Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The ballade of the Spacegoats

Ever movin' ever changing ever staying the same
They roam the stars in burnt out cars
Here's how the Spacegoats got their name

The cosmic crew knew their cue fate of earth is in the swing
Knowing God the cloven shod came down to sing 'the Morning Dew'

So to transform it was their norm by playing 'pon the Huru horn
They took it down to Twyford Down they played their holy sacred sounds

And here they met the Dongas folk the music rang long hard and loud
With magic blows to a Tarmac heart it's what you'd call a road protest!

Earth children we've gotta listen to our
Soul Mother she's on the go

From Solsbury Hill to Newbury with a Fairmile in between
With festies all around the place where many stones were turned

Now the stakes are getting high corruption war all deadly lies
Flame of fire and Goaty bleat stamping of a Dragon's feet

From El Nino to eschaton you might wonder what we're on
Two hundred years of abuse will surely let the storm unloose

Earth Mother!
Radiation for breakfast
She's gonna take us through the cyclone's eye
To Hunab Ku and back again

Then we went to a Goodman's place when the Law evicted Crystal Palace
From folk through punk to Gypsy Hill starry eyed and laughing still

"Inamorata" hear us shout Thirteen Moons will work it out
Mandala was the studio where we recorded don't you know?

We vision of a world to be through turmoil of this present age
To heal with music word and weed so much to grow from tiny seed

The task it is just begun yet only half a tale is spun
Around the world and back again tied up with a daisy chain

Lightening flash forgotten dream no-one knows what it means
We're all involved come what may to travel through the Milky Way

It's where us Goats all belong and where lives this strange old song
So watch out when you turn around perhaps you'll hear the Goaty sound

Transform complete this wicked world so the Rainbow's start to whirl
Trance us Hurunagas worm of your glory let us learn

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