Friday, 17 December 2010

I'll meet you there

I can see the sun a shining upon a freedom place
-I will meet you there
I can see that sun a shining all upon your saddened face
-I will meet you there
-I'll meet you there, I'll meet you there
-I will meet you there

Can you feel that wind a blowing us all on the long way home
Did you walk along that path that only souls have known

There is to the countryside that we are standing on
There is to the war that never has begun

As I live this life I will do the best I can
My only desire is that it fits the bigger plan

And when the spirit moves there is nothing can't be done
For when we move as one our battles all are won

And when they lower me I'll be no longer here
For I'll be pushing daisies in the land beyond all fear

And when I do return it will be a brighter day
In case you are concerned it still rains each other day

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