Saturday, 25 December 2010

You are the Key

Whoever you want to be
Whatever you want to see around you
It's all made in the crucible of you
In the eye of your eye where you reside

Wherever you want to go
Whenever you want to know something badly enough
Why ever do we cry?
It's all made of you
And it wants to come through
You are the Key

Authorities are slime when they tax upon your time
But something more sublime is hidden deep inside
And all the while you were waiting waiting waiting
Don't you wait any longer

It seems like a mystery
People always sufforing never free, from constraints around them
But your circumstance surrounds the basic fact
Of you yes you, you are the Key

So you started on
A road where you belong, truly
That may be short or long
But my friend you'll make it in the end and on the way you'll find

...that (repeat first 2 verses and finish)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

To what Primal Power

To what Primal Power do I owe my dues?
'Tis the Power of the mystic tri-Goddess so true
Of the Maiden Mother Crone modern times it little knows
Yet she was the original theme of poetry
Her troubadours opening for to see the Matrix
Not the celluloid one
That links us up where we come from
Kings and Queens and Bards in People
From the place where all is equal
And who though wars now rend us apart
Is still the lone subject of this art.
Bequeather of Kings behind all things
Enveloping all in her charms of ice and fire
Elusive ever present earth mother Gaia
Knower of men's minds
Bestower well inclined to nurture and to chide
Hear her call inside your ear
No fear is so opaque as to obcure her
There is no cure for her love
She will get you eventually
Though you may reject her
Have no names for her
Or only those to revile
She all the while
Made you from clay
Gave you life and days
Raised you
Played with you
With some horn-led consort tangled and met
Till this world was set
Now you can't forget
She spoke in the ear of those Dragon Kings of old
And so this story will unfold

Par la douceur

feuillent les bois et les oiseaux
chantent chacun dans son latin
suivant le vers d'un nouveau chant
il est donc juste que l'on se rejoussie
de ce dont on a le plus envie

De la-bas ou est toute ma joie
je ne vois venir ni messager ni kettre scellee
car je ne dors ni ne ris
et je n'ose m'avancer
jusqu'a ce que je connaisse bein la finalite
si elle est telle que je la desire

Ainsi va t-il de notre amour
comme de la branche d'aubepine
qui la nuit sur l'arbuste tremble
a la pluie et au gel
jusqu'a a ce que le lendmain le soleil se repande
dans les fueilles vertes sur le rameau

Il me souvient encore d'un matin
ou nous avons mis fin a la guerre
ou elle m'a accorde un don si grande
son amour charnel et son anneau
que Dieu me laisse encore vivre assez
pour que j'aie mes mains sous son manteau

Car je me soucie peu de l'etrange latin
qui pourtait m'eloigner de mon Bon Voisin
et je sais trop comment vont les paroles
qui eclosent avec(dans) un bref discours
il y en a qui se vantent d'amour
mais nous, nous avons la piece et le couteau

Guilhem de Peiteus 1071-1126
Grandfather to Eleanor of Aquitaine and
called the first known troubadour

Monday, 20 December 2010

Newbury and Beyond

Solsbury Hill and Twyford Down
Eco war on sacred ground
It moved on to Newbury
Nine miles of road building insanity

No one can deny it
For it was on TV
Harness held or not
High up in a tree
Eco warriors out on a limb
While the corporation chainsaws made a din

Saying you must not cut down this glade
Make no tiny cut with your murdering blades
We will defend these trees
With our bodies and our minds held up high in the leaves
And tunneling down deep into the ground
Give your Sheriff's men the run-around
Security cordons plenty of police
Giving orders their consciences asleep

I know it is sad to say
But Camelot itself fell one day
Not before Albion's warriors
Made Newbury's Third Battle a legendary lay

TV put he pictures in front of people's eyes
Could we be becoming totally urbanised?
Lyminge Forest Sella open cast mine
Fairmile Trollheim and the Ladies Nine

Saying you shall not chop down these trees
We shall protect against your Mother murdering deeds
And the Third Battle of Newbury
Three minutes less for nine miles of ancient trees
One hundred thousand cherry pickers
Would not bring us down off our perch
'Cos news of all these road protests
Has been broadcast all around the cities and the towns

There is now a much greater neon orange glow
From Clairmont Road down to Ireland's County Wicklow
Thanks to types like the Dongas and the Flowerpots
Maybe the future can be green again
Canbury Garden Poplars Watley Quarry and Oxleas Wood
From Scotland down to Brighton there were people who were good
They came down to protest sites and did what they could

A nineteen screen multiplex cinema was a little bit too much
Crystal Palace was won by the people and the trees were never cut
It culminated an era just before the millenium
Even Ali G on the TV was at our eviction
All of this was back in the ninetees before the towers fell

