Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Land of Fiscal Plenty

In the Spring of the financial year
One Chancellor invented
A world he built for you and me
The land of fiscal plenty
No differences for rich or poor
Inflation fallen straight through the floor
His lies shone like the morning dew
In the land of fiscal plenty

In the land of fiscal plenty
World leaders all are kind
Policemen wear pink onesies
Tax you will not find
No borders and no conflict
Trade by jumble sale
The seas are clean
War a has~been
There are no secret submarines
In the land of fiscal plenty

In the land of fiscal plenty
We live happy and free
World bankers brook no arms fairs
It's just not their cup of tea
Politicians man soup kitchens
And bankers fund the poor
The economy runs like a dream
Injustice is never seen
In the land of fiscal plenty

The clicking of the credits
In the government merited
Online casino tables
Is given free
Far overseas
And for those less able

In the land of fiscal plenty
There are no spending cuts
Crime is a thing of the past
The prisons all are shut
There is no indoctrination
No bullying in schools
Toxic waste it don't exist
Everybody lives in bliss
In the land of fiscal plenty

In the land of fiscal plenty
Not many take a job
The bankers pay for everything
They say 'Why, just because!'
There is no segregation
Because everybody cares
Their welfare state
Is praised as great
Everybody is a mate
In the land of fiscal plenty

In the land of fiscal plenty
Everyone has health
Dustmen and casual labourers
Are the ones with most wealth
Management have to busk
To make their ends meet
There is no slump
No credit crunch
No junkies are out to lunch
In the land of fiscal plenty


(repeat 1st verse}

Monday, 26 January 2015

A hundred thousand ways (1986}

Merry be the day that I cast my eyes on you
And merry be the day that we meet
Merry be the ways that I put myself to you
And merry be the ways that you are pleased

With a hundred wondrous ways to receive

Lying there in the summer fields
I look over to the hazy horizon
A hundred thousand birds all alight upon my gaze
Saying life has just begun

All those hundred thousand ones

Walking along upon the sea shore
Sparkling light all on the waves
Hear the sky call out a thousand times
Though I cannot quite hear what it says

Say it a hundred thousand million ways

Merry be the ways you come on to me
Merry be the ways we laugh
Merry be the ways we walk about this Earth
And please, not too sad the way we part

With the love of my one true heart

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Working for the Governor (1986}

I've been working all day for the Governor
Working to earn my pay
If I don't work for the Governor
I won't get to eat today


Yes I'd rather die than work for him
But I got a wife and child
I'll be turned out of house and home
And they don't can live in the wild

If I don't work for the Governor
I'm told it's against the grain
Against the crowd is against fellow man
And I don't know if I can, don't know if I can

But I've got to work for the Governor
All my life I've done that thing
And I do have some pride in the work I do
If I left I don't know what that would bring

I've got to work for the Governor
Often through till the mornin' light
Leaves me no time for family
My sorrow's as dark as night

I've been working all day for the management
And my boss had a word with me
Seems my section is overstaffed
Redundancy may be coming my way

Sitting at home watching the fire get low
I'm wondering about my life
Wondering about my wife and children
I wonder all through the night

I'm working all day down the mineshaft
My world is black dust and cramp
When I get out I'll go to sleep
Out of this place of lamps

And my foreman tells me to work harder
And I do because of my pay
I'd rather not work for the Governor
But that's not for me to say

I'm working all day for the Peaceman
And he tries to fill me in his gap
He's got many reasons to hold me
But he's held back by the straps

You should see the way he rails
Down those government lines
See the venom that he spits out
At those corporation lies

We Shall Break Free (1986}

First for a mother left weeping by the sea
Second for the conscript yearning to be free
Third for a girl whose sadness does not end
Fourth for a boy they to war do send


Many live with little to eat
Some folk dine on a rich man's meat
Poor men fight to defend the city walls
Soldiers kill them when those walls a~fall

Poacher has to live on illegal kills
Has to snatch what from the silver platter falls
Gamekeeper he shoot that man with gun
Think of his wife and children they'll die each one

Ladies play croquet embroider tapestry fine
Old Lords play chess and drink vintage wine
Lean man sits in squalor in a small hut all alone
Cold is so bad he feels it to the bone

Clerk sits with ledger to note down all the taxes
Increase the rates and it never relaxes
Screw you down if you can't pay up
If you can pay it's never enough

And they'll send you to Iraq they'll send you to Chad
To fight overseas you know you've been had
Defending our pile of sin, greed and dirt
War and destruction, what is it worth

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Spanner in the Works (1986} A Seditious Luddite's Ballade

Big wheels keep on turning round and round
Grind my soul into the ground
Cog move machine, screw us up badly
Hell~bent for doom round here sadly
We've got to stop this pollution
Put a spanner in the works
You know it's a cert'
With a spanner in the works

The men with the money set the wheels a turning
And give the workers the money they're earning
And what do we think is the price that we pay
Destroy the Earth, we're doing it today
It's not a good situation
Put a spanner in the works
You know it's a cert'
With a spanner in the works

