Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The initial extended utopian acid dream

World war one blew off our arms and legs
World war two laid the atomic egg
World war three is the war against nature
This is the story that the freaks created yeah

LSD came with the nuclear dawn
And all the boom babies picked up the score
Till the plastic colours of the nineteen sixties
Faded round about seventy four

Punk came along and with anarchy rent
All it's feelings of discontent
At the shitstem with an amphetamine rage
Youth rebel resistance violence in the head
No more heroes they're all dead

New Romantics were naff but Thatcher was worse
And all the good that was done got reversed
So began the soul devoid eightees
But of the women of Greenham I shall speak of in greatness

They sat on silos for nuclear warheads
Chanted to the Goddess to come to them
Rid this land of the cruel Cruise missile
And this is exactly what they did

By the time of nineteen eighty four
We had the miner's strike, they deplored
Conditions under which they had to work
So stood firm at their pickets not taking no more

So the riot police came and did their worse
But they practised on the hippies first
At what seemed like a festi at Nostal Priory
Was there ever a public enquiry?

So here enter police not wearing their numbers
In riot vans with batons gas and shields encumbered
To the peace festivals that people were making
An alternative life to the daily grind partaking

The infamous so-called Beanfield Battle
Marked what would have been the twelfth annual
Stonehenge mid-summer solstice celebration
But a Queen's charter was never granted

It would have secured the gathering for good
But the state trashed the hippies because it could
What can you say it was low and obscene
It got twisted in the papers and on the screen

The New Age Traveler Peace Convoy did annoy
The powers that be who scattered them all
Because they were scared of what they had formed
Because their traveler ways were becoming a norm

There were certainly too many drugs
But these people were not by nature thugs
But driven out of house and home
By circumstances that they did not own

Alienated to the extreem
By different sorts of government scheme
Offered shit work or unemployment lines
You bet that they looked for a better time!

It was the end of the end of the initial
Extended utopian acid dream

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