Monday, 2 January 2012

Jack be nimble

You got to pass through the eye of a needle
Jack be nimble and quick
Livin' in such modern times
You got to jump the candlestick

And he's jumping over Washington
He jumped the Kremlin too
He threaded the twelve stars of Europe
And jumped all Asia through

And it's a long way back and a long way to go
And he keeps me on a travelling the road
If you haven't got the time Jack'll lay it on the line
And he'll paint you over with reason

See him on the street corner
Peddling some peace and love
But the hope that he tells makes you go "Well
I think I might go and do that myself"

Did you see him at that barracade?
Was that his face on the TV?
Do you think that he's a double agent?
Could be he's inside you and me

And he's changing like a chameleon
Catch him while you can
His brain neurones are firing off a new route
He's got the whole world in his plan

Jack was killed on the twelfth December
Jack was hung at Gibbet's hill
Jack was seen clearly New Year's morn
So I guess he's a jumping Jack still

I seen Jack he's got a smallholding
Piece of land he's holding down
Ever felt you had to jump the candlestick?
What goes around comes around

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