Saturday, 18 December 2010

I remember Blue

I remember Blue
He said "Good times bad times"
And the girl in the flamenco dress
Swayed to the rhythm of his guitar

I looked at the scene
Heard his words and his strum
Never saw him one time more
And the girl she was just a dream

Then I paced down the street
Where I saw a man he was beat
Slumped into a shop doorway
Head between his knees

I guess he was gouched out
Could be heroin or crack cocaine
And I numbly wondered
What happened to my dream?

Didn't have no money and couldn't even speak
I reviewed my own life of the street
So I reached as far as I could reach
Into my heart for I accept no defeat

And I perceived a vast desert of soul-
Stranded survivors of a world gone wrong
And a flaming mouth that incinerated dreams
But yet one dream it burned through the flames
Of the flamenco girl who threw off her chains

She danced herself into a whirling peak
Said no words but smiled to me
And I sanctified gratified passed on the smile
Into the dawning street

It smashed into a car windscreen
Got lost in the wind
Echoed against the building blocks
Got half drowned in the rain
It caught a man in turpitude
And drove another sane
Got jammed inside a mortal coil
Of disempowered dreams
It rattled through my mandolin
And dislocated brains
It grated through the visors
Of the Motor City men
It caught all in a tornado
That blotted out the sun
Of which dust that followed smarted eyes
Of all the fallen ones
And through this cloud a man appeared
And he began to wave
I knew that we had understood
And so this vision fades

And I percieved a vast desert of soul stranded

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