Saying you shall not chop down these trees
We shall protect against your Mother murdering deeds
And the Third Battle of Newbury
Three minutes less for nine miles of ancient trees
One hundred thousand cherrypickers
Could not bring us down off our perch
'Cos news of all these road protests have been broadcast
All around let's hear it for a no pollution Newbury and Beyond

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Twyford Down

We came from far
All round the globe
To Twyford Down
To stop a road
Through special site
Of ancient light
Winchester College
Sold off the rights

So was built a site
In path of the road
Where Dongas Tribe lived
In bent hazel domes
Going out on actions
Tarmac reaction
And for the contractors
It did their heads in

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

It was a wet cold Yellow Wednesday
When luminous jackets made the first cutting
And there was pain and there was crying
People thought the earth was dying
Fourth day of July
Mass trespass day
Hundreds of people
All in the way
Or clambering up on the bailly bridge
Clanging it boldly with chaos sticks
Then there was digger diving
Which is conniving
To jump on the 'dozers
Till work was over
D-locked under the wheels
Of their earth-raping steel
To stop the contractors
There were many factors

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

A Great Conjunction
Was in the sky
Woa but it wasn't
The reason why
It was the people
Who were outraged
At all the tricks
That had been played
To build the road
Against the will
Of common people
For money made
It was enough
Enough enough
But still the D.O.T.
Made the cut
And so began
This first eco-war
And after Twyford
There were many more
There were many more
There were many more

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down
Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down
Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

Battered and Blue

Some give pleasure others pain
Most'll leave you some time in the rain
Some bring trouble some just annoy
Most give candy one or two bring joy

Now some take screwballs some drink wine
I smoke grass most of the time
Don't change the situation just turns it around
Like Jeckell and Hyde running all over town

Hey hey hey what can I say
I really do not feel so good today
Me oh my what can I do
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

I knew a girl I met in a zoo
She played crazy golf in goodbye shoes
I knew a girl she was cool
Saw her last by the swimming pool

I won't tell you much just the basic facts
We built our house on a railroad track
When we heard the clicketty-clack
She ripped my shirt and didn't look back

Hey hey hey what can I say
I really do not feel so good today
Me oh my what can I do?
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

Some give pleasure others pain
Most'll leave you some time in the rain
Some bring trouble some just annoy
Most bring candy one or two give joy

Hey hey hey what can I say
I'm gonna do my best to feel better today
Me oh my what can I do
I tattered and battered and blue for you

My body's aching and it ain't faking
When it finally buckled I didn't chuckle
In the final end there was just us friends
And a guy called Death who was playing requests

My oh my!

Hey hey hey whay can I say
I really gonna do my best to feel better today
Me oh my what can I do
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

Terror Machine

Woa terror machine
You know what I mean
Woa terror machine
Oh-a ya gonna know what I mean

It's the work of government administration
Let's just call it information sedation
Keep it all hid keeps on the lid
Of what is really going on

You heard the news about the terrorists
Though evidently no evidence fits
They got Arabic scapegoats as decoys
And they're treating them like shit

It's a bomb on the bus it's a man in the crowd
It ain't what it seems but don't talk too loud
The man on the TV is talking paranoid disease
Woa-a it's the Terror Machine

Terror - Realise
Terror - Open Eyes
Terror - Easily created
Terror - We're being manipulated

Woa Your gonna know what I mean
Woa Terror Machine
Woa Know what I mean

Two Towers standing now here comes the bit
Where they all fall down like a magic trick
At least that's how I look at it
It's all in the cover-up

7/7 if you want my opinion
Was all government bombs
Too much talk about climate change and Africa
Keep the talks going wrong
It wouldn't do to make poverty history
It would spoil the plan
Of world domination in the nuclear age
Keep it in the can

Terror terror everywhere and the real reason is clear
Make way for big brother keep up the war and fear


Manufactured hate from newspapers
Through video games and TV
Try to keep us all dumbed down
Can your eyes but see?

It was A OK till the communists fell
With the enemy gone they needed someone to kill
To keep the arms trade in lollipops
They had to make up with something new

Terror machine is a genius plan
But they don't want you to know whose scheme
Terror machine is a see-thru scam
A front for the killing regimes

Mind control 24/7
Is telling lies outright
Media coverage to the masses
Is not going to talk out of line


Behind the scene this killing machine
Is off doing it's work
Funded by tax and vacant minds
It's time to get alert

I'd like us all to realise
That a spanner in the works
Is a sure fire risk for the terror machine
Because it's made of a lie


Want you to see through the terror machine
What really makes it tick
Don't be suprised if the global 8
Are in the midst of it


