Saturday, 12 March 2011

Poison in the Water

Back down the corridor of power
There echoes that ghostly hour
When atomic technology came to this land
Flouride it was used, the essential key
To process the elements
Uranium to Plutonium
For bombs you see

And so the plot was complete and not withstanding hazards
Radiation came in a second rung to flouride's toxic challenge

No one knew what it did so tests were arranged
On unsuspecting citizens of Newburg, New York State

The authorities must have been pleased they kept a secret file
And to allay people's fears they gave them another picture
They said 'essential nutrient', it's so good for your health
You need it in the water, which we will do forthwith

But what was it that was hid was someone telling lies?
Though people raised their voice to ask they were vilified
The tests they were arranged and certain people paid
It seems that these tests have been going on for decades

Now it is declassified which means we get to know
And it seems someone's motives were stooping very low
They said it was so good for you but that was not the truth
Your teeth fall out your bones just rot
And all with scientific proof

It's poison fumes a toxic waste a corrosive rat-killer
It accumulates slow so tyou don't know
It's bad for brains and livers

The list goes on and on and on but nearly noone knows
And as there's been a cover-up I hope that it's exposed


So our trust turns to rust
This we must
Tell our sons
Tell our daughters
There's poison in the water

The nuclear dawn has spawned such a deadly tide
But what shall we do, keep it all inside?
Or sing and dance and act about
Those who lost their teeth
Or children who grow up with bones as brittle sticks
Deformed by toxins in the things we eat and drink
Shall we survive if we accept the lies of this deceit

It may seem stark it may seem mad and that there's no good news
But we can make the world we want only if we choose
Whatever is the cost what could be the regret
To try and live our lives to clean up this hateful mess

And even now respectable responsible people in power
The ones we have grown up to trust keep this flouride myth alive
It's doctors, dentists . statesmen, the ones in the know
Don't ask me why but they conspire to put flouride in the flow
And at what cost this act who do they think they are
If this is good authority then maybe they can go
Because if you poison the people, you'll make them very made
Do we accept docility or decide that we've been had

But that's not all
That was many years ago

Nowadays we get the scrapings from the chimneys
The carbon phosphate fertiliser industry
And this is what kind of flouride that gets to us today

And is it all for the sake of little children's dental care
I think not it is put there to dull and tame our brains
Just think of the e-numbers even you know aspartame is bad
Just think of all the industry making bucks off our complacency
But I know we are the healers I tell you the truth

So if there's any truth in this then maybe someone knows
And if there's been a cover-up then let's make sure that it's exposed

Flouride in the water
Poison in the water

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