Monday, 2 January 2012

The End?

The end my friend
The end my friend
Is it really where it's at?
Can you see?
Others of us may be
We can do better than that
One by one come along
Join hands across this wide open river
It's easy all you have to do is try
It's what you want to do
Just spread your wings and fly
What you need and what you say is not unreal
What you fear at night is only how you feel
What you mean and what you've seen
Will surely take you to the answer
And if we bleed someone take heed
Yes we cure our own cancer
Though it's hard you hold the card
To all reason and renewal
What you've known is what you've sown
Is what has blown for such a long time
What you were shown when you were alone
Is what you own is who you are
And this is not the end

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