Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Seven stones

Seven stones three tears and one tree
Seven stones three tears and one tree

Cedar's black sap the bluebell's call
From Mutter's Moor behind red cliffs fall
Where the seven stones were placed
So long ago there's little trace

Yet remnants from the past returning
Mark the spell we don't know we're yearning

Mustering in dell and goyle
Echoes of that true Royal
That was not by war begat
But yet 'pon faerie throne is sat

On Beltane Eve I sat down low
And spoke the only prayer I know
On Mutter's top on Beltane eve
Magic that we there concieve

Three times round and then you'll see
Opening of magic tree
Sacred cedar's boughs unfurl
Way way down to the underworld

So seven stones they soon appeared
Through which the ancient ones most revered
Saw invisible and saw us in it all
Within the material coiled

Love that's trapped within some past
Or caught behind restraining glass
Breaks to freedom from the fear
Finds the tree that stood for years

Biding time that's wasted not
Here in this blessed coastal spot
Is all a dream all out of time
Is now the stream renewing rhyme

From seven stones so pours unseen
This the all remarkable dream
From past to future faerie few
Have woken up the sleeping muse

Seven stones three tears and one tree
This her all remarkable dream
All out flowing filling sorrows
Spelling out our rich tomorrows

Seven stones solid matter unseen
The path where our ancestors feet had been

Three the tears cedar's black sap
The song to our heart that our spirit lacks

One the tree mother of roots
Flowers and fruits father of lutes

Through hallow's night waiting for the light
Alder fires a burning bright
Sidmouth by the sea in the valley of the Sidhe
Magic that will ever be

Seven stones three tears and one tree
Seven stones three tears and one tree

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