Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Snowy White

This is the tale of Snowy White
You could tell from the start that he wasn't quite right
Albino left handed cross eyed too
The sort your mother would keep from you

Ah Snowy White

He was born in a slum in a rusted hutch
The killer rabbit would never come to much
No good at following rules and regulations
Of not taking drugs and such temptations

Ah Snowy White

So he hit the road yeah but he hit the lights
He took the high road and it dazzled his sight

One day he took it too far
Some straight moles were driving a car
Snowy gets heavy with some flames on the road
The moles get mad and call in the Toad

Ah Snowy White

Come on bunny he said to his girl, let's go ride the surf ride the swirl
This world has too much hesitation I want somewhere to vent my frustration

He would glow in the dark on a scary night
Cadmium implants made him way bright
Snowy died in the Toadhole his Watership Down
Ganged up on by the furries far underground

Ah Snowy White

And if you look on my belt you'll see a rabbit's foot glowing there

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