Saturday, 17 January 2015

On (1993}

Walk a line that runs
Through the gargoyle's eye
Through stone and tree
And into me
Then out again
And round about
Fill our cup
With wonder stuff


Come from heart
Of our spinning globe
Making vibes that live inside
Which grow and grow
If you'll join the glow
Of music's ring
Your voice will sing


Unseen bonds
Have begun
To work a way
To better days
These chords you hear
Should make it clear
If you believe in media fear
Then your mind will rot
Though you call it life
You've sold yourself
To prison years


Authorities that will not see
Another way to live
To be
Will try to snuff
Out your flame
Try to pass their guilty blame
But we see the thorn
In Achille's heel
Cause these mighty Titans reel


(Repeat first verse}

La la la la la,,,

So if you see us come along
Wearing bright clothes singing songs
Open yourselves
Yes free your minds
Make the world have a better time

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