Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A vision of hope

A vision of hope I sing for you
A vision of hope is coming through
It's what we in this world must heed
Hope filled loving vision seeds

Aural receptors hear the words
Please do not think it absurd
A vision of hope is what we need
Because this earth here wounded bleeds

Hear this provoking rhyme
Heralding action's hopeful tide
Take it to heart for there it flows
Courage surging as it goes

Foundationed block by hopeful block
Caused by faith like unto a rock
Make majestic dreams to fly
Into societies mind's eye

The initial extended utopian acid dream

World war one blew off our arms and legs
World war two laid the atomic egg
World war three is the war against nature
This is the story that the freaks created yeah

LSD came with the nuclear dawn
And all the boom babies picked up the score
Till the plastic colours of the nineteen sixties
Faded round about seventy four

Punk came along and with anarchy rent
All it's feelings of discontent
At the shitstem with an amphetamine rage
Youth rebel resistance violence in the head
No more heroes they're all dead

New Romantics were naff but Thatcher was worse
And all the good that was done got reversed
So began the soul devoid eightees
But of the women of Greenham I shall speak of in greatness

They sat on silos for nuclear warheads
Chanted to the Goddess to come to them
Rid this land of the cruel Cruise missile
And this is exactly what they did

By the time of nineteen eighty four
We had the miner's strike, they deplored
Conditions under which they had to work
So stood firm at their pickets not taking no more

So the riot police came and did their worse
But they practised on the hippies first
At what seemed like a festi at Nostal Priory
Was there ever a public enquiry?

So here enter police not wearing their numbers
In riot vans with batons gas and shields encumbered
To the peace festivals that people were making
An alternative life to the daily grind partaking

The infamous so-called Beanfield Battle
Marked what would have been the twelfth annual
Stonehenge mid-summer solstice celebration
But a Queen's charter was never granted

It would have secured the gathering for good
But the state trashed the hippies because it could
What can you say it was low and obscene
It got twisted in the papers and on the screen

The New Age Traveler Peace Convoy did annoy
The powers that be who scattered them all
Because they were scared of what they had formed
Because their traveler ways were becoming a norm

There were certainly too many drugs
But these people were not by nature thugs
But driven out of house and home
By circumstances that they did not own

Alienated to the extreem
By different sorts of government scheme
Offered shit work or unemployment lines
You bet that they looked for a better time!

It was the end of the end of the initial
Extended utopian acid dream

What goes around

Standing at the edge of time hanging out my washing line
Spiral wizard make your spell at bottom of a wishing well

Throw yourself into the void there's no need to be destroyed
Karma has it all but kepy the pebbles Dionysis wept

Makin' spells of ancient law it opens up a very door
Door in the mind is door to sky science still wonders how and why

Cobbled words from bits of string dragon scale and magic ring
I can't tell you how to live it's all in the love you give

What goes around around around around
Comes around around around
Comes around comes around

The ballade of the Spacegoats

Ever movin' ever changing ever staying the same
They roam the stars in burnt out cars
Here's how the Spacegoats got their name

The cosmic crew knew their cue fate of earth is in the swing
Knowing God the cloven shod came down to sing 'the Morning Dew'

So to transform it was their norm by playing 'pon the Huru horn
They took it down to Twyford Down they played their holy sacred sounds

And here they met the Dongas folk the music rang long hard and loud
With magic blows to a Tarmac heart it's what you'd call a road protest!

Earth children we've gotta listen to our
Soul Mother she's on the go

From Solsbury Hill to Newbury with a Fairmile in between
With festies all around the place where many stones were turned

Now the stakes are getting high corruption war all deadly lies
Flame of fire and Goaty bleat stamping of a Dragon's feet

From El Nino to eschaton you might wonder what we're on
Two hundred years of abuse will surely let the storm unloose

Earth Mother!
Radiation for breakfast
She's gonna take us through the cyclone's eye
To Hunab Ku and back again

Then we went to a Goodman's place when the Law evicted Crystal Palace
From folk through punk to Gypsy Hill starry eyed and laughing still

"Inamorata" hear us shout Thirteen Moons will work it out
Mandala was the studio where we recorded don't you know?