I'm trying to work it out where does violence come from
In the heat of the moment just what brings it on
There's violence in silence though you might think me wrong
Lights the blue touch paper for the fists and knives and guns

It's just below the surface but hidden well away
Disguised with greatest etiquette in the ways that we behave
Passed back and forth in lethal tennis games
Before the final act has blown the love away

This violence has run deep in history's angry seams
What violence is appropriate is what the lawcourts deem
Violence on the battlefield violence in the home
Violence nearly everywhere and just behind your nose

How one can regret but it's always too late
Whether it's to kill a man or just to smash a plate
In anger for something someone said or done
But who can look deep enough to ask where it comes from
Who can look deep enough to know where it comes from

Saturday, 18 December 2010

I remember Blue

I remember Blue
He said "Good times bad times"
And the girl in the flamenco dress
Swayed to the rhythm of his guitar

I looked at the scene
Heard his words and his strum
Never saw him one time more
And the girl she was just a dream

Then I paced down the street
Where I saw a man he was beat
Slumped into a shop doorway
Head between his knees

I guess he was gouched out
Could be heroin or crack cocaine
And I numbly wondered
What happened to my dream?

Didn't have no money and couldn't even speak
I reviewed my own life of the street
So I reached as far as I could reach
Into my heart for I accept no defeat

And I perceived a vast desert of soul-
Stranded survivors of a world gone wrong
And a flaming mouth that incinerated dreams
But yet one dream it burned through the flames
Of the flamenco girl who threw off her chains

She danced herself into a whirling peak
Said no words but smiled to me
And I sanctified gratified passed on the smile
Into the dawning street

It smashed into a car windscreen
Got lost in the wind
Echoed against the building blocks
Got half drowned in the rain
It caught a man in turpitude
And drove another sane
Got jammed inside a mortal coil
Of disempowered dreams
It rattled through my mandolin
And dislocated brains
It grated through the visors
Of the Motor City men
It caught all in a tornado
That blotted out the sun
Of which dust that followed smarted eyes
Of all the fallen ones
And through this cloud a man appeared
And he began to wave
I knew that we had understood
And so this vision fades

And I percieved a vast desert of soul stranded

My Elusive Muse

I saw you once upon a normal street
I looked all upon you from your hair down to your feet
You smiled and disappeared and left me with the blues
But you had entered into me and left a mystic clue

Ah my elusive muse

What was it behind the city's cracks and lies
What behind hidden scars and in distant eyes
And everywhere I looked all with my seeking shoes
You were peeping through the gaps my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

You formed into the rounded hills such it was your grace
I looked into the moon and reflected was your face
I looked into the gutter thought that I might loose you
So I cried a silver tear my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

Inspiration from the well of passion's holy flame
Golden arrows to my heart when I hear your name
Six white horses carry you in a chariot so true
Seven songs of everywhere are the ones you use
To keep in time the fearless rhyme
My elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

We chained you restrained you built worlds modern and new
But these are all missing love they are the work of fools
And to all insensed profiteers who at your brown skin grasp
Taking gold and minerals well none of this can last
For it threatens all the life on earth in the seas and skies of blue
How we do depend on you my elusive muse
There never can be an end to you my elusive muse

So if it is we shall meet and men will truly see
The majesty of life within your earth and heaven tree
And if we touch this holy bough feel it's pulse and fuse
We touch all infinity my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse


Why have a King at all?
Are not such people bound to fall
Oppressing people owning land
Common people understand

Who controls the city gates
Holding council decides fates
How to use this mighty hand
Is what a King must comprehend

This is what befits a King
He brings the ancient wisdom in
Support the people not exploit
Do these things is what he ought

And if to evil he is lured
What oh what could be the cure
A queen's wisdom is what endures
So peace on earth can be secured


Dissolved into the land is He
Common people are the key
All proportions of a web
Of life and land and deeds and trials

A King to do and Bard to tell
So listen well this merry while
Here's to all our Kings within
Blessed Albion do they bring

Out with the old in with the new
Spirit of a peace which will come true
In with the old out with the new
Once and future does this please you?
Albion rare and dignified
Return this golden sunrise

Key to the Gates

One for the stones that are old
Roll roll roll

Two for the alchemical gold
Roll roll roll

Three for the freedom of the soul
Roll roll roll

Who holds the key to the gates?
Who learns that knowledge waits?
Who holds the balance of the fates?

