Sunday, 22 January 2012

Don't cry Sandy

Sandy got a ticket for the Underground, she paid her money at the stile
Waited for the train to Charing Cross bought some news to pass the while
She knows she has to get to where she is going
Got to get to Peter on time

Train rolls into the station and Sandy gets on board
Sees there's five stops to go till she gets there, well at least there's no more
She's late already what will she do
Gotta get there on time

Man in a trilby hat and great coat looks down at her with weasely eyes
Doesn't say a think and she avoids his eyes but Sandy goes queer inside
And at Charing Cross she darts out of the station
Got to get where she's going on time

It's exactly a quarter to one and it should have been half past twelve
Sandy didn't make it on time but that gets put on the shelf
Peter's open arms welcome her in and Sandy feels all a glow

Don't cry Sandy don't feel blue
You know he loves you you know it's true

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