Thursday, 15 December 2011

You're comin' in (Don't think all words here yet)

Can you see me make out my form
You can see my body but you can't see me at all
Whispering winds on the outreach
Say that you're on the make
Are you comin' in?

Julie was seventeen
But her mind had gone out for tea
She did'nt want to spare the time
But she found she couldn't draw the line
She spent nights and nights wondering
About an old stoned world
But now she's free
And she's comin' in

Walking with no shoes on
Some say it's a sin
Often as not it's raining
But it's all right you can come in
You'll find what you thought was murky dark mires
Is really a pillar to help you climb higher
Are you coming in?

And it's a long long slide
Down the rainbow bridge
But we can get there by sundown
If you want to go

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