We vision of a world to be through turmoil of this present age
To heal with music word and weed so much to grow from tiny seed

The task it is just begun yet only half a tale is spun
Around the world and back again tied up with a daisy chain

Lightening flash forgotten dream no-one knows what it means
We're all involved come what may to travel through the Milky Way

It's where us Goats all belong and where lives this strange old song
So watch out when you turn around perhaps you'll hear the Goaty sound

Transform complete this wicked world so the Rainbow's start to whirl
Trance us Hurunagas worm of your glory let us learn

Roll on

Walk you out in the moonlight walk you under the stars
Walk you out in the moonlight walk you under the stars
You know my baby you're beautiful just as you are

Your father's the sunshine your mother's the rain
Your father's the sunshine your mother's the rain
Catch 'em together you've got a rainbow again

Your brother paints pictures of the tramps in the street
Your brother paints pictures of the tramps in the street
You'd think they wouldn't like it but he paints 'em neat

I ain't got no shoes walking down this mile
You ain't got no jewels but you're wearing a smile
What we got is the moonlight and that's always in style

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Don't cry Sandy

Sandy got a ticket for the Underground, she paid her money at the stile
Waited for the train to Charing Cross bought some news to pass the while
She knows she has to get to where she is going
Got to get to Peter on time

Train rolls into the station and Sandy gets on board
Sees there's five stops to go till she gets there, well at least there's no more
She's late already what will she do
Gotta get there on time

Man in a trilby hat and great coat looks down at her with weasely eyes
Doesn't say a think and she avoids his eyes but Sandy goes queer inside
And at Charing Cross she darts out of the station
Got to get where she's going on time

It's exactly a quarter to one and it should have been half past twelve
Sandy didn't make it on time but that gets put on the shelf
Peter's open arms welcome her in and Sandy feels all a glow

Don't cry Sandy don't feel blue
You know he loves you you know it's true

Wide eyed Annie

Chick name of Annie she's waiting upstairs she's got a deal she's made
And needs to get up country to get away and be clean
But there's a street load of policemen who just don't want this to be

Her man didn't come through and she's got a case full
A big bag of bad luck if she's caught in this state
And the state of her mind is wiped all over the place

Now anyway Annie's got a hyper-set brain and uses cocaine
That's why she's stuck here in Maine where it ain't so quaint
And she's thinking to herself "How did I get here?"

And the police are calling "You gotta come out
We're gonna kick the door in, we know you're in there,
You'd better give yourself up, it ain't tea for two, get ready we're coming through"

But it's ok she says she can cope, ties up a tourniquet
Cranks up a needle full of coke, "It's no joke" she says
In fact you know shit it's all the same

Annie's wide eyed and she's slipping away out the window down the drainpipe
Briefcase handle clenched between her teeth, dangling in the breeze
And her conscience is calling when will my mind find peace

Wide eyed you are you are with your briefcase little Annie
Wide eyed you'll be till you get away from your mind

Goddam hippy ideals

Anything that you want to do is fine
Anything that you want to do is fine
Just as long as it don't hurt no one
Do your own thing and I'll do mine

I don't want to send people to war
I don't want to send people to war
War is only good for making further wars
And profiting the few nothing more

Freedom is just a word
Freedom is just another word
Freedom is just the best
Goddam word I ever heard

As we are all living on this earth
As we are all living here on earth
Step gently over the surface
Treat her as you do yourself

We all know that we are what we eat
We all know that we are what we eat
Some eat vegetables and some eat meat
We all know we are what we eat

You can buy organic if you're rich
You can buy organic if you're rich
But if you're poor you go to the Pound Store
Rich hippies get all the best bits

They tried killing all the hippies
They tried to stone them to death
"Let he who is no hippy cast the first stone"
Said Jesus and they all went home

Look in the eye girl look in the sky
How should we treat ourselves?
Girl I'm asking, we both know
Goddam hippy ideals

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Earth Mother's Daughter's Dance

See the circles in the corn what is Mother saying?
See Her cut a furrow there, here a whirlpool turning
But these forces unseen will pick you up again
Turn it all around, what have we found?

