Friday, 17 December 2010

Who am I?

I am the night within the sun
I am the fear in everyone

I am the failure I am mistake
I am the Kingdom that once was great

I am the terror that stirs behind thought
I am the eagle that never was caught

I am the needle I am the thread
I am the life that once was dead

I am the waveform I am the drop
I am that which cannot be got

I am release and I am constraint
I am the smile that is a complaint

I am justice I am the Law
I am that which we have come here for

I am the vision that is of the blind
I am that which you never can find

I am the father within the son
I am the race that is never won

I am decay but never remorse
I am that which has finished it's course

Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
I am who

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