Saturday, 18 December 2010


Why have a King at all?
Are not such people bound to fall
Oppressing people owning land
Common people understand

Who controls the city gates
Holding council decides fates
How to use this mighty hand
Is what a King must comprehend

This is what befits a King
He brings the ancient wisdom in
Support the people not exploit
Do these things is what he ought

And if to evil he is lured
What oh what could be the cure
A queen's wisdom is what endures
So peace on earth can be secured


Dissolved into the land is He
Common people are the key
All proportions of a web
Of life and land and deeds and trials

A King to do and Bard to tell
So listen well this merry while
Here's to all our Kings within
Blessed Albion do they bring

Out with the old in with the new
Spirit of a peace which will come true
In with the old out with the new
Once and future does this please you?
Albion rare and dignified
Return this golden sunrise

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