Friday, 29 February 2008

critical songs


Is it really true that you care
about what we're doing in this world
Or would you just stare
And walk on

Take a little look beyond
The confines of the mind
Though you might not like what you find

It's all more messed up
Than we thought at first
Consequence of greed and industry
Has gone from bad to worse

the Bio Tec
Better take it Carefully

Stars and spinning galaxies
Had it up to the ears...
If we don't restore harmonics now
We gonna pay a dreadful price
And spin out like those stars that we are.

When we took a look you know
All the walls came tumbling down
And echoing round came
A familiar sound

It was the sound
Of the human race
Touching down
Technology unsurpassed

Oh your wonderful machines
You have created
But what of the Gods
You have not placated?

The atomic set
Must not forget
What we are made of
What we are made of
Of what we are made.



Chernobyl brought the deadly rain
Bitter remedy for change
1980's desolation
Made us make the make the earth equation
Made us take the earth equation

Nuclear power's ugly face
Threatens all life and the human race
Spirits informed set to work
Taking action to alert

People to the danger
Awaken to the cause
Multinational Corporations
Don't care for Nature's Laws

It's asking for a negation
On all future generations

What we got is pollution
We need a radical solution

Or are we headed for mutual destruction?

And so what of the fate of earth?
Will it's people see the worth
Of joining hands across all nations
Solving conflict situations
Solving conflict situations

Turning poison into joy
For those who with science do toy
The alchemy appropriate
Is transforming every part of it

Sacred medicene is all around us
Celestial music sound surround us

And growing through the cancer greed
By nurturing our cosmic seed

Let us use this connection
Our true life force connection.

Growing in our daily lives
We shall find a new sunrise

Certainly in for a surprise.

Nuclear Train rolling past the children's playground
Down behind Camden Town Market on it's way through King's Cross.
Off for reprocessing
That's how nuclear waste becomes nuclear bombs

Even though the Newsflash
Programmes you to fear
You are being programmed to Dream
You are being programmed to be a Seer.

I am the Child of a Faerie
An original soul
A faerie child a changeling child
So do not treat me as you would your own sick selves

Spare a thought and deed for the Pixie Creed
Of delicious aromas and hearty fare
...not polluted air
leeched and drained of nouriture
Where chemical fields of bleached earth
Are sectioned off in prison cells
Are men insane they are not well
What faerie sees faerie will tell:
Do not desicrate the body of the faerie land

If you want to find the secrets of all time
and what makes one man's mind
turn against another

If we want to solve the problems of the world
Is it this or that issue, or a state of mind

When we are together to draw the strands to meet
Which comes first the best or worst
And how can we complete

When we are together and draw the strands to meet
Is the world we create we create a world we dream
And stand now at it's gate

So seek what you can find
In our universal mind
I cannot point to criticize
But just to open lives

I can see an End to War
And find out who we are

You may wonder if my mind is like yours
I come from the land of cause

In this strange dimension
We open many doors

It is music
It is threaded words
It is motion emotion and symmetry
It is the story of a growing Love
That is all between us and oblivion, it seems.

Let us enter t

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