Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wide eyed Annie

Chick name of Annie she's waiting upstairs she's got a deal she's made
And needs to get up country to get away and be clean
But there's a street load of policemen who just don't want this to be

Her man didn't come through and she's got a case full
A big bag of bad luck if she's caught in this state
And the state of her mind is wiped all over the place

Now anyway Annie's got a hyper-set brain and uses cocaine
That's why she's stuck here in Maine where it ain't so quaint
And she's thinking to herself "How did I get here?"

And the police are calling "You gotta come out
We're gonna kick the door in, we know you're in there,
You'd better give yourself up, it ain't tea for two, get ready we're coming through"

But it's ok she says she can cope, ties up a tourniquet
Cranks up a needle full of coke, "It's no joke" she says
In fact you know shit it's all the same

Annie's wide eyed and she's slipping away out the window down the drainpipe
Briefcase handle clenched between her teeth, dangling in the breeze
And her conscience is calling when will my mind find peace

Wide eyed you are you are with your briefcase little Annie
Wide eyed you'll be till you get away from your mind

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