Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Centre of the Cyclone

In forlorn castles too brief for living
We rose to catch the sun but were defeated
Just around the corner beyond the eyes
Beyond the skies we set ourselves as real
Like spaceships casting cosmic lines left behind
With stars strewn from our astral selves
And planets in our eyes

You walk along the road of life
To high to see the mountain you are climbing
Casting seeds and scrolls from our outstretched hands
The forgiven forget of the gift
And it's too late the ladder stretches up and down
And where do you stand in perspective to it all?

Can you imagine a place a space
Where you have not been before
But which is not new to you
A place you can recall softly
Push through bad dreams
Make it real. Remember
Complications contradict
But reality sticks and unbounded
Has it's realms in everything you see

Yes what do you see
Push through the dark veils to the sea
Cast your cosmic line wherever it may fall
Maybe you will find some higher guidance or
Maybe you will find a place where you can truly rest
Maybe you will find some friends who love you the best


The tides of swirling memories
Are nearly gone but forgotten
Would you choose to beg or loose
The axis which you hold onto
Thirteen is the number
Twelve it is the right
Thirteen red eyed ravens
Outside the house at night

Outwards on out
Cast lights
Cast lights about
Outwards on out
Look out
Which way is far out?

At the Centre of the Cyclone
Where all our thoughts are real
You're cocooned in your mental egg
Imprisoned inside your head
If you look out the bars you made
Can you maybe see just a little way
To see there are no shackles to pass
But more fresh air green fields and grass

And you are like the butterfly
You cannot take off your wings aren't dry
But soon if you will heed the guides
The caterpillar metamorphosis

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