Monday, 2 January 2012

Flame woman

Come with me
And be who you are
You want to and you will

Oh lustrous Salamander
Come coil around me
Want to surrender don't want you to flee

Your bold brazen body
Is sleek and fierce and wild
But you are of another dimension

Scorch me to reason
With your flaming words
Gutter all my pretensions

Solid fuel woman
Make combustion with me
Burn a path to our creator

And now you are nearer
So you can burn me out
Flame fire woman there's no doubt

Your incendiary emotions
Meet my driving rain
You cry out for hours then become silent

And there in the embers
I stand black and smouldering
You grind your heel in my cinders

Moving slowly
Flickering quick
In the ashes all around us

White plumes of light
Dancing so bright
Not engulfed by my hot mists surrounding

Cities burn in the haze
Our lives are freed from the maze
But where are we now?

When you incinerate
All I am
You are also extinguished

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