Come and join the circle come and join the ring
Come and join the sacred dance turn a Goddess singing
Demeter Persephone
Turn the corn wrap it round, what have we found

See oh don't you see
The Earth Mother's Daughter's dance

Why is it the Mother, why is it she is calling
Why is it she's crying out, why is it she's screaming?
Nature's pain is written deep in fields of corn where circles meet

See oh don't you see
The Earth Mother's Daughter's dance

Dance! Dance!
Sisters! Dance!

Diamond Rain

Seduced by Eden's inner call
Our spirits met at Pomeroy
To sit in circles beneath the moon
Where diamond rain falls like dew

Faerie trumpets call the corn
Sound circles herald dawn
Meet us here within these rings
Where diamond rain falls from the moon

Light the fire, fire bright
Love is a burning brand tonight
Dance the dance, light the light
Love is a burning brand tonight

Of troubadours in circle days
True and clear were notes we played
Meet us us here where no time lies
Come to give our stories life

Light the fire...

Falling falling falling rain

August's crop has come again
We stand within the diamond rain
Falling falling falling rain
Where dancing lines meet in the grain
(repeat till end)


When knights of old recover
Sweep the streets clean to the green
Rise from the iron that slew us down
Gather round tables again

When knights of old remember
Dragons dwell in this land
Guinevere she sheds a tear
Her knights she does command

Dragon eye is glowing
Fire on beacons burning
The creature crystal pulsing sings
And we do learn the song

Now Arthur walks once more Avalon
Merlin stirs in his sleep
We find his work lost long ago
And wend it in the world

Dragon eye is glowing
Fire on beacons burning
The creature crystal pulsing sings
And we do sing the song

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Goodness knows (We can work together)

Whatever way you go
Whatever seeds you sow
You are part of everything
We can work and dance and sing

Whatever kind of man you are
You were born to go far
Take a little or take a lot
Take a bit of what I've got

Our lives all flow together
Our vision is one
Happy is how we spend the day
In what we do and what we say

Goodness knows we can work together
Goodness knows we can share the land
Goodness knows we can walk about the world in love
Goodness knows goodness knows


Are you coming out and about or are you coming in?
Are you going round and around and living in a spin?
What is logical to you what has no cause?
Are these questions you ignore or do call them doors?
Do you call them doors?

Do you think you'll make it through the swirling chaos core
To the realm of Archmage's daughter where freedom is the law?
Will you brave the barrier go beyond the night
Seeking in the darkness for what you feel is right?
What you feel is right

Are you bound for Erewhon are you locked inside your head?
Do you hold the life of God or do you think him dead?
Can you think it's possible there's life outside of Earth?
What is life anyway what is giving birth?
What is giving birth?

Wild Time

A wild time is being had by us all
A wild time beside this burning wall
And it's a pagan time being had by us all
A wild time beneath this crumbling wall

People running to the rhythm
Dogs are barking in the street
Christians marching always onwards
Stop, let your hair down to the beat

Crusaders of the deadly night
Lay down your shields in holy fright
Children of the Sun are slowly moving
Like creatures to the all cleansing light

Saviour save us please
Saviour we'll pay a fee
Answers 'Don't you look to me
It's your problem, not for me"

Snowy White

This is the tale of Snowy White
You could tell from the start that he wasn't quite right
Albino left handed cross eyed too
The sort your mother would keep from you

Ah Snowy White

He was born in a slum in a rusted hutch
The killer rabbit would never come to much
No good at following rules and regulations
Of not taking drugs and such temptations

Ah Snowy White

So he hit the road yeah but he hit the lights
He took the high road and it dazzled his sight

One day he took it too far
Some straight moles were driving a car
Snowy gets heavy with some flames on the road
The moles get mad and call in the Toad

Ah Snowy White

Come on bunny he said to his girl, let's go ride the surf ride the swirl
This world has too much hesitation I want somewhere to vent my frustration

He would glow in the dark on a scary night
Cadmium implants made him way bright
Snowy died in the Toadhole his Watership Down
Ganged up on by the furries far underground

