Monday, 26 January 2015

A hundred thousand ways (1986}

Merry be the day that I cast my eyes on you
And merry be the day that we meet
Merry be the ways that I put myself to you
And merry be the ways that you are pleased

With a hundred wondrous ways to receive

Lying there in the summer fields
I look over to the hazy horizon
A hundred thousand birds all alight upon my gaze
Saying life has just begun

All those hundred thousand ones

Walking along upon the sea shore
Sparkling light all on the waves
Hear the sky call out a thousand times
Though I cannot quite hear what it says

Say it a hundred thousand million ways

Merry be the ways you come on to me
Merry be the ways we laugh
Merry be the ways we walk about this Earth
And please, not too sad the way we part

With the love of my one true heart

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