Chimneys reach up to the clouds
Belching out fumes the sky it shrouds
Wrap us up in vile useless confusions
Make us ill stops our evolution
To stop this intrusion
Put a spanner in the works
You know it's a cert'
With a spanner in the works

All night and day the factories are ringing
Weapons of war are what they are bringing
Destroy our Earth without a care
Where will we live, all in thin air
This is not what we need
Put a spanner in the works
You know it's a dead cert'
With a spanner in the works

To the men with the offices tall
There are those who'd break your walls
Your senseless kind of exploitation
Gives them no cause for hesitation
You know it's gonna come
WIth a spanner in the works
You know it's a cert'
With a spanner in the works

Pack up your Troubles (1986}

Pack up your troubles
In a big brown bag
Take them away for a day
Forget about the time
And just enjoy yourself
Take your friends along the way
If you're ever complicated
By all the rules so indicated
Just throw them away
The point is to be yourself, see yourself
Not to worry 'bout it all

Pack up your troubles

When you're walking down the road
Go the way your senses show
Follow after your nose
Look around and you'll see
All of this fair country
See how it changes
Taking time to talk to your friends
See what they think
If they like the way they're going
And the things that it is showing
If they think that it stinks

Pack up your troubles

Peace of mind comes to one in strange places
Let it come, oh let it come
Spread it around, it's that kind of stuff
Let it flow, oh let it flow
Take a chance and let yourself relax
Let it groove, let your body relax

And so you're motivated
And you're moving once again
Ever onwards down the road
And of course that same old road
Is the life you have known
So take it easy, take it easy
Now you know there is no difference
It is all as it is
You're older now than you were
Now you're wiser too
That's something you can chew
Or spit it out if you want to

 Pack up your troubles...

Monday, 19 January 2015

Ooh Babe (1986}

Ooh baby what can we do
We got money to burn
But we're not getting through
Oh no

I've sat in my room and I've thought about you
Spent years like this
But I haven't got through

I'd work till my head dropped to the floor
Swear I was dying and find some more
Things to do
Ooh babe

Ooh babe the sun's gone blue
Haven't you noticed
Or is it just my eyes
Telling lies

All over the world there are eyes like yours
Eyes like mine
Don't it make you aware
Where babe

This funny money that's bandied about
Diamond, sapphire, throw it all out
Ouch babe

Lucky baby pull your blue jeans on
Move onto the high road
And run, run, run away

(repeat chorus...I'd work till my head...}

All or Nothing (1986}

Precious angel
Starlight in your eyes
Why are we so far apart
For most of our lives
I want to ask you a question
Don't want to hear no lies
And it's all or nothing
This time

There's a bird and she's flying
On the wings of  the sky
And why can't we go too
Why are you asking why
Catch hold of a reason
Clean out of the air
And it's all or nothing
If we dare

A diamond revolving
Is what our lives really are
Fear need not live here
We've not gone too far
Let love be your answer
Let the skies break their rain
And it's all or nothing
For us, again

I don't want to (1986}

When I was an itty bitty boy
Didn't know a girl
From one of my toys
Now I'm older
I've got more brains
I know women are hurricanes


Now there have been good times
There have been bad
Times we smiled
Times we were sad
With the cards all down
For us to see
That's the way
This came to be

I've had trouble, trouble, trouble
Since the moment go
Times when sorrow
Was like falling snow
Times when life
Ceased up inside
Oh the things we do
The things we hide

Old Rachel says
And she's a grandmother
'You can't have one
If you ain't got the other
You gotta listen
If you want to hear
If you got a head
Use your eyes and your ears'

I'd like to spend some time together (1986}

I'd like to spend some time together
I'd like to spend some time with you
I'd like to spend some time together
Some time with you

Oh yes you're the fabulous toothpick girl
And then I wasn't a man
I'd like you to pick clean my bones
And love me if you can

And if you fancy me a bit
Well that would be so fine
I don't want to get in your way
Or step over no line

Or if you don't want to see me
I guess that's how it is
What is best will be they say
Not knowing confuses

Oh I am the ugly sister's son
And my head doesn't match my feet
I need to know 'cos you see
You make me feel complete

Now I am dying to explain this
Why I have to act this way
It is the way the world has made me
And I'm so dreadfully afraid

Saturday, 17 January 2015

On (1993}

Walk a line that runs
Through the gargoyle's eye
Through stone and tree
And into me
Then out again
And round about
Fill our cup
With wonder stuff


Come from heart
Of our spinning globe
Making vibes that live inside
Which grow and grow
If you'll join the glow
Of music's ring
Your voice will sing


Unseen bonds
Have begun
To work a way
To better days
These chords you hear
Should make it clear
If you believe in media fear
Then your mind will rot
Though you call it life
You've sold yourself
To prison years


Authorities that will not see
Another way to live
To be
Will try to snuff
Out your flame
Try to pass their guilty blame
But we see the thorn
In Achille's heel
Cause these mighty Titans reel


(Repeat first verse}

La la la la la,,,

So if you see us come along
Wearing bright clothes singing songs
Open yourselves
Yes free your minds
Make the world have a better time