Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tommy Duffy

It's not hard
To find out why
So many homeless people die
When there is no place to go
In the ice and rain and snow
Tommy Duffy lay down
And he did'nai rise again

He was on a bench in Lace Walk
Looking old and pretty drunk
But it didn't bother me
How far the man had sunk
When he asked me to unlock his phone
I did so straight away
A Gentleman of the old Road
Though somewhat held in sway

'Thank you very much' he said
I'm a headin' down the road
I like it much in Sidmouth Town
Down there on the Coast
Exeter it is too big
And I am getting old
Sidmouth Town it is just nice
I'd like to get a home

I'm trying to get off the drink
But got no place to go
I need to booze inside of me
To keep me from the cold
No one moaned he was a fuss
He slept in a Church porch
But sleeping rough in January
Snuffed his earthly torch

I read it in the local
The news was very sad
He died down at Port Royal
By the cliffs there at the Ham
Several people had not
Judged him a bad man
What can we do about this
Was their question then


George Harold said...

Hello, I was sent here my Head Duster, do you know where I could find the music of The Spacegoats?
Thanks, Eric

Simon Miller said...

or youtube spacegoats94
and places like

never heard of Head Duster
yours pok