Sunday, 16 October 2011

Flashing Before My Eyes

Of all the people I have known
All the situations life has shown
Of all the times I couldn't even cry
Of all the nagging questions asking me why
I see them all flash before my eyes
All of the emotions take off their disguise
And leave me floating on my own
In the place that only I have known
And I'm not proud and I'm not wise
I'm just waiting for the sunrise

I am not disempowered
Though I never felt too secure
I can see the jelly in the hard ones
And I know there is a cure
But I'm lying here in a haze
My mind is moving inside my own maze
And this labyrinthe is the film of my own life
And I may not be the type
But when my power comes I'll take up and fly
But now I'm waiting on the sunrise

Oh Lord I don't know if I can make it
Oh Lord hoiw long is it taking?

I'm shaking with it now
And the memories are very powerful
Friends have come and gone and some have turned to dust
They say do what you can do, they say do what you must
And I fragmentize as I gaze into the past
The future's a kaleidescope changing very fast
Faces I have known, faces to appear
I'm seeking for a guidance vision speaking very clear
And as I'm whirling round this Universe, much to my surprise
It's a beautiful sunrise
(Even on a rainy day
Even with clouds in the way)

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