Monday, 19 January 2015

Ooh Babe (1986}

Ooh baby what can we do
We got money to burn
But we're not getting through
Oh no

I've sat in my room and I've thought about you
Spent years like this
But I haven't got through

I'd work till my head dropped to the floor
Swear I was dying and find some more
Things to do
Ooh babe

Ooh babe the sun's gone blue
Haven't you noticed
Or is it just my eyes
Telling lies

All over the world there are eyes like yours
Eyes like mine
Don't it make you aware
Where babe

This funny money that's bandied about
Diamond, sapphire, throw it all out
Ouch babe

Lucky baby pull your blue jeans on
Move onto the high road
And run, run, run away

(repeat chorus...I'd work till my head...}

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