Friday, 11 March 2011

Grass Song

If you are a poor boy and you got no place to go
I'll show you more things than you'll ever know
If you are a poor girl and you got no friends at all
I'll give you more friends than you'll ever know
All I ask is that our love begins to grow
Answer is that there's no problem at all

Young girl in the field and she's looking for some grass
To feed her guinea, her guinea pig
Ain't she like that lady in the poem we did back at school
Lady Oenone, that was her name
She had a love but like leaves he blew away
Could have saved Paris anytime but years of sufforing held her right at bay
Golden Apples what you say, better leave it till another day
Greed and need for the wrong things don't make it anyway my way

That it was an accident made it no easier for either his or her own parents
He in youth's unseasoned freedom saw not what they were on about
Because he'd mistrusted her
He'd only lusted her anyway
Silver bracelets on the shelf the nails he had knocked into himself
Beware beware was what he said, I watched the disease grow in his head

To you whom I sing this song outloud and for you whom it may concern
It's not that it's always so good but that it's always as it should be
Mirrors to our lives are shining high above our sheltered selves
I can't show you how to live your lives, only you can tell.

this song was written in the first half of 1984, after mesmerising myself with the guitar motif looking out of my parents window at Round Ball Hill in Honiton Devon. It is referring quite loosley to events going around me. The voice in the first verse was never supposed to be me speaking as me. On consideration now, it is the song itself that claims to bestow the gifts of wisdom and friendship.

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