Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Working for the Governor (1986}

I've been working all day for the Governor
Working to earn my pay
If I don't work for the Governor
I won't get to eat today


Yes I'd rather die than work for him
But I got a wife and child
I'll be turned out of house and home
And they don't can live in the wild

If I don't work for the Governor
I'm told it's against the grain
Against the crowd is against fellow man
And I don't know if I can, don't know if I can

But I've got to work for the Governor
All my life I've done that thing
And I do have some pride in the work I do
If I left I don't know what that would bring

I've got to work for the Governor
Often through till the mornin' light
Leaves me no time for family
My sorrow's as dark as night

I've been working all day for the management
And my boss had a word with me
Seems my section is overstaffed
Redundancy may be coming my way

Sitting at home watching the fire get low
I'm wondering about my life
Wondering about my wife and children
I wonder all through the night

I'm working all day down the mineshaft
My world is black dust and cramp
When I get out I'll go to sleep
Out of this place of lamps

And my foreman tells me to work harder
And I do because of my pay
I'd rather not work for the Governor
But that's not for me to say

I'm working all day for the Peaceman
And he tries to fill me in his gap
He's got many reasons to hold me
But he's held back by the straps

You should see the way he rails
Down those government lines
See the venom that he spits out
At those corporation lies

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