Ah Snowy White

And if you look on my belt you'll see a rabbit's foot glowing there

Goddammit it's true

I don't know why I love you but I do
And I don't know how to act when I'm with you
I look out the window stand on one foot
Don't know if I'm in or out, I'm not as I should be

And I love you
Yes I do
And I need you
Goddammit it's true

I'm shaky in your presence but I don't let on
I'm howlin' for ya babe don't get me wrong
And these moments we're together they fill me up
Yes they do they fill me up, they fill me through and through

Mara my dear

Mara my dear won't you please come back
I waited a year and you don't
If you're gone I'll waste away
If you're dead I'll die

I'd sail the sea to be with you
I'd cross the ocean wide
I'd travel a million miles
To find out where you're hiding

Oh my love you're far away
Mara where are you
Come on wings of light to me
Show me what to do

Um diddle diddle

With an:
Um diddle diddle diddle um dim day
Um diddle diddle day
Um diddle diddle diddle um dim day
Um diddle diddle day
Um diddle diddle day

Take your partner by the hand
And strip him to the waist
Lay your hands upon his hips
And lay his soul to waist

Turn a wheel upon the grass
Look up to the sky
Dip your head in barley wine
And never wonder why

Do the barndance one two three
Dance the oldern way
Gather girls around you
Take them into the hay

Drink yourself into the ground
Drink 'til you reach the floor
Wait 'til you hear the angels come
And then pray for some more

Dance like old Nick himself
Set your feet on fire
If I said he was not watching
Then I would be a liar

Hear the fiddler play his tune
Faster faster fire
Notes they set a rick alight
Build higher and higher

Girls in dresses oh so fine
Dancing wild and warm
I see Connie later tonight
I'm gonna be in her arms

Spend some time together

I'd like to spend some time together
I'd like to spend some time with you
I'd like to spend some time together
Some time with you

Oh yes you're the fabulous toothpick girl
But then I wasn't a man
I'd like you to pick clean my bones and lend a helping hand

And if you fancy me a bit
Well that's all right
I don't want to get in your way but it makes me feel alright

Or if you don't want to see me
I guess I'll have to wait and see
I want the best for each other what is best must be

Oh I am the ugly sister's son
And my head doesn't match my hands
I need to talk because you see I can understand

Now I am dying to explain this
Why I have to act this way
It's the way the world has made me and I am so terribly afraid

Monday, 2 January 2012

Flame woman

Come with me
And be who you are
You want to and you will

Oh lustrous Salamander
Come coil around me
Want to surrender don't want you to flee

Your bold brazen body
Is sleek and fierce and wild
But you are of another dimension

Scorch me to reason
With your flaming words
Gutter all my pretensions

Solid fuel woman
Make combustion with me
Burn a path to our creator

And now you are nearer
So you can burn me out
Flame fire woman there's no doubt

Your incendiary emotions
Meet my driving rain
You cry out for hours then become silent

And there in the embers
I stand black and smouldering
You grind your heel in my cinders

Moving slowly
Flickering quick
In the ashes all around us

White plumes of light
Dancing so bright
Not engulfed by my hot mists surrounding

Cities burn in the haze
Our lives are freed from the maze
But where are we now?

When you incinerate
All I am
You are also extinguished

Jack be nimble

You got to pass through the eye of a needle
Jack be nimble and quick
Livin' in such modern times
You got to jump the candlestick

And he's jumping over Washington
He jumped the Kremlin too
He threaded the twelve stars of Europe
And jumped all Asia through

And it's a long way back and a long way to go
And he keeps me on a travelling the road
If you haven't got the time Jack'll lay it on the line
And he'll paint you over with reason

See him on the street corner
Peddling some peace and love
But the hope that he tells makes you go "Well
I think I might go and do that myself"

Did you see him at that barracade?
Was that his face on the TV?
Do you think that he's a double agent?
Could be he's inside you and me

And he's changing like a chameleon
Catch him while you can
His brain neurones are firing off a new route
He's got the whole world in his plan

Jack was killed on the twelfth December
Jack was hung at Gibbet's hill
Jack was seen clearly New Year's morn
So I guess he's a jumping Jack still