Four for the key to hidden doors
Roll roll roll

Five for the song that endeth wars
Roll roll roll

Six for the child that asketh more
Roll roll roll

Know that the gates are open wide
Spirit mother you are so wise
For three is the number of the child

Seven for the strength to move through fears
Roll roll roll

Eight for the turning of the years
Roll roll roll

Nine it is the spirit of good cheer
Roll roll roll

Musician herald bard held in reknown
With your three several wreathes you be crowned
Wielding your harps of mystical sounds for us

One for the stones that are old
Two for the alchemical gold
Three for the freedom of the soul
Four for the key to hidden doors
Five for the song that endeth wars
Six for the child that asketh more
Seven for the strength to move through fears
Eight for the turning of the years
Nine it is the spirit of good cheer

Roll roll roll
Roll roll roll
Roll it around-O


Friday, 17 December 2010


I was a seeker for sacred grail rhymes
In this land of uncertain times
I saught for the Dragon I had heard exists
That could teach us something we'd missed

I went to the country where warriors bold
Guard such treasures that are beyond gold
But to my surprise as their wise one beckoned me
They were Gnomes, but two foot high by our reckoning


The Gnome Druid said I must to Annwn go
That's the underworld in case you didn't know
So I set sail with some crew in a ship
Only seven returned that old holy grail gave me the slip

I was plunged into fevers of hot and cold
Saw hallucinations of things never told
Saw a tunnel of madness where in black voids I'd fall
And by these measures I knew it was my call


I came to a crossroads and Dragons saw none
And fell to my knees for the bad I had done
The sky rained down doom radiation of fear
I saw death motor pterodactyls flying very near

My prayer reached down to the core of the ground
My mind became it's own holy ground
It was then that I heard that wing beating sound
And there flying high the Dragons I'd found


So I went to the East where the Dragons are blue
And electrical breath they breathe it is true
Through the shattered and scarred lands the wastelands we've made
A Dragon breathed and it showed me the way

He took me way high above the city's maze
Where smoke phantoms of toxic haze
Hazard the day and dumb down the night
Pollute the mind and corrode the sight


The Dragon pointed with his gleaming claw
And I caught a sight that holds me forever in awe
The broken city it's energy transformed
And there beneath it the Grail's holy form

The Gnomes were working there with their tools and their skills
As they work ever the whole world to fill
With the wonder of real magic of story and truth
Of this here tale I can offer no proof


And I said
"Where do the Dragons come from?"
And they said
"Here in the Land of all Song"
And I said
"What if it all goes wrong?"
And they said
"Just hold on to one, you'll be carried
Just hold onto one, you'll be carried.
Just hold onto one, you'll be carried along
To the Land of all Song
To the Land of all Song
This is the Land of all Song
This is the Land of all Song"

Majestical and mystical a creature supra-physical
People power potent alchemy
Come together and be

(repeat as a looped phrase)

Who am I?

I am the night within the sun
I am the fear in everyone

I am the failure I am mistake
I am the Kingdom that once was great

I am the terror that stirs behind thought
I am the eagle that never was caught

I am the needle I am the thread
I am the life that once was dead

I am the waveform I am the drop
I am that which cannot be got

I am release and I am constraint
I am the smile that is a complaint

I am justice I am the Law
I am that which we have come here for

I am the vision that is of the blind
I am that which you never can find

I am the father within the son
I am the race that is never won

I am decay but never remorse
I am that which has finished it's course

Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
I am who

I'll meet you there

I can see the sun a shining upon a freedom place
-I will meet you there
I can see that sun a shining all upon your saddened face
-I will meet you there
-I'll meet you there, I'll meet you there
-I will meet you there

Can you feel that wind a blowing us all on the long way home
Did you walk along that path that only souls have known

There is to the countryside that we are standing on
There is to the war that never has begun

As I live this life I will do the best I can
My only desire is that it fits the bigger plan

And when the spirit moves there is nothing can't be done
For when we move as one our battles all are won

And when they lower me I'll be no longer here
For I'll be pushing daisies in the land beyond all fear

And when I do return it will be a brighter day
In case you are concerned it still rains each other day

You don't know who I am

If you see me strumming and look the other way
If you think I'm bumming, just caught up in the sway
If you think that I think that someone else should pay
Then you don't know who I am

If you have the idea that status maketh man
As I have no status this I cannot countermand
But if you think that status is what I understand
You don't know who I am

If you think I want to rebel yell and tear down all the walls
Well I think that is incredible please do tell me more
But if you think society don't have no cracks or flaws
Then you don't know who I am

If you think my head is full of unrealistic ideals
And you'd laugh at me if I said that we could make 'em real
If you feel that bitterness is all there is to feel
Then you don't know who I am

If you think that progress is going very far
If you think that I think we could get there in a car
If you think that my song has really got no heart
Then you don't know who I am

If you can see a paradise between the paving slabs
If you can see a common touch between whites and Arabs
If you cannot see these things the whole world could collapse
And you don't know who I am

If you think I'm someone else that you knew before
Well I might seem like them but that's what I deplore
Just look a little deeper before you shut the door
'Cos you won't know who I am