Friday, 17 December 2010


I was a seeker for sacred grail rhymes
In this land of uncertain times
I saught for the Dragon I had heard exists
That could teach us something we'd missed

I went to the country where warriors bold
Guard such treasures that are beyond gold
But to my surprise as their wise one beckoned me
They were Gnomes, but two foot high by our reckoning


The Gnome Druid said I must to Annwn go
That's the underworld in case you didn't know
So I set sail with some crew in a ship
Only seven returned that old holy grail gave me the slip

I was plunged into fevers of hot and cold
Saw hallucinations of things never told
Saw a tunnel of madness where in black voids I'd fall
And by these measures I knew it was my call


I came to a crossroads and Dragons saw none
And fell to my knees for the bad I had done
The sky rained down doom radiation of fear
I saw death motor pterodactyls flying very near

My prayer reached down to the core of the ground
My mind became it's own holy ground
It was then that I heard that wing beating sound
And there flying high the Dragons I'd found


So I went to the East where the Dragons are blue
And electrical breath they breathe it is true
Through the shattered and scarred lands the wastelands we've made
A Dragon breathed and it showed me the way

He took me way high above the city's maze
Where smoke phantoms of toxic haze
Hazard the day and dumb down the night
Pollute the mind and corrode the sight


The Dragon pointed with his gleaming claw
And I caught a sight that holds me forever in awe
The broken city it's energy transformed
And there beneath it the Grail's holy form

The Gnomes were working there with their tools and their skills
As they work ever the whole world to fill
With the wonder of real magic of story and truth
Of this here tale I can offer no proof


And I said
"Where do the Dragons come from?"
And they said
"Here in the Land of all Song"
And I said
"What if it all goes wrong?"
And they said
"Just hold on to one, you'll be carried
Just hold onto one, you'll be carried.
Just hold onto one, you'll be carried along
To the Land of all Song
To the Land of all Song
This is the Land of all Song
This is the Land of all Song"

Majestical and mystical a creature supra-physical
People power potent alchemy
Come together and be

(repeat as a looped phrase)

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