Friday, 20 November 2009

Crazy Mandy (1985)

If you have flown too far from the nest
If they got you under sedation
Come rest in here come meet your fears
Come meet some human relation
And we will wait and say the words
That cool you like a breeze
Becoming part of the clothes that you wear
Becoming whole it's easy

It's all in the plan Crazy Mandy
It's all as it should be
It's all in the winds of change my love
And it weighs out like sand

Add two and two it's all you need do
You already have done that
No sign on the line everything's fine
Everyone's here from the start
And to take a bet and jape and jest
Is all you might have done
This matters not because what you have got
Is very much more than that

It's all in the plan...

Silently she has to wait
In the long halls of stone
Red drops the blood
From her finger to the floor
Will she know?
Will her children grow?
Will she hear?
Is she near?
Watch her glow
Mind-fire glow
She is seeking

Mandy a bird of some sort she soared
High above civilization
And looking down she gulped and frown
Says "This is not my inclination
To bank and shop the streets and follow
All these rules I see
Something else must I do
Or am I really being me?"

It's all in the plan...


Matthew Watkins said...

Is this about the Mandy I know?

Pokstar said...

No, it's inspired by someone of a different name, actually a kind of Valkeric biker Girl.