Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Pack up your Troubles (1986}

Pack up your troubles
In a big brown bag
Take them away for a day
Forget about the time
And just enjoy yourself
Take your friends along the way
If you're ever complicated
By all the rules so indicated
Just throw them away
The point is to be yourself, see yourself
Not to worry 'bout it all

Pack up your troubles

When you're walking down the road
Go the way your senses show
Follow after your nose
Look around and you'll see
All of this fair country
See how it changes
Taking time to talk to your friends
See what they think
If they like the way they're going
And the things that it is showing
If they think that it stinks

Pack up your troubles

Peace of mind comes to one in strange places
Let it come, oh let it come
Spread it around, it's that kind of stuff
Let it flow, oh let it flow
Take a chance and let yourself relax
Let it groove, let your body relax

And so you're motivated
And you're moving once again
Ever onwards down the road
And of course that same old road
Is the life you have known
So take it easy, take it easy
Now you know there is no difference
It is all as it is
You're older now than you were
Now you're wiser too
That's something you can chew
Or spit it out if you want to

 Pack up your troubles...

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