I seen Jack he's got a smallholding
Piece of land he's holding down
Ever felt you had to jump the candlestick?
What goes around comes around

Images of you

Images of you are splattered all across my brain
Speaking from the paving slabs and crying in the rain
Plastered through the sky with no one to ask of why
All I would like you to know is how you truly glow

Trying to imagine of a place I cannot be
Sitting on a bench with you but no kiss for me
Gliding on a wind whose name is the farthest shore
Hearing you tell me that you don't want me no more

Remembering my guitar or the green bannisters of school
When you were a songbird and I was but a fool
I carried it away because this thing I could not lend
All I know now is that I'm glad we are still friends

West wind blowin'

West wind blowin' on the Eastern side of my face
Only knowing that it might just save me grace
West wind blowin' on the Eastern side of my face
I'd like to go there just can't find the place

East wind tellin' me things too far away to see
Some other life or one thousand ways to be
East wind tellin' me things too far away to see
And then I'm thinking he might just be lookin' at me

North wind blowin' always chills me to the bones
Roamin' crazy all down that lonesome road
North wind blowin' she always chills me to my bones
Then to tell me she always goes it alone

South wind tugs at my coat wants to take me home
Sweet fragrant breeze I know just what it's showing
South wind tugs at my coat wants to take me home
I know it well but it's just not the way I'm going

West wind blowin'
West wind blowin'
West wind blowin' on the Eastern side of my face
Only knowing it might just save me grace


Sit down relax and take a ride
Into the future Earthworld
We shall see what has become
Of Earth and all it's people
A hundred years or less ahead
This is what could be
This is the Planet calling!
Transition! Transition!
Now the time has come
For us to reach our destination
Just how far you want to go now
Is up to your imagination
The Planet has changed
It's surface covered in metal and plastic
People are strange
The change to come is going to be drastic
A hundred years or even now
This is what could be...


I know I caused you suffering
I know I caused you pain
When you gave my life to me
So selfless you came
And taught me of equality
Of quality and of names
And if it's love that this amounts to
I hope we feel the same

Don't know if you believe me
When I talk of eternity
But you did conceive me
From life's mystery
It's a sentimental journey
Through the song of life to life
And I hope you will receive me
On the other side of time

Woah woah woah woh Mother
Woah woah woah woh me
Woah woah woah woh everyone
Woah woah woah eternity

Letter to Talbot

Wrote a letter to a friend called Talbot
Asked him what he was doing and where he was going
I had to get to him somehow before he slipped away
He took a trip to the moon suspended from a silver spoon
I kind of knew that tune he was playing
So I strung along and hung on every word

Round about the time the chord broke
And he'd gone too far to crawl back down the chimney
I spoke in a voice like a wind of winter
And our chapped hands called the name of a forgotten rose
Of course as everyone knows it's too far
And too few out here to be taken seriously

Talbot can do as he pleases
And rises up upon the breezes
So I hope this letter reaches you
And you can work out what to do
But who knows what the reason is
Taking care I guess in far out regions

I wanted to tell you then

Time passes by like flies never knowing reasons whys
And all the while I had the photograph
And I wanted to tell you then tell you then
But you knew

In between the moments blue I had a little thought of you
But after all it was make believe
And I wanted to tell you then tell you then
I miss you

I've been talking to your wife
She says "Don't worry about your trouble and strife
There's better ways in which to spend your time"

So who am I when I sing this little tune a precious thing
I hold it like a jewel now
And I wanted to tell you then tell you then
But you knew

The End?

The end my friend
The end my friend
Is it really where it's at?
Can you see?
Others of us may be
We can do better than that
One by one come along
Join hands across this wide open river
It's easy all you have to do is try
It's what you want to do
Just spread your wings and fly
What you need and what you say is not unreal
What you fear at night is only how you feel
What you mean and what you've seen
Will surely take you to the answer
And if we bleed someone take heed
Yes we cure our own cancer
Though it's hard you hold the card
To all reason and renewal
What you've known is what you've sown
Is what has blown for such a long time
What you were shown when you were alone
Is what you own is who you are
And this is not the end