Sunday, 17 June 2012

The writing down of sequences of songs is here undertaken so they can appear the clearer in your consciousness in complement to the same sung.
Its should be known that these are received compositions snatched as swiftly and deft as I am able. Sure I would wish my graceful Muse supply me with a poesy supple and quick as the hand of that man on top of Tara Hill who caught the Samhein Salmon slipping off the skillet into the fire that mine own hand was not slick enough to grasp.
Probably an explanation is due.

Thanks be to She the Triple Aspected Universal Feminine. The Goddess Provides - a mantra for the future I remember that was an old feeling. Why not? Myself I cannot trust too much of the material, though that which I imbue within my song is good enough for a go.

So called Bardic Song, built to be sung in a future time, thus intrinsically involving a future in which song is sung. A future indeed! A self fullfilling hope strategy? I hear that Hope is out of style.

Well, so am I, though Rob the Rub sees it clearly, knowing the uncommon likes of Ash the Rhymer and myself are not Old School, we are, in fact; Ye Olde School.

These are the first of the songs from after the end of the Spacegoats, in 2005 and onwards. An entire era like a hreathad been  and gone back down the Underworld

Thanks be to the Elusive Muse who provided us with them. I hope you can find time to peruse these gentle seeming songs that attempt a telling of the times through mediums mythic and real.

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