Monday, 28 March 2011

The Ruins of Cezerans

Broken stone testaments to lives lived up here before
Quite simply put the men were called up for the war
With the lure of the city money, the hardship of the land
This village became deserted now it's houses barely stand

Broken roofs, moss covered, fallen walls in thorny briars
Tall trees have crashed down upon where once were family fires
A sense of melancholy, a bitter taste of loss
Neon lights invited but what was the true cost?

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

The winter times in the mountains were known to be severe
Bears and Wolves were still around which brought it's own weight of fears
People worked the sunlight hours, their only food came from the land
Turnip soup with nettles and no electricity's helping hand

Taxed by distant ministries, oppression stories rich feeding on poor
Their animals, land and dwellings were what these families lived for
I recall their times to live again in rhyme
Wonder at their tenacity, would have loved to have shared their wine

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerens
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

I touch the crafted masonry and silent spirits move
Cobwebs of a former time that instil a sombre mood
Yet I also see them joyous when harvest time did bring
Food for all their children, I can almost hear their voices sing

But a persistant state of misery a sad and stifled pain
Hangs here in the forest, comes once again like rain
If I could lift that sorrow like I lift this stone
Build from all our yesterdays a way that is worth going

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

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