Thursday, 20 October 2011

By my name you shall know me

Sure footed were our steeds at the Battle of the Trees
I am Math of Mathonwey son of Amaethon if you please
I fought the King of Annwn to steal his Roe and Hound
I taught magic to Gwydion who guessed the name of Bran

By my name you shall know me
You shall know me by my name

My people were the people of the Goddess named Danu
The Tuatha de Danaan warriors brave and true
Bronze age Pelasgians expelled from ancient Greece
Who found themselves in Ireland though their numbers had increased

Gwydian is my brother my father's name is Don
Danu is our mother the Goddess three in one
At this battle of Cad Goddeu we won the secret name
Past Cerebus the three head dog he who guards the gate

I was first boy Gwion told to stir the cauldron
A potion for Afagddu him intelligent to make
He was the son of Ceredwin the sow Goddess I fear
Three hot drops got on my tongue I got right out of there

She chased me as a greyhound when I fled fleet as a hare
Salmon in the stream I became she as Otter followed me there
I shot up as a Wren as a Hawk she closed on me
So I became a grain of wheat very foolishly

An odd grain in her farmyard she as chicken ate me down
And there in her belly I did grow 'til nine months it came round
Twice-born and by Elphin found I made the court bards burble
I Taliesin shining brow outshone them as a child

I have been in an uneasy chair above the Spiral Castle
That Arthur raided drunkedly from where came back but seven
I have been at Glastonbury with Gwyn and his red eared mastiffs
My head spoke from Tower Hill 'til Arthur put his there

Crow-God am I and my sister's name is Bronwen
I was a King-Hero in England Wales and Ireland
I met Mananan on the ocean with his Crane-Bag full of letters
Then sailed to Electric Lady Island to make me feel better

I knew Fionn McColl who sucked his thumb in wonder
Adventurous son of a Hazel-God you see he was able
Glittering sprigs of Alder I bear on my shield and in my hand
So it was quick witted Gwydion knew my name was Bran

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