Sunday, 19 December 2010

Terror Machine

Woa terror machine
You know what I mean
Woa terror machine
Oh-a ya gonna know what I mean

It's the work of government administration
Let's just call it information sedation
Keep it all hid keeps on the lid
Of what is really going on

You heard the news about the terrorists
Though evidently no evidence fits
They got Arabic scapegoats as decoys
And they're treating them like shit

It's a bomb on the bus it's a man in the crowd
It ain't what it seems but don't talk too loud
The man on the TV is talking paranoid disease
Woa-a it's the Terror Machine

Terror - Realise
Terror - Open Eyes
Terror - Easily created
Terror - We're being manipulated

Woa Your gonna know what I mean
Woa Terror Machine
Woa Know what I mean

Two Towers standing now here comes the bit
Where they all fall down like a magic trick
At least that's how I look at it
It's all in the cover-up

7/7 if you want my opinion
Was all government bombs
Too much talk about climate change and Africa
Keep the talks going wrong
It wouldn't do to make poverty history
It would spoil the plan
Of world domination in the nuclear age
Keep it in the can

Terror terror everywhere and the real reason is clear
Make way for big brother keep up the war and fear


Manufactured hate from newspapers
Through video games and TV
Try to keep us all dumbed down
Can your eyes but see?

It was A OK till the communists fell
With the enemy gone they needed someone to kill
To keep the arms trade in lollipops
They had to make up with something new

Terror machine is a genius plan
But they don't want you to know whose scheme
Terror machine is a see-thru scam
A front for the killing regimes

Mind control 24/7
Is telling lies outright
Media coverage to the masses
Is not going to talk out of line


Behind the scene this killing machine
Is off doing it's work
Funded by tax and vacant minds
It's time to get alert

I'd like us all to realise
That a spanner in the works
Is a sure fire risk for the terror machine
Because it's made of a lie


Want you to see through the terror machine
What really makes it tick
Don't be suprised if the global 8
Are in the midst of it

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