandma, we'll make it in the end
It's up to us on the magic bus
Made to please on the flying trapese

So all you gentle good people running round
With your cheque books in your hand
Who pays the bill when the money you made
Is chewing up all of this land
I nearly got nothing, not much at all
But I don't sell my soul when I earn
'Cos when I fall, I don't fall far
And I won't crash and burn

I ain't got nothing...

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